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JavaScript Data Grid: Pivot Chart API

This section shows how Pivot Charts can be created via the Grid API.

Creating Pivot Charts

Pivot Charts can be created through gridApi.createPivotChart() as shown below:

    chartType: 'groupedColumn',
    // other options...

The snippet above creates a Pivot Chart with the groupedColumn chart type. For a full list of options see Pivot Chart API.

The following example demonstrates how Pivot Charts can be created programmatically via gridApi.createPivotChart():

Pivot Chart API

Pivot Charts can be created programmatically using:

The API returns a ChartRef object when a chartContainer is provided. This is the same structure that is provided to the createChartContainer(chartRef) callback. The ChartRef provides the application with the destroyChart() method that is required when the application wants to dispose the chart.

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