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Menu Item Component - Imperative

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This page describes the old imperative way of declaring custom menu item components when the grid option reactiveCustomComponents is not set. This behaviour is deprecated, and you should instead use the new behaviour described on the Custom Menu Item page.

If you are not Providing Custom Behaviour, then declaring custom menu item components imperatively is similar to with reactiveCustomComponents enabled. However the props will be slightly different (see Custom Menu Item Parameters).

If providing custom behaviour, then the component setup will be different, and is demonstrated in the following example.

Custom Menu Item Interface

The interface for a custom menu item component is as follows:

interface IMenuItem {
   // optional methods

   // Configure the default grid behaviour for this item, including styling,
   // and mouse and keyboard interactions.
   // Return `true` to use all default behaviour, `false` to use no default behaviour
   // (equivalent to `configureDefaults` not being defined),
   // or `IMenuConfigParams` to choose what default behaviour to use.
   configureDefaults(): boolean | IMenuConfigParams;

   // Called when the item is activated/deactivated, either via mouseover or keyboard navigation.
   setActive(active: boolean): void;

   // If the item has a sub menu, called when the sub menu is opened/closed.
   setExpanded(expanded: boolean): void;

   // Called when the item is selected, e.g. clicked or Enter is pressed.
   select(): void;

Note that you will need to expose the lifecycle/callback methods (for example, the setActive callback) with forwardRef and useImperativeHandle.

Custom Menu Item Parameters

When a React component is instantiated the grid will make the grid APIs, a number of utility methods as well as the cell and row values available to you via props - the interface for what is provided is documented below.

If custom params are provided via the menuItemDef.menuItemParams property, these will be additionally added to the params object, overriding items of the same name if a name clash exists.