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React Data Grid: External Filter

External filtering allows you to mix your own 'outside of the grid' filtering with the grid's filtering.

The example below shows external filters in action. There are two methods on gridOptions you need to implement: isExternalFilterPresent() and doesExternalFilterPass(node).

  • isExternalFilterPresent is called exactly once every time the grid senses a filter change. It should return true if external filtering is active or false otherwise. If you return true, doesExternalFilterPass() will be called while filtering, otherwise doesExternalFilterPass() will not be called.
  • doesExternalFilterPass is called once for each row node in the grid. If you return false, the node will be excluded from the final set.

If the external filter changes, you need to call api.onFilterChanged() to tell the grid.

The example below shows an external filter in action.