You can change the text in the paging panels and the default filters by providing a localeText or a localeTextFunc to the gridOptions.

Using localeText

The example below shows all the text that can be defined.

localeText = { // for filter panel page: 'daPage', more: 'daMore', to: 'daTo', of: 'daOf', next: 'daNexten', last: 'daLasten', first: 'daFirsten', previous: 'daPreviousen', loadingOoo: 'daLoading...', // for set filter selectAll: 'daSelect Allen', searchOoo: 'daSearch...', blanks: 'daBlanc', // for number filter and text filter filterOoo: 'daFilter...', equals: 'daEquals', notEqual: 'daNotEqual', // for the date filter dateFormatOoo: 'daYyyy-mm-dd', // for number filter lessThan: 'daLessThan', greaterThan: 'daGreaterThan', lessThanOrEqual: 'daLessThanOrEqual', greaterThanOrEqual: 'daGreaterThanOrEqual', inRange: 'daInRange', inRangeStart: 'daRangeStart', inRangeEnd: 'daRangeEnd', // for text filter contains: 'daContains', notContains: 'daNotContains', startsWith: 'daStarts dawith', endsWith: 'daEnds dawith', // filter conditions andCondition: 'daAND', orCondition: 'daOR', // filter buttons applyFilter: 'daApply', resetFilter: 'daReset', clearFilter: 'daClear', // the header of the default group column group: 'laGroup', // tool panel columns: 'laColumns', filters: 'laFilters', rowGroupColumns: 'laPivot Cols', rowGroupColumnsEmptyMessage: 'la drag cols to group', valueColumns: 'laValue Cols', pivotMode: 'laPivot-Mode', groups: 'laGroups', values: 'laValues', pivots: 'laPivots', valueColumnsEmptyMessage: 'la drag cols to aggregate', pivotColumnsEmptyMessage: 'la drag here to pivot', toolPanelButton: 'la tool panel', // other noRowsToShow: 'la no rows', enabled: 'laEnabled', // enterprise menu pinColumn: 'laPin Column', valueAggregation: 'laValue Agg', autosizeThiscolumn: 'laAutosize Diz', autosizeAllColumns: 'laAutsoie em All', groupBy: 'laGroup by', ungroupBy: 'laUnGroup by', resetColumns: 'laReset Those Cols', expandAll: 'laOpen-em-up', collapseAll: 'laClose-em-up', toolPanel: 'laTool Panel', export: 'laExporto', csvExport: 'laCSV Exportp', excelExport: 'laExcel Exporto (.xlsx)', excelXmlExport: 'laExcel Exporto (.xml)', // enterprise menu (charts) pivotChartAndPivotMode: 'laPivot Chart & Pivot Mode', pivotChart: 'laPivot Chart', chartRange: 'laChart Range', columnChart: 'laColumn', groupedColumn: 'laGrouped', stackedColumn: 'laStacked', normalizedColumn: 'la100% Stacked', barChart: 'laBar', groupedBar: 'laGrouped', stackedBar: 'laStacked', normalizedBar: 'la100% Stacked', pieChart: 'laPie', pie: 'laPie', doughnut: 'laDoughnut', line: 'laLine', xyChart: 'laX Y (Scatter)', scatter: 'laScatter', bubble: 'laBubble', areaChart: 'laArea', area: 'laArea', stackedArea: 'laStacked', normalizedArea: 'la100% Stacked', // enterprise menu pinning pinLeft: 'laPin <<', pinRight: 'laPin >>', noPin: 'laDontPin <>', // enterprise menu aggregation and status bar sum: 'laSum', min: 'laMin', max: 'laMax', none: 'laNone', count: 'laCount', average: 'laAverage', filteredRows: 'laFiltered' selectedRows: 'laSelected' totalRows: 'laTotal Rows' totalAndFilteredRows: 'laRows' // standard menu copy: 'laCopy', copyWithHeaders: 'laCopy With Headers', ctrlC: 'laCtrl n C', paste: 'laPaste', ctrlV: 'laCtrl n V' // charts pivotChartTitle: 'laPivot Chart', rangeChartTitle: 'laRange Chart', settings: 'laSettings', data: 'laData', format: 'laFormat', categories: 'laCategories', defaultCategory: '(laNone)', series: 'laSeries', xyValues: 'laX Y Values', paired: 'laPaired Mode', axis: 'laAxis', color: 'laColor', thickness: 'laThickness', xType: 'laX Type', automatic: 'laAutomatic', category: 'laCategory', number: 'laNumber', time: 'laTime', xRotation: 'laX Rotation', yRotation: 'laY Rotation', ticks: 'laTicks', width: 'laWidth', length: 'laLength', padding: 'laPadding', chart: 'laChart', title: 'laTitle', background: 'laBackground', font: 'laFont', top: 'laTop', right: 'laRight', bottom: 'laBottom', left: 'laLeft', labels: 'laLabels', size: 'laSize', minSize: 'laMinimum Size', maxSize: 'laMaximum Size', legend: 'laLegend', position: 'laPosition', markerSize: 'laMarker Size', markerStroke: 'laMarker Stroke', markerPadding: 'laMarker Padding', itemPaddingX: 'laItem Padding X', itemPaddingY: 'laItem Padding Y', strokeWidth: 'laStroke Width', offset: 'laOffset', offsets: 'laOffsets', tooltips: 'laTooltips', callout: 'laCallout', markers: 'laMarkers', shadow: 'laShadow', blur: 'laBlur', xOffset: 'laX Offset', yOffset: 'laY Offset', lineWidth: 'laLine Width', normal: 'laNormal', bold: 'laBold', italic: 'laItalic', boldItalic: 'laBold Italic', predefined: 'laPredefined', fillOpacity: 'laFill Opacity', strokeOpacity: 'laLine Opacity', columnGroup: 'laColumn', barGroup: 'laBar', pieGroup: 'laPie', lineGroup: 'laLine', scatterGroup: 'laScatter', areaGroup: 'laArea', groupedColumnTooltip: 'laGrouped', stackedColumnTooltip: 'laStacked', normalizedColumnTooltip: 'la100% Stacked', groupedBarTooltip: 'laGrouped', stackedBarTooltip: 'laStacked', normalizedBarTooltip: 'la100% Stacked', pieTooltip: 'laPie', doughnutTooltip: 'laDoughnut', lineTooltip: 'laLine', groupedAreaTooltip: 'laGrouped', stackedAreaTooltip: 'laStacked', normalizedAreaTooltip: 'la100% Stacked', scatterTooltip: 'laScatter', bubbleTooltip: 'laBubble', noDataToChart: 'laNo data available to be charted.', pivotChartRequiresPivotMode: 'laPivot Chart requires Pivot Mode enabled.' }

Using localeTextFunc

The example above works great if all you are translating is ag-Grid. However what if you want to bind internationalisation into your wider applications? That can be done by providing your own localeTextFunc, which is an alternative to the above.

The sample code below shows how such a function can used. The function takes the key from the grid and uses a translate function outside of the grid for doing the translation. If no match is found, the default value should be returned (which is the English value for the grid, the grid's default language).

var gridOptions = { localeTextFunc: function(key, defaultValue) { // to avoid key clash with external keys, we add 'grid' to the start of each key. var gridKey = 'grid.' + key; // look the value up. here we use the AngularJS 1.x service, however you // can use whatever service you want, AngularJS 1.x or otherwise. var value = ('translate')(gridKey); return value === gridKey ? defaultValue : value; } ... };