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The ag-Grid pipeline visualises the features and bug fixes we have in our internal issue tracker (JIRA). The issues commonly have an ID, that looks like AG-XXX.

The next release tab contains items that we are looking into for our next release, that usually has a scheduled release date.

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Epic Key Summary Status
Grouping AG-1145 Allow configuring the position of the auto-group column so that it can be moved around and pinned Backlog
Grouping AG-1138 Grouping by drag and drop, and grouping by column menu have different behaviour. Make them consistent Rejected
Column Sizing AG-2062 Double click to auto size column, does not take into account font size from rowStyles Backlog
Context menu AG-1606 Allow providing a Cell Renderer for menu items Backlog
Server side row model AG-2298 Allow async set values to be fetched on-demand via an API, not only when filter opened initially Backlog More Info
Can be alleviated by using blockLoadDebounceMillis={x}
AG-3763 Docs - clarify the ordering in which the sass files should be included Backlog
AG-3551 Regression: Custom date filters no longer take hour/seconds into account In Progress
AG-3536 groupIncludeFooter: true + groupHideOpenParents: true + Causes the chevron for the group to appear at the group node AND the total node In Progress
AG-3275 cellRenderer+React+autoHeight not calculating height correctly - setTimeout(api.resetRowHeights()) is a workaround Done
AG-3411 Pull Request: Integrate typing improvement Pull request Backlog
AG-3127 Server Side Row Model: getDisplayedRowCount returns one more row than what it should while it has not reached the end of data to be streamed In Progress
AG-3668 Docs - Date floating filter component example does not clear filter after setFilter(null) from API (it does if invoked twice) In Progress
AG-1650 Allow enterprise set filter to ignore `valueFormatter()` In Progress
AG-3872 Server-side Row Model Documentation Improvements Backlog
AG-3873 Add Grid and Column API to IServerSideGetRowsParams Done
AG-3572 Allow suppressing sort and/or grouping after updating data unless the user requests another sort/group Backlog
AG-2013 Events - Add source to all events in ag-grid Backlog
AG-3200 gridApi.getFilterInstance returns null the first time it is called when reactNext=true and using a filter framework component Backlog
AG-3865 FillHandler doesn't handle strings which start with a number. Duplicate
AG-3849 DOCS - Angular Component using RxJs Examples are dead Done
AG-3638 Website - Improve Documentation Side Bar (RHS) Paused
AG-3837 Perform filtering in the Columns Tool Panel when columns are changed Done
AG-3561 When columnDefs undefined side panel renders all extra filter checkboxes Done
AG-3827 Column tool panel search field uses incorrect locale key Done
AG-2956 When using suppressDragLeaveHidesColumns and dragging a column outside the viewport, don't show the hide icon on the ghost as it is missleading Done
AG-3824 Docs - i18n docs missing clearFilter in localeText Done
AG-3815 DOCS: SSRM grouping + selection is unclear Backlog
AG-3814 Rich select editor icons flash when mouse hovers over one in latest Chrome Rejected
AG-3656 Horizontal scrolling large datasets in Firefox causes bouncing of headers Backlog
AG-3813 Fill handle doesn't work with properly with single click editing Won't Do More Info
This is due to a quirk in MacOS in the way it emulates keypresses in trackpads.
AG-3508 Charts - Provide a tick formatter callback similar to labelFormatter Backlog
AG-3807 csvCreator is not being imported when importing ClipboardModule Done
AG-3314 DeltaColumn mode updates while popup editing, cause the editing to stop in the background Backlog
AG-3795 Regression: enableCellTextSelection causes numeric columns to be left aligned Done
AG-2835 Allow chart creation from Multi-Range Backlog
AG-3790 Vue component not found if not within immediate parent Done
AG-3788 FiltersToolPanel search is case sensitive Done
AG-3417 getFocusedCell returns the previous focused cell even when the user has remove the focus from the grid Needs Review
AG-3812 dndSource: true doesn't breaks when used with preventDefaultOnContextMenu In Progress
AG-3576 Allow dragging multiple columns between grids Paused
AG-3786 SSRM + Pagination, navigating to a row which has not been loaded yet throws an error Done
AG-3783 DOCS: ILoadingOverlayComponentAngularComp is included for no reason in angular example Done
AG-3619 keyCreator not called when used with SSRM Rejected More Info
When using the SSRM + Set Filter - the keyCreator isn't invoked as values are provided rather than obtained from the data.
AG-3778 autoHeight not working with angularJS + cell renderer Done
AG-3530 lockPosition: true + enableRowGroup: true + suppressMovable: true: Prevents a column that should be possible to group by to be drag and drop into the row group panel Done
AG-3768 Delete key does not work while editing a cell in IE11 Done
AG-3197 Some properties specified via ColumnType are not inherited (ie marryChildren, headerName…) Rejected More Info
Column Types are designed to work on Columns only, i.e. they won't be applied to Column Groups. Docs have been updated to explicitly state this.
AG-3766 Using onChartOptionsChanged to copy the title across as user changes the chart type is not working Rejected
AG-2472 Context/Column Menu - Focus menu when it is invoked, and allow keyboard navigation Duplicate
AG-3765 Dev Regression - incorrect padding in Columns Tool Panel Done
AG-3577 autoheight on autoGroupColumn does not work in SSRM In Progress
AG-3764 Dev Regression - incorrect padding on SSRM loading spinner Done
AG-3772 DOCS: When resizing column with a custom date component, the floating filter icon becomes hidden Backlog
AG-3762 Framework Wrappers for Charts Done
AG-3741 Allow chart tooltips to be themed Backlog
AG-3759 REGRESSION: cellHeight does not apply to setColumnFilter Done
AG-3608 Charts - Add a mechanism to refresh existing charts Backlog
AG-3755 It is possible to paste into non-editable cells when 'suppressClipboardPaste=true' Duplicate
AG-3527 Charts - Provide context for axis labelFormatters f.e which colDef does the charted category/series belong to Backlog
AG-3753 rowDeselect: false doesn't work when changing selection by pressing the space bar Done
AG-3470 Charts - Allow to customize the fill/hover colors of the individual elements inside the same series. Backlog
AG-3752 When enableRangeSelection=true it's possible to paste a value into a non editable field Done
AG-3388 Charts - Allow access to all row data for chart tooltips Backlog
AG-3751 Regression: Select All checkbox in sidebar does not select hidden columns Done
AG-3228 SSRM + floating filters: set filter.params.debounceMs has no effect on the floating filter (this works in the CSRM) Backlog
AG-3750 Building SCSS locally does not produce the same CSS as our official css (ag-row-group-indent-x is different for each of the different flavors) Rejected
AG-2928 Pivot - create a method to allow expansion of column group totals Backlog
AG-3749 NPM ag-grid documentation references old ag-grid package Done
AG-2821 Charts - Add Themes Backlog
AG-3747 screen reader: pressing the modifier-key & arrows to navigate, focus should also change Rejected
AG-3708 Regression - Mini filter text value is not kept anymore after receiving delta updates In Progress
AG-3745 getChartModels throws error when chart has no series and category Done
AG-3780 When nesting columns 2 levels the show/hide chevron is shown in the wrong direction In Progress
AG-3743 getFirstDisplayedRow seems to be fixed, regardless of scroll position Rejected More Info
As per docs: " getFirstDisplayedRow() Get the index of the first displayed row due to scrolling (includes not visible rendered rows in the buffer)" If this behaviour is not desired set: 'gridOptions.rowBuffer=0'
AG-3831 enableCellTextSelection doesn't work with firefox Paused
AG-3740 Regression - Overlay no longer stops grid interactivity Done
AG-3625 Allow the grid to respond to drag/drop data based on the row position Paused
AG-3738 IE 11: Inline editor text selection does't go away when the focus moves to the drop down Done
AG-3805 autoSize does not work as expected when header font size is changed In Progress
AG-3737 "X" icon doesn't reset filter in Edge Duplicate
AG-3736 Fill handles can’t handle strings including numbers and letters Done
AG-3630 Docs: the export for the server side row model model is incorrectly shown as ServerSideRowModule when actually is ServerSideRowModelModule Done
AG-3734 Charts - removing all series from the data problem logs an error Done
AG-3617 columnVisible event source is incorrect when select/unselect all checkbox is clicked Done
AG-3733 Regression: When pasting an empty cell, the cell to the right of the focused cell becomes empty as well Done
AG-3538 calling autoSizeAllColumns in onFirstDataRendered does not work when grouping Done
AG-3731 Charts do not fully support negative numbers Done
AG-3520 valueParser is not invoked when pasting values Rejected
AG-3727 Regression - Reset row height not working as expected (this.gridApi.resetRowHeights) Done
AG-3203 Charts - Add API to download charts Done
AG-3853 blockLoadDebounceMillis blocks the user from rapid switching of the pages Backlog
AG-3102 Create warning in console when using properties (groupDefaultExpanded, groupIncludeFooter, groupIncludeTotalFooter) with SSRM Done
AG-3846 SSRM - sorting on auto group column breaks when fields and ids are different Backlog
AG-2910 Error when clicking onto a row with pressed shift key for server-side row model Done
AG-3829 CSS bundle size increase from v21 to v22 Backlog
AG-2261 Allow configuring the text associated to the label on rowDrag Done
AG-3818 Batch updates + grouping gives unexpected behaviour Backlog
AG-3855 Drag and Drop: Vertical scrolling when dragging a ghost icon onto a grid does not work when horizontal scroll is active Backlog
AG-3720 Regression: Auto height not working with cell renderer Done
AG-3847 When clicking select All in the columnsMenuTab the columns which have suppressToolPanel flag also gets hidden Backlog
AG-3717 Regression - Pasting with row selection clears first cell of next row from v22.1.0 Done
AG-3830 Deselection + Multiple Row Selection: when cell is deselected and a shift-click is made, selection begins at deselected cell. Backlog
AG-3716 Toggle paste off does not disable the pasting of a row Done
AG-3819 grid moves scroll position when resetRowHeights is called Backlog
AG-3714 Add types ag-grid-enterprise Done
AG-3817 License key is not valid when key contains accented characters e.g. u with two dots Backlog
AG-3713 Docs - Exported module for SetFilter should be SetFilterModule not ServerSideRowModule Done
AG-3799 Angular change detection too aggressive with drag and drop Backlog
AG-3707 rangeSelectionChanged event.finished / started flags are not as expected Done
AG-3769 FullWidthRows not animated when rows are added to the grid Backlog
AG-3705 Filter popup disappears when vertical scrollbar visibility toggles Rejected More Info
This is not a grid issue. The example adds a scrollbar to the div containing the grid which causing the grid to resize (in windows + chrome)when no rows exist, hence causing the floating filter popup to disappear. Note this doesn't happen on the demo page.
AG-3746 Allow voice over to work with the ARIA labels Backlog
AG-3704 React getting started guide stackblitz example is using module import instead of package import Done
AG-3677 horizontal scrollbar flicker in the pagination with groups example in the docs Backlog
AG-3703 Regression Pasting empty strings ('') from clipboard will edit two grid cells Done
AG-3614 Popups are clipped by the grid Backlog
AG-3702 Columns Tool Panel - lockVisible breaks when filtering + select all checkbox is used Done
AG-3579 Group Headers allow for HTML injection via was removed from normal headers and templates introduced) Backlog
AG-3696 IsColumnFuncParams missing from core exports Done
AG-3558 CellChangedEvent does not include oldValue Backlog
AG-3695 innerRenderer does not get called on null values Rejected
AG-3509 Charts - Provide a grid line formatter callback similar to labelFormatter Backlog
AG-3694 Clipboard module missing from ag-grid-enterprise Done
AG-3486 DOCS - server side operations with Node.js doesn't work Backlog
AG-3693 Charts - Charts Panel does not work with custom theme Done
AG-3458 Popups containing React components are incorrectly positioned Backlog
AG-3687 Spike - create dynamic charts API explorer Done
AG-3410 React - Data Change Can Result In Flicker Backlog
AG-3686 numericColumns are not aligned correctly with a cellWrapper Done
AG-3376 Regression - Printing does not work with pinned columns Backlog
AG-3685 SPIKE: Create charts react wrapper and example Done
AG-3235 SSRM: when maxBlocksInCache is too small, the grid should fail gracefully Backlog
AG-3683 SPIKE: Run a React app within docs Done
AG-3206 Using Master Detail with embedFullWidthRows and pinned columns should not render multiple detail grids Backlog
AG-3681 SetFilter not exported Done
AG-3137 docs - provide example on how to create your own suppressRefresh when using your own detailCellRenderer Backlog
AG-3679 DOCS: Row Pinning: add domLayout='print' to 'Non Supported Items' Done
AG-2847 Row selection does not work on group rows with the server side row model Backlog
AG-3678 Add additional chart lifecycle events to aid persisting charts Done
AG-2831 Charts - allow charts to be created using rows instead of columns for data Backlog
AG-2219 Improve performance of row auto height when resizing the columns Backlog
AG-2785 Allow customizing the timeout times to show/hide the tooltip Backlog
AG-3676 Drop down menu in filter too wide when first clicked in IE11 Won't Do
AG-3673 Undo/Redo not working with Redux Won't Do More Info
Externalizing the row state, in this case using a Redux Store, means the grid can't reliably undo / redo cell edits. A redux based undo / redo solution should be implemented instead.
AG-2196 Allow clipboard - ctrl + click select horizontally + copy + paste: to paste vertically (auto detect range is contiguous) Backlog
AG-3671 Regression: react/jest repository does not work in latest version Rejected More Info
JSDOM 14+ is required for this - two steps are required: 1: npm install --save-dev jest-environment-jsdom-fourteen 2: update package.json to have: "test": "react-scripts test --verbose=false --env=jsdom-fourteen",
AG-119 Add Find feature to highlight searched text Backlog
AG-1340 Limit resize when performing autoSizeColumns Backlog
AG-3667 Docs (Status Bar) does not mention that the user needs to provide his own components for SSRM Done
AG-3665 Fill handle in RTL mode is in wrong position Done
AG-3420 add in callback params for drag events (ie onDragStarted) Needs Review
AG-3662 Column Flex is not working when expanding and contracting Column Groups Done
AG-2025 Add keyboard navigation to context menu Needs Review
AG-3657 Vue: Getting Started: dependency not found: ag-grid-vue Done
AG-3771 Dragging Between Grids example focusses wrong element in IOS 13+ Paused
AG-3649 Select dropdown events don't work in IE/Edge Done
AG-3635 Defining rowDrag and dndSource on a column will give 2 waffle icons Paused
AG-3647 Format panel updates ignored when switching Categories from 'Group' to '(None)' Done
AG-3581 column headers freeze when dragged on iOS Paused
AG-3636 Clicking on column header in chrome mobile emulator mode produces error Done
AG-3362 Ensure that all grid events fire in angular zone (defer to 23.0.0) Paused
AG-3633 onDragStarted is fired when a range is selected Done
AG-942 calling sizeColumnsToFit in GridReady does not work reliably Backlog
AG-3631 DOCS: functionsReadOnly hyperlink leads to wrong page Done
Key Summary Release ETA
AG-2321 Colspan is not recalculated when using delta row data Backlog
AG-3871 Moving row group using the row group bar in iOS 13, the group lingers Backlog
AG-3867 Windows 10 - Copying a cell from excel erases the cell below Backlog
AG-3864 Regression - Custom Group Display Columns no longer show in the Filter Tool Panel Backlog
AG-3863 Docs - Set Filter Refresh After Edit example does not correctly update the Set Filter Backlog
AG-3862 localeText for searchOoo is not updating dynamically Backlog
AG-3861 valueFormatter, valueParser and pinnedRowValueFormatter are wrongly typed Backlog
AG-3857 Custom Filter Component + React: Filter Component renders incorrectly when opened for the first time in the last column Backlog
AG-3851 docs: hyperlink on redux page not working Backlog
AG-3845 Docs bug: Custom filter options example not loading Backlog
AG-3842 pivot: true + grouping by a column + column label by same column + move column label moved to grouping: The grid displays twice the grouping Backlog
AG-3840 groupMultiAutoColumn + excel export + processRowGroupCallback: Only the first level of grouping goes through the callback Backlog
AG-3836 docs: getGui() for filter component cannot take any type Backlog
AG-3823 setColumnState gives warning when reloading state with rowgroups Backlog
AG-3808 onNewRowsLoaded doesn't work with delta row data mode Backlog
AG-3806 Context Menu renders incorrectly when importing ClientSideRowModelModule + ClipboardModule + MenuModule Backlog
AG-3804 Docs - Keeping group state example and rememberGroupStateWhenNewData should be deprecated Backlog
AG-3800 DOCS - groupInnerCellRenderer documentation is unclear Backlog
AG-3784 Cannot edit detail grid through api when using embedFullWidthRows Backlog
AG-3779 When trying to override a default column Type the grid shows no warnings Backlog
AG-3691 Pagination + SSRM + Expanding last row in last page loaded (next row causes a getRows call): Causes pagination to break Backlog
AG-3592 REGRESSION: preventDefaultOnContextMenu + suppressContextMenu prevent cell selection Backlog
AG-3590 DOCS: responsiveness page renders empty Backlog
AG-3583 missing properties in gridOptions.ts & docs + DOCS Backlog
AG-3574 DOCS Typo in column API section Backlog
AG-3534 CellEditingStopped isn’t working in IE 11 Backlog
AG-3521 cellRendererFramework + autoSizeAllColumns not working when reactNext is true Backlog
AG-3507 Regression: groupSuppressAutoColumn has no effect in pivot mode Backlog
AG-3506 SSRM + Pagination + Wrapping : last page breaks when going to it from first load Backlog
AG-3487 Master/Detail + embedFullWidthRows = true, the detail grid ignores changes Backlog
AG-3474 SSRM: Pinned rows break when rowcount > 1143000 Backlog
AG-3443 Unable to capture touchStart with header components Backlog
AG-3425 When pinning columns + master detail + embedFullWidthRows: The detail row is split in two Backlog
AG-2988 Docs, column properties are missing many combination of possible component properties [...Framework, ...Params] (ie filterParams) Backlog
Key Summary Release ETA
AG-1504 Add author to generated xml excel to avoid edit error +0
We have tried to fix this by trying to set the author for the excel document, but there isn't any available XML field for this, so this seems like is not doable
AG-1535 Allow providing object that contains initial state for the grid +1
AG-1792 Add the ability to enable column range selection with a checkbox +2
AG-824 Maintain popup editor positions when scrolling +3
AG-2524 Add "auto refresh" of properties to framework components Backlog
AG-2523 Add "auto init" of properties to framework comonents Backlog
AG-1884 Sorting - Restricting to a specific number of columns for sorting Backlog
AG-3875 Add support for sticky scroll bars Backlog
AG-3870 Allow setting a range of (minWidth, maxWidth) for the column auto-size operation Backlog
AG-3869 Option to prevent SetFilter from updating itself automatically while open in response to real-time data changes Backlog
AG-3868 Add event for column moving outside the grid Backlog
AG-3860 Keep visible records unchanged while grid inserts rows above visible records Backlog
AG-3859 HeaderCheckboxSelection needs the ability to select only the current page of results. Backlog
AG-3858 Allow passing all children of a group through the filter if at least one child node passes the filter. Backlog
