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JavaScript Data Grid: Loading Cell Renderer

Loading cell renderers allow you to add your own loading renderers to AG Grid. Use these when the provided loading renderers do not meet your requirements.

Simple Loading Cell Renderer Component

Below is a simple example of cell renderer class:

class CustomLoadingCellRenderer {
   init(params) {
       this.eGui = document.createElement('div');
       this.eGui.innerHTML = `
           <div class="ag-custom-loading-cell" style="padding-left: 10px; line-height: 25px;">  
               <i class="fas fa-spinner fa-pulse"></i> 
               <span>${params.loadingMessage} </span>

   getGui() {
       return this.eGui;

Example: Custom Loading Cell Renderer

The example below demonstrates how to provide custom loading cell renderer component to the grid. Notice the following:

  • Custom Loading Cell Renderer is supplied by name via gridOptions.loadingCellRenderer.
  • Custom Loading Cell Renderer Parameters are supplied using gridOptions.loadingCellRendererParams.

Loading Cell Renderer Component

The interface for the loading cell renderer component is as follows:

interface ILoadingCellRenderer {
   // mandatory methods

   // The init(params) method is called on the loading cell renderer once. See below for details on the parameters.
   init(params: ILoadingCellRendererParams): void;

   // Returns the DOM element for this loading cell renderer
   getGui(): HTMLElement;

The interface for the loading cell renderer parameters is as follows:

interface ILoadingCellRendererParams {
    // an optional template for the loading cell renderer
    loadingMessage?: string

    // The grid API
    api: GridApi;

Registering Loading Cell Renderer Components

See the section registering custom components for details on registering and using custom loading cell renderers.