JavaScript Data GridProvided Group Cell Component

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The Provided Group Cell Component is the default Cell Component for showing expand and collapse functionality.

The Provided Group Cell Component covers almost all use cases.


The key for the provided Group Cell Component is agGroupCellRenderer.

The Cell Component takes many parameters to configure it. Here is an example of a Column and its configuration:

const gridOptions = {
    columnDefs: [
        // column definition configured to show group values with the cell renderer set to 'group'
            showRowGroup: true,
            // provide extra params to the cellRenderer
            cellRendererParams: {
                // turn off the row count
                suppressCount: true,
                // turn off double click for expand
                suppressDoubleClickExpand: true,
                // enable checkbox selection
                checkbox: true,
                // provide an inner renderer
                innerRenderer: myInnerRenderer,
                // provide an inner renderer
                innerRendererParams: {foo: 'bar'},
                // provide a total row value getter
                totalValueGetter: myTotalValueGetter

    // other grid options ...

The full set of parameters for the group cell renderer are defined on IGroupCellRendererParams and include: