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ag-Grid - Getting Started

Learn how to get a simple application working using ag-Grid with your preferred framework.

On the left hand menu there are Getting Started entries for JavaScript, as well as all the major Frameworks. Please select the item you're interested in to get started.

The suggested reading order would be:

  • Select the menu entry to the left under Overview that corresponds to your chosen framework (or just JavaScript) to Get Started.
  • Follow up with the Next Steps, where we go into further detail, including guidance on how to use and configure ag-Grid Enteprise.
  • Move onto the Interfacing section to further explore the available Properties, Events, and API available to you.

Selecting A Framework

You are currently viewing all frameworks. This is fine. However you might want to consider selecting a framework from the top left side menu - this will ensure you are only shown documentation relevant to the framework you're interested in.

Browser Support/Compatibility

ag-Grid is compatible with IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.