ag-Grid Packages

ag-Grid packages are the easiest way to get started with ag-Grid, but the trade-off will be a larger overall bundle size may be larger than required if you don't need all features within a given package.


The following artifacts are "packages" and are designed to work to together:

Package Name Contents
ag-grid-community All Community Features
ag-grid-enterprise All Enterprise Features
ag-grid-angular Angular Support
ag-grid-react React Support
ag-grid-vue Vue Support
ag-grid-polymer Polymer Support

When using packages you get all of the code within that package and cannot pick and choose which features you require. You also don't need to register these packages in the same way you do with modules.

This means that it is easier to use packages but the trade-off will be you'll end up with a larger bundle size if you don't require all features within a given package.

If you do decide to use packages you'll need to specify ag-grid-community as a minimum dependency:

"dependencies": { "ag-grid-community": "^23.0.0" ...other dependencies...

You can then (optionally) specify ag-grid-enterprise if you require Enterprise features:

"dependencies": { "ag-grid-community": "^23.0.0" + "ag-grid-enterprise": "^23.0.0" ...other dependencies...

If you do require Enterprise features you'll additionally need to import the ag-grid-enterprise package for it to be included in your application:

import 'ag-grid-enterprise';

Finally, if you're using a framework you'll need to specify one of the framework packages - for example assuming you're using Angular you'd add the ag-grid-angular package:

"dependencies": { "ag-grid-community": "^23.0.0" "ag-grid-enterprise": "^23.0.0" + "ag-grid-angular": "^23.0.0" ...other dependencies...

The rest of this page will discuss the use of packages. Please refer to the modules documentation for more information on that side of things.

Please refer to the Getting Started guides for a walkthrough on how to install and use these packages from the ground up:

Or maybe you are using something a little less common...