AG-3856 Allow tooltips to only be shown when the full text is not rendered on the cell Backlog
AG-3854 Allow for the columns that make up a group multi auto column to be dragged to the pivot panel and pivot on them Backlog
AG-3848 Allow full control over when cell editing should stop (i.e only stop editing when the user clicks a button) Backlog
AG-3841 Columns Tool Panel - Allow resizing the panels e.g. Row Groups, Values Backlog
AG-3839 Allow configuring auto group column to be part of an existing column group Backlog
AG-3838 Allow Bar / Columns charts to support Time Axis Backlog
AG-3835 Add a 'segment formatter' option for pie/doughnut charts similar to the label formatter option for bar charts Backlog
AG-3834 Allow configuring the filter and/or radio boxes & input filters Backlog
AG-3833 Allow Column spanning with Excel Export Backlog
AG-3826 Allow supporting voiceover on Windows Backlog
AG-3825 Loading Overlay is Not Read by Screen Readers Backlog
AG-3822 Allow cancelling default behaviour of the fill handle to let the user take full control Backlog
AG-3821 Allow supporting selection with Viewport Row Model Backlog
AG-3820 Column menu - Allow to configure which tab to show by default Backlog
AG-3816 Allow groupRemoveSingleChildren and groupHideOpenParents to work together Backlog
AG-3811 allow master/detail with pinned rows Backlog
AG-3803 Add print functionality for master/detail grid Backlog
AG-3797 FR: Investigate improving DART support for Sass build Backlog
AG-3794 Allow auto height to be used on group nodes when using groupUseEntireRow Backlog
AG-3792 Allow adding additional custom tabs to the column menu Backlog
AG-3791 Grouping: When opening a group, allow the leaf nodes to appear on top of the group row instead of appearing at the bottom Backlog
AG-3789 Add aria labels to floating filter input field and floating filter button Backlog
AG-3787 Allow focusing on group nodes when using groupUseEntireRow Backlog
AG-3785 Allow changing the 'select all' text in the set filter dynamically Backlog
AG-3782 Investigate alternative mechanisms to introduce native react component without using portals so intensively Backlog
AG-3781 Add event for row virtualisation Backlog
AG-3777 Allow to configure a flag where you can paste over non-editable cells Backlog
AG-3776 Stop active drag and drop automatically if suppressRowDrag is invoked from the API Backlog
AG-3774 Allow dynamically configuring if the group cell renderer should be used on a node by node basis based on its indentation level / key being used to group Backlog
AG-3773 Add excel-like comments Backlog
AG-3761 Reapply rowClassRules after pasting Backlog
AG-3757 Allow footer row heights to be updated when using resetRowHeights Backlog
AG-3756 groupHideOpenParents should apply in exports. Backlog
AG-3754 Allow charts to handle long labels without breaking the layout Backlog
AG-3748 screen reader should read more information by default Backlog
AG-3744 Allow the chart menu panel to be closed with a close button Backlog
AG-3742 Allow suppressing expand/collapse of group nodes when double clicked Backlog
AG-3735 Allow formatting text displayed in the filter when using a date filter Backlog
AG-3732 Allow providing dynamic styling for the column header rows when exporting to excel Backlog
AG-3730 Allow updating values for cells that are currently being edited via the API Backlog
AG-3724 Add support Vue Composition API Backlog
AG-3722 Allow set filter to show no match when user types text that is not found in the mini filter (like excel) Backlog
AG-3719 Allow unlinking/linking of charts via the api Backlog
AG-3709 Allow the set filter to be always applied as the user types without requiring the ENTER key to be pressed Backlog
AG-3701 Allow paginating leaf nodes for a group node Backlog
AG-3700 Add typescript documentation to the docs to show which interfaces to use for each feature Backlog
AG-3699 CHARTS: allow for greater control over chart UX (order of tabs, which element/submenu is open by default) Backlog
AG-3698 Allow to configure set filter to have a cross so that users can delete the input box content Backlog
AG-3697 Charts: Add tooltips to menu icons Backlog
AG-3692 Allow Column Groups to not change width with multi auto column groups after they change the order of grouping Backlog
AG-3690 Add a filter comparator for agNumberColumnFilter so that you can parse user-entered values Backlog
AG-3689 Add a filter comparator for agNumberColumnFilter so that you can parse user-entered values Backlog
AG-3688 Allow ag-grid drop down components to dismiss values pasted which are not in the set of allowed values Backlog
AG-3684 Allow cancelling the fill handle operation based on the direction of the fill operation Backlog
AG-3680 Fill Handle - Allowing to configure on a column basis if the fill handle should be available Backlog
AG-3674 Allow fill handle to work both horizontally and vertically at the same time Backlog
AG-3663 Add events for headers e..g. headerMouseOver, headerMouseOut, headerMouseDown Backlog
AG-3653 Add css classes/SASS variables to cells/columns so that is possible to style the borders of outer columns in a pivot group Backlog
AG-3650 When Exporting from the grid to excel, allow for default font and size to be changed from Calibri/14 Backlog
AG-3632 Allow a new property to change the default AND / OR option for set filters (the default is always now AND) Backlog
AG-3618 Allow easily configuring secondary columns via gridOptions and colDef. (ie colDef.pivotColDef: (pivotColumn)=>.... AND gridOptions.totalPivotColDef: (pivotTotalColDef)=>...) Backlog
AG-3613 Allow changing the minimum height of the grid (to accomodate for domLayout=”autoHeight” and grid with 1 row) Backlog
AG-3604 Allow programmatically setting the column filter Backlog
AG-3591 Allow setting the content of the columns menu tab the same way the content of the columns tool panel Backlog
AG-3589 FR to allow for dynamically changing master rows into leaf nodes Backlog
AG-3584 Dynamic row heights with infinite row model Backlog
AG-3573 Create event for when all group nodes nodes are expanded/collapsed Backlog
AG-3570 Allow suppressClickEdit to be a callback so that it can be configured on a per cell basis Backlog
AG-3567 Allow suppressing all ag-Grid warnings in console Backlog
AG-3564 Internationalisation - Add Columns Tool Panel Column Filter to localeText Backlog
AG-3559 Charts - Allow rotating the group labels Backlog
AG-3535 Replace disabled 'paste' icon in menu with note Backlog
AG-3523 Allow custom tooltips to contain interactive elements, so that it does not close when the mouse move over the tooltip Backlog
AG-3522 Allow excel export for the loaded rows in SSRM Backlog
AG-3518 Allow configuring with a callback if a row should be rollup, similar to groupRemoveLowestSingleChildren/groupRemoveSingleChildren but fully configurable Backlog
AG-3490 Allow fully customizing row sorting (as opposed to post-sort) so that for large datasets the entire sorting logic is delegated to the client Backlog
AG-3479 Charts - Allow 'zooming' in and out of charts Backlog
AG-3472 Charts - Add the ability to listen to click events on charts (bars, points etc...) Backlog
AG-3453 Allow configuring custom filter options to accept a range of values described with a from and a to value (ie to Accept two values, currently accepts 1 or 0 values) Backlog
AG-3452 Allow dynamically setting the height of full width rows to be that of their content Backlog
AG-3444 Charts - Allow selecting nonconsecutive columns for creating charts Backlog
AG-3435 Allow sidebar to be visible but the button bar to be hidden (the user will change toolpanels via API) Backlog
AG-3434 Allow setSideBarVisible to take an optional parameter like openToolPanel so that is made visible with that toolpanel open (ie: setSideBarVisible (true, 'columns') Backlog
AG-3433 Allow providing a custom sideBar component and to have it hidden by default Backlog
AG-3429 Allow suppressContextMenu to take a callback Backlog
AG-3427 Allow configuring on a per column basis if the export should export the formatted value (handy for text columns) Backlog
AG-3426 Allow saving/restoring the selection state as we would do for the filter/sort state (getSelectionNodes would suffice to get it, but have a matching setSelectedNodes) Backlog
AG-3422 Server side row model - Allow chaining set filters values like we do in the client side row model (ie selecting a country should limit the amount of cities) Backlog
AG-3413 Allow providing DOM resulting cells with semantic classes (potentially configurable) so that is easy to select them using XPath Backlog
AG-3406 Allow configuring/resizing the different areas (grouping, values ..) of the columns tool panel Backlog
AG-3385 Allow set filter to apply the filter immediately if no apply button is used as user types into the mini filter Backlog
