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Why we Started

We became frustrated with JavaScript data grids as nothing satisfied our needs for enterprise JavaScript development. This frustration led to the creation of ag-Grid. It started as an open source project and has evolved into the most advanced JavaScript data grid on the market.

What we Do

ag-Grid is now being used by thousands of enterprises worldwide. We are based in London and work with many tier one investment banks, equity funds, government organisations and SMEs. Together, we are driving the future of ag-Grid.

Where we are Going

Most of our clients are moving from established JavaScript data grids and are enjoying the breath of fresh air that ag-Grid provides. The Enterprise version of ag-Grid fuels the ag-Grid company. Our mission has been driven by our customers: keep doing what we are doing, building the world’s best JavaScript data grid.

For Developers

Developers love ag-Grid. Once moving to ag-Grid, their lives will be easier - they'll develop applications quicker and spend more time on things that matter.

For Users

Users will lessen the need to export to Excel and use other reporting tools. The advanced features of ag-Grid will help keep your users on your platform and get more done.

For Applications

An application with ag-Grid will perform more smoothly giving your application a professional and expert feel. A great grid is the foundation of a great application.

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'AG' Stands For AGnostic - Supporting All Major JavaScript Frameworks

"We’re using ag-Grid as a major component in our enterprise analytics and reporting product and it’s incredible. Prior to ag-Grid, we tried jqGrid, jqxGrid, DataTables, and SlickGrid, which all have their strong points, but we eventually ran into a wall with certain features. ag-Grid’s grouping, aggregation, filtering, and all-around flexibility allowed us to quickly integrate it into our product. And, the performance is truly awesome!"
Andrew Taft
Head of Product Development at Insight Technology Group

Since launching in March 2016, we now have over 500 customers in 45 countries. This includes over 10% of the companies listed on the Fortune 500. Below are some of the companies that enjoy all the features of ag-Grid Enterprise.

"We just made the move from Kendo to ag-Grid and we love it. It’s fast and very flexible."
Jason Boorn
Senior Architect, Roobricks
"Remarkable speed and extensibility, ag-Grid is the best web feature-rich BI tool on the market."
Robin Cote
Senior Systems Developer, Investment Solutions Group, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

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