Filters Tool Panel

The Filters Tool Panel allows accessing the grids filters without needing to open up the column menu.

The example below shows the filters tool panel. The following can be noted:

  • Columns Athlete, Age, Country, Year and Date appear in the filter tool panel as they have filters.
  • Columns Gold, Silver, Bronze and Total do not appear in the filter tool panel as they have no filters.
  • Clicking on a column in the filter tool panel will show the filter below the column name. Clicking a second time will hide the filter again.
  • Columns with filters active will have the filter icon appear beside the filter name in the tool panel.

Filter Instances

The filters provided in the tool panel are the same instances as the filter in the column menu. This has the following implications:

  • Configuration relating to filters equally applies when the filters appear in the tool panel.
  • The filter behaves exactly as when it appears in the column menu. E.g. the Apply button will have the same meaning when used in the tool panel. Also the relationship with the Floating Filter (if active) will be the same.
  • If the filter is open on the tool panel and then the user subsequently opens the column menu, the tool panel filter will be closed. Because the filter is the same filter instance, it will only appear at one location at any given time.

Next Up

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