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Floating Rows

Floating rows hang either above or below the normal rows of a table. This feature is also called Frozen rows in other grids. In ag-Grid they are called Floating Rows.

To put floating rows into your grid, set floatingTopRowData or floatingBottomRowData in the same way as you would set normal data into rowData.

After the grid is created, you can update the floating rows by calling api.setFloatingTopRowData(rows) and setFloatingBottomRowData(rows)

Cell Editing

Cell editing can take place as normal on floating rows.

Cell Rendering

Cell rendering can take place as normal on floating rows. There is an additional floatingCellRenderer callback you can use to give floating cells a different cellRenderer to the other cells. If both cellRenderer and floatingCellRenderer are provided, frozen cells will use floatingCellRenderer if available, if not then cellRenderer.


Example below shows floating rows.