AG-3378 Allow adding semantic classes to column headers so is possible to provide advanced styling on them (ie identify if they are the last column from a group, how many parents they have...) Backlog
AG-3373 Allow unmanaged editing in row group nodes when using plain grouping. The user will have to provide with the logic of what to do once the editing is completed Backlog
AG-3371 Add position to ensureColumnVisible similar to ensureIndexVisible Backlog
AG-3363 Add groupIncludeTotalHeader to grid options Backlog
AG-3359 Allow the autoGroupColumn to be used in the API calls for columns, at the moment there is no way to dynamically change it after creation. (ie, setColumnDefs …) Backlog
AG-3358 Accessibility - Add ability to focus on checkboxes to allow keyboard interaction Backlog
AG-3357 Accessibility - Allow pinned columns to work with screen readers so that users can move in and out of them and into the main column area. Backlog
AG-3353 Standardize all callbacks so that they all receive a params object with gridApi / columnApi / context etc.. Backlog
AG-3333 Allow configuring buttons in the sidebar that invoke logic directly, as opposed to open a tool panel Backlog
AG-3332 change ag-rich-select CSS height property to use max-height instead of height Backlog
AG-3331 Allow conditionally rendering tooltips Backlog
AG-3326 Allow locking a column to always be either the first or last columns (currently only first column is supported) Backlog
AG-3321 Charts - Add Animation Effects Backlog
AG-3319 Charts - Add Map Chart Backlog
AG-3315 Allow configuring renderers for columns menu tab items Backlog
AG-3312 Charts - Add Histograms Backlog
AG-3308 Charts - Add support for Server-side and Viewport Row Models Backlog
AG-3284 Charts - Add Combination Charts Backlog
AG-3283 Allow set filter to work directly with complex objects Backlog
AG-3282 Allow filters to grow from right to left if reaching the end of the viewport Backlog
AG-3279 Allow for stronger typing of main classes in ag-grid Backlog
AG-3254 Accessibility - Add ability to configure aria-live option on rows Backlog
AG-3253 Accessibility / navigation Allow to navigate with keyboard though the context menu/column headers/sidebar/tool panel Backlog
AG-3251 Allow unbalanced groups to work with pivot mode Backlog
AG-3241 Allow tree data to work with checkbox selection seamlessly as it does with row grouping (shift selection + tri state selection + selection from group node...) Backlog
AG-3236 Charts: Allow X-labels to get their values from the column headers Backlog
AG-3233 FR: Allow restoring grid columns after they have all been hidden from the column menu UI when the toolPanel is not present. Backlog
AG-3218 Investigate performance optimizations around updating a single record with lots of data while using transactions Backlog
AG-3211 Add server side event for onFirstDataLoaded Backlog
AG-3185 Add range select capability for touch devices Backlog
AG-3172 Add support for innerRendererSelector similar to renderers and editors Backlog
AG-3152 Revamp theming to simplify customization of different areas of the grid including (border transparency, size units not tied to px, provide more defaults to be overridden) Backlog
AG-3121 Add a param which contains a list of nodes which have been updated in the rowDataUpdated event Backlog
AG-3114 Allow users to use SVG icons as pre v20, so that they can seamlessly choose between using web fonts or SVG icons. Backlog
AG-3113 Allow the creation of native ag-grid charts embedded in cells/detail rows/full-width rows Backlog
AG-3110 Create Standalone Charting Library Backlog
AG-3085 Add more params to the keyCreator callback, column and node. Backlog
AG-3084 Clear second AND/OR filter condition after the first condition is deleted Backlog
AG-3072 Column grouping: Allow when nesting 2+ groups, and one group is only one level deep, to only spans one row Backlog
AG-3032 Charts - Add Heatmap Chart Backlog
AG-3028 Charts - Add TreeMap Chart Backlog
AG-2976 Show warning when using server side row model + sel filter and not specifing newRowsAction: 'keep' Backlog
AG-2973 Integrate PR - replace duplicated setting of datasource to serverSideDatasource Backlog
AG-2965 DOCS - Add cross-references in the API docs for further clarification (ie updateRowData should point to the update data docs/transactions etc...) Backlog
AG-2945 SPIKE investigate possible performance degradations when loading data on the grid Backlog
AG-2944 Allow 'xml:space="preserve"' to be added to the xlsx export so that excel doesn't ignore empty spaces when exporting data Backlog
AG-2942 Allow while row drag & drop for new events so that the rows being hovered over can be styled easily Backlog
AG-2932 Add ARIA label to toolpanel column filter seach Backlog
AG-2923 Add context to getRows callback for the server side row model Backlog
AG-2919 Allow a callback to be passed to purgeServerSideCache Backlog
AG-2918 SPIKE - Investigate ag-Grid in salesforce Backlog
AG-2916 Add when using any row model (in-memory, viewport, server row model) a method to retrieve the nodes that are first and last NOT taking into consideration the rowBuffer Backlog
AG-2907 Allow headerName to be a callback so that it can be dynamic while used for grouping/aggregations/data updates... Backlog
AG-2895 Add a new API call so that you can query if a given cell is editable or not (handy if editable is a callback) Backlog
Can be workaround with: function isEditable(colId, rowIndex) { return gridOptions.columnApi.getColumn(colId).isCellEditable(rowIndex); }
AG-2894 Allow groupRemoveSingleChildren to also take effect after filtering Backlog
AG-2886 Allow to override $input-bottom-border SASS variable in Material theme Backlog
AG-2882 Add API method call simmilar to getCellRendererInstances to retrieve header components Backlog
AG-2881 Add settings to control how to display the scrollbar independently of the OS settings (ie always visible) Backlog
AG-2878 Allow filter logic to combine AND ar OR between columns, not just AND Backlog
AG-2875 Change agLargeTextCellEditor default to 0 so it has no max characters by default. Backlog
AG-2863 Allow colDef.template to take a callback with params specifying the column and other useful information Backlog
AG-2859 Allow expand/collapse hide/show row nodes/columns to be performed in a batch fashion Backlog
******* For the time being, we've created a workaround which you can find in the following Plunker which uses a hard-coded refresh: ******
AG-2843 Add to drag and drop events (over and drop) information about the target columns Backlog
AG-2823 Charts - Add Cross Filtering Backlog
AG-2815 Allow refreshHeaders to also update the columns in the toolPanel Backlog
AG-2814 Allow recalculating detail row height one the master row has been updated using delta row data Backlog
AG-2810 Add the ability to use a fully custom icon for a tool bar Backlog
AG-2805 Filters - Allow providing a parser to the number filter so that numbers can be introduced formatted Backlog
AG-2788 Not able to customise line spacing between items in the set filter Backlog
AG-2783 Allow menu tabs to be specified with a callback so that they can be dynamically specified Backlog
AG-2778 Add method in the API to retrieve colDef from a column or colId Backlog
AG-2765 Sidebar - Allow changing the width of the sideBar via an API call Backlog
AG-2761 Docs - create an example in tree data on how to display items with the same path, without a duplicate ID Backlog
AG-2759 Allow passing a param to AnimateShowChangeCellRenderer to specify the duration of the animation Backlog
AG-2757 Allow configuring the position for tooltips (top, bottom...) Backlog
AG-2754 Add a formatter to the standard status bar component to format the numbers associated with avg, count, min, max and sum Backlog
AG-2745 Allow configuring where aggregation should be displayed so that they can be shown in group columns Backlog
AG-2730 Change the GetMainMenuItemsParams interface so that api and columnApi are not flagged as null Backlog
AG-2725 Allow passing custom HTML attributes to the ag-grid renderers/editors/filters/floating filters... through component params. Backlog
AG-2707 Selection - Allow setSelected to receive a parameter to set the selection BUT disable the sending of an event / Allow for batch selection Backlog
AG-2706 Events - Add listener to mouse middle click Backlog
AG-2704 Allow gracefull failure for valueGetter/formatters, When a getter/formatter fails, use some other output, don’t cause the grid to crash (simmilar to excel displaying ERR) Backlog
AG-2698 Allow providing custom tooltips also for set filters/sidebar; icons, buttons etc. Backlog
AG-2692 Investigate implications of inlining styles/images in ag-grid Backlog
AG-2690 Add support for fullWidthRowSelector similar to cellRowSelector Backlog
AG-2689 Grouping - allow footers to be recalculated Backlog
AG-2687 Allow for better UX when keeping sub menus opened as user moves the mouse from the parent menu to the sub-menu, right now is too harsh Backlog
AG-2672 Prevent removing horizontal scroll when resizing the right border of the leftmost left pinned column such that is made bigger than the remaining viewport size Backlog
AG-2662 Filters - Allow filter and set model to be passed to the grid as a state not to be reset after further new rowdata is provided Backlog
AG-2660 Allow the creation of custom popups and allow them to stick to the row/column as the user scrolls or the viewport is resized Backlog
AG-2652 Docs - Add documentation around react and deltaRowDataMode Backlog
AG-2637 Allow autoHeight rows to work with master/detail for the detail rows Backlog
AG-2633 Allow mechanism like 'groupUseEntireRow' to work with Master Detail Backlog
AG-2625 Sidebar - Allow drag icon to be customisable Backlog
AG-2616 Allow dynamically changing whether the user is allowed to change the focus of a cell in the grid Backlog
AG-2615 Allow getFirstRenderedRow method to return the first row in the viewport even when rowBuffer > 0 Backlog
AG-2609 Rendering - Allow isRowSelectable to be re-evaluated on demand/when data updates Backlog
AG-2608 API - Add the api param to NavigateToNextCellParams Backlog
AG-2603 Clipboard - Add original data (pre-grid manipulation) and metadata (ie columns being copied/col span information) as a parameter to processDataFromClipboard Backlog
AG-2600 Improve performance of batch updating of column widths Backlog
AG-2596 Rendering - Allow ensureRow or ensureCol to be called so that it changes the scroll without changing the focused cell Backlog
AG-2594 Rendering - Allow specifying renderers for columns that have aggregations Backlog
AG-2587 Status Bar - Allow status bar default components to work with SSRM on the cached rows (show a warning) Backlog
AG-2585 Drag and drop - add support for very long row labels Backlog
AG-2584 Date - Allow date component to be used as an out of the box editor Backlog
AG-2581 Context menu - Allow configuring icons for default context menu items that have no icons for default (ie Excel export) Backlog
AG-2575 Sidebar - Allow hiding the buttons in the sidebar independently of a toolpanel being shown or not Backlog
AG-2574 Allow for a sticky horizontal scroll bar when using domLayout: autoHeight Backlog
AG-2571 Tree Data - Allow editing row group nodes when using tree data. Backlog
AG-2568 Allow adjusting/resizing the width/height of Set Filter to account for overflowed text Backlog
AG-2564 Styling - Allow style callbacks to also be applied to cells while in edit mode Backlog
AG-2559 Export - Allow new callback to all exports csv/xls/xlsx processGroupHeaderCallback Backlog
AG-2553 Export - allow customising of group headers when exporting to xlsx Backlog
AG-2550 Rendering - Support Zoom in/out of the browser Backlog
AG-2548 Components - Allow agLargeTextCellEditor to work with full row edit Backlog
AG-2542 Editing - Allow a flag so that editing will not change a value cell but raise an event that the user can listen to and update their store Backlog
AG-2530 Improve gridReady & FW lifecycle timing for consistency Backlog
AG-2529 Add guides for vuex, routing i18n, websockets & NgRx Backlog
AG-2522 Automatically export boolean values to boolean native excel types Backlog
AG-2515 Sidebar - Allow configuring the filters tool panel with additional components Backlog
AG-2513 API - Add API method to check if the currently loaded grid is enterprise or not Backlog
AG-2512 Clipboard - Allow copy paste with a toggle as opposed on based weather cells are editable Backlog
AG-2495 Editing - Allow popup editors to work with fullRow editMode Backlog
AG-2494 Themes - Allow material theme to have some air at the bottom of the grid to allow for material editing in the last row Backlog
AG-2480 Tool panel - Improve accessibility - give focus when opened, allow for keyboard navigation Backlog
AG-2475 Allow row class rules to be reevaluated on the back of a callback every time the row index changes (not only the underlying data) Backlog
AG-2473 Context Menu - Allow to show custom context menu from the row group panel items Backlog
AG-2470 Allow suppressMovable to be a valid property for column groups Backlog
AG-2469 Allow column groups to be split via definition in the colDefs Backlog
AG-2459 Allow internationalisation of the text used in the status bar (rows, of, selected...) Backlog
AG-2458 Allow range selection to be restored when changing the column state (If range is still contiguous) Backlog
AG-2450 Allow ag-grid-aurelia colDefs to work without .bind Backlog
AG-2446 Add support for unmananged row drag and drop in SSRM/Infinite row models Backlog
AG-2435 Allow range selection to be kept after an update in the grid based on the data and not the row index Backlog
AG-2432 Allow exporting images to Excel Backlog
AG-2430 Add a new way to style cells, similar to cellClass, but appending classes to the already existing one as opposed of overwriting them, ie cellClassAppend Backlog
We did some analysis on this and determined we won't address this issue due to the complexity it introduces vs the benefit. A working solution would require us to detect which other rows need to be rendered in the DOM before we encounter them due when row spanning is enabled. A possible workaround for some users would be to set the rowBuffer to a sufficiently large number
AG-2427 Add new event after a user has exported data (CSV/XML or Excel) Backlog
AG-2416 SASS Material: ag-row-odd class is applied to even rows, not odd ones. Backlog
AG-2411 Comparator and pivotComparator callbacks: Add the column to the callback Backlog
AG-2398 Clipboard - Allow suppressing carriage return to signal a new row when pasting Backlog
AG-2397 Add rowNode to textCustomComparator callback Backlog
AG-2396 Add formattedValue/RowNode to processCellForClipboard Backlog
AG-2394 Add a new flag to stop editing automatically after the user navigates out of the current editing cell Backlog
AG-2392 Column headers - Allow providing a HTML template only for the body of the header Backlog
AG-2378 Server side row model - Allow purging the cache only for a specific set of rows Backlog
AG-2370 Support additional custom sheets when exporting to xlsx Backlog
AG-2357 Allow printing the correct MAC shortcuts when using the context menu Backlog
AG-2353 Adding API call to extract all different values for a column just as the set filter does Backlog
AG-2341 Allow extracting information about totals if using group footers Backlog
AG-2339 Allow row selection from pinned rows Backlog
AG-2336 Allow configuring clear/apply button to automatically apply filter AND/OR close filter dialog Backlog
AG-2333 xlsx export - Allow creating hyperlinks from URLs in the cells Backlog
AG-2314 Take rowClass into consideration when using autoheight Backlog
AG-2309 Notify user if they set values in the set filter as numbers instead of strings as this will cause issues in the grid Backlog
AG-2303 xlsx export - Allow exporting formulas to excel Backlog
AG-2301 Allow configuring the body of the set filter if there are no resultant matches from the search in the mini filter Backlog
AG-2299 Add context to all events, change docs accordingly Backlog
AG-2298 Allow async set values to be fetched on-demand via an API, not only when filter opened initially Backlog
Can be alleviated by using blockLoadDebounceMillis={x}
AG-2297 Add a method to the grid api to return the context Backlog
AG-2273 Improve Typescript checking - catch typing issues before release Backlog
AG-2271 Improve AngularJS dev experience Backlog
AG-2270 SPIKE - Extract AngularJS from Core Backlog
AG-2236 Status Bar - Add Value Formatter Backlog
AG-2225 Allow changing cacheBlockSize dynamically (either via API or making it a reactive property) Backlog
AG-2224 Server side row model - Allow purging the cache only for a specific page while paginating Backlog
AG-2217 Add support for strictNullChecks in TypeScript Backlog
AG-2213 Allow headerTooltip to be a callback so that the tooltip can be specified dynamically Backlog
AG-2207 Documentation - Revamp document node docs - Missing attributes (ie rowIndex) Backlog
AG-2187 Floating filters - Allow disabling the floating filter in the columnDef Backlog
AG-2183 Filters - Allow hiding the options in the text/number and date filter Backlog
AG-2174 Selection - mimic the Excel ctrl + shift + arrow behaviour: Select consecutive range horizontally or vertically that are all empty or all populated Backlog
AG-2169 Improve the parameters of Header Group Columns (including Pivot) Backlog
AG-2162 Allow hiding the mini filter automatically after 'Apply' button is pressed. Backlog
AG-2158 Documentation - Column Menu - Clarify how to get rowGroup and rowUnGroup to show conditionally if you are customising the menu Backlog
This is not an issue as you can conditionally obtain either the 'rowGroup' or 'rowUnGroup' items from the supplied defaultItems.
AG-2156 Allow iteration of child nodes of a group in SSRM Backlog
AG-2151 filterChanged event - parameters 'type' field should describe the source of filter change Backlog
AG-2118 Clipboard - Allow configuring what should take precedence when copying, selection or range Backlog
AG-2107 batchUpdateRowData add a method to allow clearing the queue Backlog
AG-2103 Allow editing cell focus to retain when new rows are added or the sorting changes the order Backlog
AG-2101 Events- cellContextMenu event does not trigger on column header Backlog
AG-2099 Columns - Add reset columns as a source for displayedColumnsChanged Backlog
AG-2094 Website - Create entries on the events page for those events documented on by Event Properties & Hierarchy diagram Backlog
AG-2093 Filter - Create method to allow setting of focus to filters Backlog
AG-2090 Styling - add new SASS variable to allow configuring the border-type for rows Backlog
AG-2084 Add a scroll based debounce, current is block based Backlog
AG-2075 Export - allow range selected excel export Backlog
AG-2061 Selection - Allow the user to specify which columns select a row Backlog
AG-2060 Typescript: Add typings for events Backlog
AG-2057 Allow Row Spanning for Headers Backlog
AG-2056 Allow popup editors to stay open when clicking outside of their bounds Backlog
AG-2055 Allow the option for row height to be changed via mouse dragging Backlog
AG-2054 Rendering - Allow multi select in agSelectCellEditor Backlog
AG-2050 agRichSelectCellEditor - Allow tab to the next cell in edit mode Backlog
AG-2046 Allow auto group columns to be part of a column group Backlog
AG-2043 Improve filterParams.cellRenderer parameters Backlog
AG-2035 Add facility like 'rememberGroupStateWhenNewData' for Master/Detail Backlog
AG-2032 Filters - Add an option to suppress quickFilter lookup in hidden columns Backlog
AG-2024 Allow Row Spanning to work with dynamic row height Backlog
AG-2022 Allow batch update of node selection with a single render (React) Backlog
AG-2008 Change documentation newValueHandler (legacy) references to valueSetter Backlog
AG-2004 Add target to the rowDrag Events Backlog
AG-2001 Add source to the IServerSideGetRowsParams Backlog
AG-2000 Allow setting the Sort Model of auto group columns in tree data Backlog
AG-1998 Prevent users from applying Pivot and Row Grouping in Infinite Row Model Backlog
AG-1986 Optimise Sorting when using row data transactions Backlog
AG-1983 Allow users to access event objects to stopPropagation and avoid bubbling Backlog
AG-1981 Filters - quick filter to add a switch to maintain pre 17.1 behaviour Backlog
AG-1976 Grouping - Add Accessibility attributes across grouping elements Backlog
AG-1969 Allow suppression of parentheses around aggregation field in Tool Panel values Backlog
AG-1965 Rendering - Multiple blank spaces are displayed as one Backlog
AG-1962 Grouping - groupIncludeFooter allow customisation to display group level total only for certain grouped columns Backlog
AG-1960 Grouping - groupIncludeTotalFooter to behave like pinnedBottomRowdata and display totals outside of scroll bar Backlog
AG-1959 Custom Aggregation methods to have more information in parameters - Pass nodes, and source to know where the aggregation is for (ie to Do aggregations based on other aggregations) Backlog
AG-1954 Allow configuring the icon to be used for grouping based on current level of indentation / node / column Backlog
AG-1950 Clipboard - copy paste current cell if no range selection is enabled Backlog
AG-1945 Introduce tool panel options - min/max/initial width settings Backlog
AG-1940 Add event listener to context menu Backlog
AG-1937 Columns - add a horizontal scrollbar for each column group Backlog
AG-1929 Master/Detail - Should be able to retain state per detail grid. Backlog
AG-1926 Tree Data - Allow non unique rows Backlog
AG-1924 Export - Allow different styles for different headers in the xls export Backlog
AG-1900 Clipboard - Investigate copy and paste with value formatter and value parser optimisation Backlog
AG-1896 Add source to selection event Backlog
AG-1885 Tool Panel - allow the user to provide their own components for the tool panel Backlog
AG-1880 Quick Filter - Disabling for hidden columns Backlog
AG-1860 Allow row span to work with export Backlog
AG-1859 Pinning - prevent the user from being able to pin other columns to pinned area Backlog
AG-1834 EnsureColumnVisible - Option to centre column Backlog
AG-1820 Allow column menu by configuration to stay on screen until users click outside out of it. Backlog
AG-1817 Add contextual information to the onSortChanged event Backlog
AG-1816 Allow multi-column sorting when custom comparator exists on group column Backlog
AG-1806 Add support for selection of Pinned Rows Backlog
AG-1801 Master/Detail - Allow aurelia templates to work with m/d Backlog
AG-1782 Filters - allow dynamic updates to filter placeholders for internationalisation Backlog
AG-1769 Server-side Row Model - autoHeight should work when new rows are loaded Backlog
AG-1766 Sorting - Allow sorting with setSortModel with user sorting disabled Backlog
AG-1765 Grouping - Pinned grouped column not saving state Backlog
AG-1756 header width should consider suppressMenu: true Backlog
AG-1755 Quick Filter - make it case sensitive Backlog
AG-1754 Rendering - tooltip/dropdown renderer elements showing behind the grid Backlog
AG-1732 Clipboard - Pasting text into a cell with double quote removes quoted text Backlog
AG-1722 Allow detail rows to be selected Backlog
AG-1696 Allow enableRangeSelection to be toggled after grid creation Backlog
AG-1686 Allow case insensitive sorting Backlog
AG-1669 Master/Detail Allow a custom cell renderer in the default detail cell renderer Backlog
AG-1639 Allow asynchronous cell value commit while editing Backlog
AG-1628 add semantic classes to ag-menu so users can target styles for different sections of the app Backlog
AG-1618 allow customTextComparator to work with any underlying data type not only strings Backlog
AG-1616 Method to clear focus from all cells Backlog
AG-1611 Add API method to recalculate the row drag & drop on demand Backlog
AG-1583 Improve life cycle of call when calling setFilterModel on a react filter component Backlog
AG-1567 Allow extending instead of overriding properties of colDef specified in both a colDef and the defaultColDef Backlog
AG-1566 Support tree data in pinned rows Backlog
AG-1555 Allow column headers to support multi line text and auto-height Backlog
AG-1536 Add ability to suppress expand grouped row on double click Backlog
AG-1534 Allow suppression of grid claiming focus when editing stops if a user clicks outside of the grid Backlog
AG-1526 Provide option to not pivot on non-pivot columns Backlog
AG-1470 Allow header group columns to receive a html template parameter Backlog
AG-1417 Allow passing the rows to be pasted on the clipboard callbacks Backlog
AG-1377 Allow configuring what to do when tabbing on the last row, ideally allow tabbing to the next HTML element. Backlog
AG-1344 Allow providing stages to skip: like sort or filter, when passing a transaction Backlog
AG-1341 add ensureCellVisible Backlog
AG-1266 Remove theme-material (deprecated) Backlog
The new material theme introduces new CSS classes.
AG-1195 Allow editing in many rows at once, and let edit mode be turned on by default. Likely to be a callback Backlog
AG-1179 Allow providing initial state for the grid to be applied as soon as it is loaded. ie Filter to apply, sort, pagination page Backlog
AG-1176 Allow filling visible area of the grid with empty rows if not enough rows provided Backlog
AG-1046 Allow opening context menu from an empty area of the grid Backlog
AG-870 [group selection] allow group selection without checkboxes Backlog
AG-832 Server side row model - Allow navigate to index independently of the row height used Backlog
AG-1252 Allow multi-group columns to keep their ungrouped status (sort, filter, pinned) Backlog
AG-1214 Allow automatically guessing column defs without needing to provide any configuration at all. Handy for simple grids Backlog
AG-966 Fully allow any component from any F/W in the context menu Backlog
Epic Key Summary Release ETA
AG-1840 Master/Detail - Allow master and detail grids to synchronize options and styles Backlog
AG-1836 Allow enableStatusBar to be a reactive property Backlog
AG-1731 Pagination panel to be turned on and off Backlog
AG-1835 Allow enableRowGroup to be a reactive property Backlog
AG-1605 Print from a copy of the grid via a pop up window Backlog
AG-1563 Allow reactiveness for the data when using infinite/enterprise row models Backlog
Filters AG-1873 Filters - Allow combining set filter with other filter options Backlog
Filters AG-1790 Filters - Allow set filter to work with non-string data Backlog
Filters AG-1645 If using async setFilterValues, allow setFilterModel to wait until the setFilterValues finishes, and then set values Backlog
Filters AG-1781 Filter - Allow callback to refine matching the input text with each text to be searched for (simmilar to textFormatter for text filtering) Backlog
Filters AG-1228 Allow filtering based on rowNode.aggData (totals coming out of aggregations), ie filter based on row node groups Backlog
Filters AG-1607 Allow quick select of set filter by typing and pressing enter Backlog
Filters AG-655 [right click] Enable right-click on column menu Backlog
Filters AG-339 [flaotingFilter] Reordering the columns break how tab-tab-tab works, the tabbing order doesnt change according to the new column order Backlog
Filters AG-312 [filter] Filter menu dissapearing when changing filter type/criteria Backlog
Filters AG-211 [filter breadcrumb] have filter breakcumb in status panel Backlog
Filters AG-129 [filter set] can set filter work without converting values to strings? Backlog
Filters AG-967 Make selectAll in setFitlers smarter, not always all the values in the set are all the values in the grid Backlog
Filters AG-1597 Enterprise tree, new option to return all sub-nodes Backlog
Filters AG-703 [set filter] Reapply saved filters enhancement Backlog
Filters AG-540 [floating filter] We register two times to the onFilterChanged so we get double calls onParentModelChanged Backlog
Filters AG-588 Add Tooltip option for Set Filter options Backlog
Filters AG-360 [filter] bad UX when selectAllOnMiniFilter = true and applyButton=true Backlog
Filters AG-1143 Allow 'in range' filters to take only one of the two values, ie if only bottom specified, assume max = +infinite and otehrwise -infinite Backlog
Filters AG-1407 Add source information to the filter events. ie Apply button etc... Backlog
Filters AG-1458 Add hook to filters for when they're displayed (not just initialised for the first time) Backlog
Filters AG-1594 Allow set filter to create more than one entry per row. For instance handy if the row has a list of tags Backlog
Filters AG-1336 Change the way the model is stored in ag-grid so that when applyButton:true it doesn't return intermediate state Backlog
Changing the nature of this from bug to complex feature request. This will require a change in the architecture of the filters since the underlying model is always changed. It will get considered as part of filters revamping
Filters AG-1334 Allow tab key follow the correct order when tabbing in and out of floating filters Backlog
Filters AG-1180 Allow specifying a renderer for the set filter Backlog
Filters AG-1198 Add the ability to interact with the whole set filter or any other filter type from the floating filter box Backlog
Grouping AG-1474 Allow sorting each subgroup of a multigroup column independently Backlog
Grouping AG-1437 Allow the same row to appear in more than one group at a time Backlog
Grouping AG-463 [sticky groups] have opened group rows float Backlog
Grouping AG-1376 Improve unbalanced grouping to allow grouping so that each row might have different levels of depth Backlog
Grouping AG-1592 Allow in grouping to have only ever one group expanded at a time Backlog
Grouping AG-1587 Allow initialising/saving/restoring the expand/collapse state of the row groups Backlog
Grouping AG-1173 Add ability to group by null data Backlog
Grouping AG-753 [column state] Save/Restore generated columns state Backlog
Grouping AG-1153 Allow combining different comparators for each category used to group in a multi auto column group. Backlog
Grouping AG-1111 Allow config parameter to not count while grouping the group nodes, just the leaf nodes Backlog
Grouping AG-1178 Allow providing data for the group column when pinning rows Backlog
Grouping AG-1190 Allow remembering the state of the rows (expanded/collapsed) when changing the groups via the dropdown Backlog
Grouping AG-1245 Allow providing configuration on grouping so when opening group you can configure in which state the next subgroup should be (expanded/collapse) Backlog
Grouping AG-1255 Allow more configuration options for the expand/collapse in a group. Specially a flag to hide it. Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1054 Allow enterprise row model to go back to previously focused row after sort/filter Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1063 Allow enterprise/Infinite row models to be loaded initially in a different page/rowIndex other than 0 Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1019 SSRM: Add support for expand all/select all/column header selection Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-952 Enterprise row model - Allow edits to be remembered after the cache has been purged Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-687 [enterprise row model] Add support for group footers and groupUsingEntireRow Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1100 Allow unbalanced groups in enterprise row model Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1147 Allow the addition of metadata to the rows returned from the Enterprise data source to for instance flag the row as selected or expanded Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-786 [pivot header / cell renderer] colDef.cellRenderer ignored for PivotMode columns Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1624 Only re-render the row when the data changes Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1623 Improve the granularity of purging the enterprise row model Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1175 Allow hinting how big the scroll bar should be (maybe passing the row number, AND how many rows to cater for in the scroll) Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1039 Allow dynamic row heights and maxBlocksInCache Backlog
Server-side Row Model AG-1218 Allow getRowHeight to provide smooth transition in enterprise row model if called dynamically Backlog
API Enhancements AG-983 Improve the API so we can search for Node(s) without having to loop through all of them Backlog
API Enhancements AG-1018 Enhance gridApi to allow saving and restoring all the grid row and column state Backlog
API Enhancements AG-1231 Improve typing of sortModel and filterModel Backlog
Aggregations AG-1226 Allow aggregations to combine custom aggregations and out of the box aggregations (revamp: Custom Full Row Aggregation) Backlog
Aggregations AG-1706 Aggregation - Allow registering complex aggregations so that they can be reused by any column Backlog
Aggregations AG-960 Add support for root node grouping Backlog
Angular 1 AG-1237 Investigate lowering ng1 support, eg example runner in angular 1? Backlog
Angular 1 AG-1238 Add markup for Angular 1. Grid and Columns Backlog
Angular 2+ AG-1236 Increase the coverage of markup offered for Angular 2+ Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-751 [excel export] Allow cellExcelStyle in the colDef Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-1113 Allow cells to be exported into many columns Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-972 Merge column cells for full-width row group in Excel export Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-490 [csv/excel export] Allow a callback to return many rows Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-302 [export] Data Export - Allow export to ignore filtered out rows Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-145 [csv footers] CSV doesn't export row group footers Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-797 [clipboad/export] Allow to specify as source not only selected rows or range, but any rows/range Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-1244 Allow grouped rows to export padding to xls Backlog
CSV/Excel Export AG-1369 Allow export to specify how much data to fetch when exporting data in enterprise/infinite/viewport row models Backlog
Clipboard AG-1557 Create event to signal clipboard operation completed, should work with CTRL-D too Backlog
Clipboard AG-1235 Allow copying entire row and paste entire row from the clipboard Backlog
Clipboard AG-1155 Allow a flag that will let you use chariage returns in the data and will parse in and out automatically when copy/pasting Backlog
Clipboard AG-1302 Allow specifying what should be copied to the clipboard if rows selected and a single cell selected Backlog
Clipboard AG-1396 Fill in the selection with the clipboard contents when pasting. Backlog
Clipboard AG-1685 ability to paste multiple rows/ add rows dynamically if not present Backlog
Workaround in our KB
Column Pinning AG-1170 Allow disabling pinning for columns and column groupd Backlog
Components AG-1241 Convert pagination panel into a component Backlog
Componets AG-1221 Allow components in Angular 1 to be compiled automatically by the componentProvider Backlog
Componets AG-1103 Allow header template and header group template to be compiled in angular 1 Backlog
Componets AG-125 Allow ghost icons to be customised components Backlog
Componets AG-1168 Allow creating and registering a custom row renderer. Backlog
Componets AG-402 [menu] allow custom tabs for menu Backlog
Context menu AG-144 [popup] API for Close Menu Backlog
Context menu AG-941 Allow context menu to grow as necessary based on its content Backlog
Context menu AG-769 [context menu] Allow the context menu to be invoked from GridApi Backlog
Cross Browser Issues AG-456 [scroll lag] in Safari not working as expected Backlog
Cross Browser Issues AG-662 [safari] Header group components dont get resized Backlog
Improve Accessibility across the grid - ARIA, ADA... AG-2016 Improve Accessibility across the grid - ARIA, ADA... Backlog
Improve event loops AG-929 Improve life cycle of events (gridReady should be the first thing to fire) Backlog
Infinite row model AG-341 [rowModel infinite] insertItemsAtIndex created nodes with duplicate row node Ids Backlog
Infinite row model AG-553 [infinite scrolling + pagination] gridOptions.cacheOverflowSize = 0 should cause the loading overlay and no row shown Backlog
Infinite row model AG-354 [row model infinite] inconsistent and problematic request behavior Backlog
Infinite row model AG-550 [infinite scroll docs] Improve description of properties and examples Backlog
Infinite row model AG-142 [virtual model] getRows() called many times with VirtualScrolling Backlog
Infinite row model AG-161 [model new] Allow API call to purge/refresh SPECIFIC virtual page Backlog
Infinite row model AG-748 [infinite scrolling] - Handle unlimited rows Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-159 [navigation] Suggestion: Allow any key for navigation (not just tab) Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-1543 Allow tab key to navigate through elements in the column header Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-1479 Allow keyboard navigation through column headers/side bar/tool panel Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-1404 Allow configuring tab key behaviour when pressed while editing Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-1386 Support keyboard (shift+arrows) means to change range selection Backlog
Keyboard navigation AG-1826 Keyboard - Shift + enter' moves you to the cell in the row above. Backlog
Performance improvements AG-1274 Have no lag with vertical scroll Backlog
Performance improvements AG-1317 Overcome limitation of maximum div size so that the grid can handle millions of rows Backlog
Performance improvements AG-670 [performance] Vertical repaint issue with certain browsers Backlog
Performance improvements AG-779 Improve performance when pasting into range when using react / redux Backlog
Pivoting AG-1461 Enrich html with pivot values for columns so it is easier to write css selectors. ie red background for [col-pivot-value='english'] Backlog
Pivoting AG-1595 When a filter is applied to a column that appears only in the grouping bar or only in the pivoting bar, there is no visual indication of the filter. Backlog
Pivoting AG-1448 Add ability to restore pivot columns state (specifically width) Backlog
Pivoting AG-1079 Allow creating columns that let you do aggs in pivot mode (They operate in seconday columns) Backlog
Pivoting AG-928 Allow easier way to configure the secondary columns for pivoting + ERM so that is easy to configure things like expand/collpase, header groups... Backlog
Pivoting AG-1077 Allow to sort/filter underlying data from pivot mode from the UI Backlog
Pivoting AG-1596 Allow saving column state and restoring it while in pivot mode Backlog
Pivoting AG-1413 Allow standalone usage of pivoting engine Backlog
Scroll AG-923 extend suppressKeyboardEvent to page scroll events (home/end) Backlog
Scroll AG-1393 Improve the shrinking behavior of scrolled columns when this causes the main H-scroll to change Backlog
Scroll AG-1394 Resizing (expanding) the last column should cause the entire grid to scroll as the user resizes Backlog
Scroll AG-1560 Allow for refining what happens after a node is expand or collapse while pagination so that is not logically splitted Backlog
