Loading Cell Renderer

Loading cell renderers allow you to add your own loading renderers to ag-Grid. Use these when the provided loading renderers do not meet your requirements.

Loading Cell Renderer Interface

Implement this interface to provide a custom loading cell renderer when loading rows.

interface ILoadingCellRenderer { // mandatory methods // The init(params) method is called on the loading cell renderer once. See below for details on the parameters. init(params: ILoadingCellRendererParams): void; // Returns the DOM element for this loading cell renderer getGui(): HTMLElement; }
interface ILoadingCellRendererParams { // an optional template for the loading cell renderer loadingMessage?: string // The grid API api: any; }

Registering Loading Cell Renderer Components

See the section registering custom components for details on registering and using custom loading cell renderers.

Example: Custom Loading Cell Renderer

The example below demonstrates how to provide custom loading cell renderer component to the grid. Notice the following:

  • Custom Loading Cell Renderer is supplied by name via gridOptions.loadingCellRenderer.
  • Custom Loading Cell Renderer Parameters are supplied using gridOptions.loadingCellRendererParams.