Angular Data GridLoading Component

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The Loading Component is displayed for a row to show data is loading.

Full Width Loading Row

The example below demonstrates replacing the Provided Loading Component with a Custom Loading Component.

  • Custom Loading Component is supplied by name via gridOptions.loadingCellRenderer.
  • Custom Loading Component Parameters are supplied using gridOptions.loadingCellRendererParams.
  • Example simulates a long delay to display the spinner clearly.
  • Scrolling the grid will request more rows and again display the loading cell renderer.

Custom Loading Row

The interface for the loading cell renderer component is as follows:

interface ILoadingCellRendererAngularComp {

   // Mandatory - The agInit(params) method is called on the loading cell renderer once.
   agInit(params: ILoadingCellRendererParams): void;

The agInit(params) method takes a params object with the items listed below: