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Master Detail refers to a top level grid called a Master Grid having rows that expand. When the row is expanded, another grid is displayed with more details related to the expanded row. The grid that appears is known as the Detail Grid.

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Enabling Master / Detail

Master / Detail can be enabled using the masterDetail grid option with detail rows configured using detailCellRendererParams as shown below:

    /* other grid options ... */ />

// enable Master / Detail
this.masterDetail = true;

// the first Column is configured to use agGroupCellRenderer
this.columnDefs = [
    { field: 'name', cellRenderer: 'agGroupCellRenderer' },
    { field: 'account' }

// provide Detail Cell Renderer Params
this.detailCellRendererParams = {
    // provide the Grid Options to use on the Detail Grid
    detailGridOptions: {
        columnDefs: [
            { field: 'callId' },
            { field: 'direction' },
            { field: 'number'}
    // get the rows for each Detail Grid
    getDetailRowData: params => {

The example below shows a simple Master / Detail with all the above configured.

  1. The grid property masterDetail=true is set. This tells the grid to allow expanding rows to display Detail Grids.

  2. The Cell Renderer on the first column in the Master Grid is set to agGroupCellRenderer. This tells the grid to use the Group Cell Renderer which in turn includes the expand / collapse functionality for that column.

  3. The Detail Cell Renderer parameter detailGridOptions is set. This contains configuration for the Detail Grid, such as which columns to display and which grid features to enable inside the Detail Grid.

  4. A callback is provided via the Detail Cell Renderer parameter getDetailRowData. This callback is called for each Detail Grid and sets the rows to display in each Detail Grid.

To learn more about detailCellRendererParams configuration see the Detail Grids section.

Row Models

When using Master / Detail the Master Grid must be using either the Client-Side or Server-Side Row Models. It is not supported with the Viewport or Infinite Row Models.

The Detail Grid on the other hand can use any Row Model.

API Reference

Master Detail Properties

Top level Master Detail properties available on the Grid Options:

Detail Cell Renderer Params

Detail Cell Renderer parameters available on the detailCellRendererParams object: