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JavaScript Data Grid: Excel Export - Rows

Excel Export allows you to select which rows get exported to Excel.

By default, all the rows in the grid are included in the Excel export. However, you can set which rows are exported and configure how they are rendered within the Excel file.

Export Selected Rows

By default, all visible rows are exported, but by using the onlySelected param, only the selected rows will be exported.

Export Multi Line Cells

By default Excel renders every exported value in a cell using a single line. If you need to display a cell value on multiple lines, please set the Excel Alignment wrapText option as shown in sample below.

Pinned Rows

If you'd like to exclude pinned top/bottom rows in AG Grid from the Excel export, please set the skipPinnedTop and skipPinnedBottom properties to true.

Note the following:

  • By default, all pinned rows are exported.
  • If Skip Pinned Top Rows is checked, the rows pinned at the top will be skipped.
  • If Skip Pinned Bottom Rows is checked, the rows pinned at the bottom will be skipped.

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