Scroll AG-408 [floating bottom] put floating bottom rows on top of the scrollbar. Backlog
Scroll AG-1050 When editing a select box, and scrolling in the grid the select moves with the grid. Allow for it to be static Backlog
Scroll AG-1055 Aligned grids/ Allow synchronized vertical scrolling Backlog
Scroll AG-491 [trackpad scroll - selection] Support trackpad scroll selection, is working with the wheel and not with the scroll Backlog
Scroll AG-1037 Style the square where the two scroll bars meet Backlog
Server Side Integration AG-1589 Add support for Server Side Rendering Backlog
Styling AG-713 [group] style the edges of group cells Backlog
Styling AG-731 cleanup !important usage from themes Backlog
Styling AG-167 Add theme support to navigation buttons in the pagination panel Backlog
Styling AG-943 Add property so that we can add air betweeen rows Backlog
Styling AG-1177 Allow virtual list to be controlled by sass variables. Backlog
Validation AG-1677 agRichSelectCellEditor should block invalid paste values Backlog
Tree Data post Halloween AG-1254 Allow tree data group column to be editable Backlog
Tree Data post Halloween AG-1066 Tree data. Allow async branches Backlog
Key Summary Release ETA
AG-3798 FR: allow RTL to work with excel export Backlog
AG-3796 SSRM - Allow performing filter/sort and other operations in the already loaded data as if the user was working on the client side row model Backlog
AG-3767 Allow suppressing scroll when navigating with keyboard Backlog
AG-3760 Add support for headless execution Backlog
AG-3758 Columns do not resize correctly when dragged too fast Backlog
AG-3739 add events for fill handle e.g. fillHandleClicked, fillHandleDragged Backlog
AG-3729 Allow bulk updating all the selected rows by entering edit mode and pressing ctrl enter (like excel) Backlog
AG-3728 Allow configuring exporting grouped nodes only to excel Backlog
AG-3723 Allow dragging column headers from the grid into the columns tool panel to group or pivot or aggregate by Backlog
AG-3715 Allow specifying which columns to be grouped for pivot group totals Backlog
AG-3711 Support rem as the unit of measurement for styling Backlog
AG-3710 Allow full-width rows + keyboard navigation: Full-width rows only cells should be focusable as normal not full-width row cells Backlog
AG-3670 Allow a new flex mode for columns such that columns can be made bigger without flexing (introducing a horizontal scroll bar), and flex columns only to avoid unused column space in the grid viewport Backlog
AG-3658 allow editing to be based on a store Backlog
AG-3655 Allow groupHideOpenParent to be a reactive property Backlog
AG-3652 Allow configuring padding/margins between rows and the grid borders Backlog
AG-3651 Allow to position column menu popups automatically with wide custom filters Backlog
AG-3643 Add support for groupRowAggNodes in pivot mode Backlog
AG-3641 Add Support for middle button scroll Backlog
AG-3640 Allow enabling excel to open exported files with filters enabled by default Backlog
AG-3637 Clarify how to register the right type of filter type for your filter and how filter:true has different output for community and enterprise Backlog
AG-3621 Allow handling the scroll gracefully when scrolling through millions of rows Backlog
AG-3616 Allow having autoHeight with a minimum height Backlog
AG-3615 When using defaultGroupSortComparator allow passing the children nodes after filtering for both node A and node B so the user can sort based on post filter conditions Backlog
AG-3593 Allow tooltips to be resized dynamically while they are opened Backlog
AG-3588 Allow range select while editing a cell and feed the range selection back to the cell similar to excel Backlog
AG-3571 Charts - Provide scrollbar for big charts Backlog
AG-3565 Header AutoSize does not consider the text in multiple levels of grouped headers Backlog
AG-3537 Allow suppressing paste events dynamically based on the current cell via suppressPaste Backlog
AG-3512 Add server side row model + AWS API gateway example Backlog
AG-3511 Allow configuring which columns should be included when pivotColumnGroupTotals is used Backlog
AG-3493 Allow users calling an API that will receive a callback method that will guarantee that there are no pending batch updates to process when it gets called Backlog
AG-3482 Adjust ag-grid react naming conventions so that they adapt to the default ts-lint provided by create-react-app Backlog
AG-3473 Typings Allow introducing column/editor/renderer type information in typescript Backlog
AG-3471 Allow debouncing column events triggered from the columns toll panel so that heavy column operations can be performed only when the user has settled the columns to show/hide/pivot. Backlog
AG-3463 Allow checkbox selection to remove rows when used in combination with shift as opposed to always add if selecting in a reverse direction Backlog
AG-3459 Improve change detection to minimize the callbacks generated from within the angular zone Backlog
AG-3447 SSRM - Allow configuring ahead of time fetching of data, so data is fetched before the user reaches the last row of the currently fetched data Backlog
AG-3446 Allow accessing data in a pivot table as you would in a non pivot table. Backlog
AG-3439 Allow carriage-returns/multiple line formatting when exporting to excel Backlog
AG-3432 Allow for API methods to access the data in a more functional style, ie accept a predicate Backlog
AG-3428 Allow to filter on aggregate value columns at the group level Backlog
AG-3419 Make the rowGroupPanel a customisable component Backlog
AG-3418 Server Side Row Model - Tree Data, allow tree data sub-levels to be provided with their main data and not trigger a getRows call. Backlog
AG-3416 Make rowGroupPanelShow a reactive property Backlog
AG-3412 Header and body move at different speeds when scrolling sideways on iPad Backlog
AG-3408 Allow SSRM height to be changed programatically Backlog
AG-3401 Grouping, allow configuring a group node expand / collapse behavior ( always expanded / always collapsed / hide chevron) Backlog
AG-3399 Regression - Angular race condition, the grid is partially destroyed by the time ngOnDestroy is called . Backlog
AG-3396 Allow using groupIncludeFooter and keep the aggregated values also when expanding the row. Backlog
AG-3394 onColumnPivotChanged + api.showLoadingOverlay: The grid does not show the overlay until the contents are settled. Backlog
AG-3366 Allow repeating main header when expanding master rows. Backlog
AG-3365 Regression - WebComponent only works in Chrome and not in any other browser Backlog
AG-3356 Allow hiding all columns belonging to a column group through the column group itself, as opposed to all the individual child columns Backlog
AG-3354 Server Side Row Model - Allow tri-state selection to work in the server-side row model Backlog
AG-3346 Add additional Dark Material Theme Backlog
AG-3343 Allow flashing of cells as they come into viewport if they had been updated while they were not in the viewport Backlog
AG-3342 Allow setting widths for all secondary columns that belong to the same primary columns in one API call Backlog
AG-3307 Allow styling group rows based on them being expanded or collapsed Backlog
AG-3306 Investigate improving the performance of calling resetFilterValues when calling it for all columns in the screen Backlog
AG-3299 Add more SASS variables to the themes to simplify the creation of custom themes Backlog
AG-3289 Allow tooltips to automatically refresh while being shown as the underlying data is updated Backlog
AG-3281 Set filter: Allow reversing the set filter so that instead of filtering out items, it filters them in (ie start with all unselected, if item selected, only that item is shown) Backlog
AG-3273 Allow creating virtual rows that can be derived from other rows, ie Rows that aggregate other rows etc... Backlog
AG-3255 Cell Editing + IME Edit (Korean / Japanese): Allow capturing enter key in isolation Backlog
AG-3250 Allow exporting charts to excel Backlog
AG-3246 setFilterModel onGridReady + data is received later async + deltaRowMode: the filter associated with the setFilterModel does not work properly anymore Backlog
AG-3242 Allow Tree Data to be compatible with full width group rows / master/detail Backlog
AG-3229 Allow for framework components a mechanisms to hook some custom logic after the component has been rendered (ie to focus on an input box after an Editor is created) Backlog
AG-3223 ARIA / Accessibility / Keyboard navigation allow user to use filter and filter options by navigating with keyboard Backlog
AG-3205 Master/Detail: When opening a master row, allow the detail grid to appear on top of the master row instead of appearing at the bottom Backlog
AG-3191 Allow row loading component to be used in all available rows in the display port. Backlog
AG-3189 Allow the grid to scroll vertically seamless across many grids stacked vertically in mobile devices Backlog
AG-3180 Prevent grid from flickering when updating columns + autoSize or sizeToFit. Backlog
AG-3167 Allow sorting / filtering pinned rows Backlog
AG-3161 Allow configuring max space to take when pinning rows Backlog
AG-3148 Allow auto height to work with infinite row model Backlog
AG-3146 context menu shows twice if right-click while is opened very close to the edge of the already opened context menu Backlog
AG-3142 Allow the grid to change columns for rows, so the grid show each row as one column, and each column as a row Backlog
AG-3139 allow configuring columns toolpanel so that it only has have one vertical scrollbar for ALL sections of the toolbar (not just the columns) Backlog
AG-3115 Allow configuring how much scroll is to be performed when using the mouse wheel Backlog
AG-3103 Allow customizing loading overlay message when loading set filter values asynchronously. Backlog
AG-3100 Allow configuring row groups to be always grouped (ie disable users to ungroup them via the UI) Backlog
AG-3095 Allow exporting pinned columns in Excel as frozen columns Backlog
AG-3091 Allow columnDef.editable to be an async call Backlog
AG-3090 Add support for row overlays, for instance, to show buttons on top of a row as the user hovers over them Backlog
AG-3070 Allow data to be passed back to the grid from a store, instead of a callback Backlog
AG-3069 Allow exporting row groups to excel so that you can expand/collapse them in excel Backlog
AG-3053 Allow reverting the way grouped columns are displayed to pre v20 Backlog
AG-3045 Allow specifying the width of a column when exporting to Excel. Backlog
AG-3040 Allow date floating filters to have a debouncesMs Backlog
AG-3033 Allow for margin (top and bottom) to be accounted for when used in row autoHeight Backlog
AG-3031 Allow editors to be automatically as wide as the cell content and/or allow their width to be configured (flex style) Backlog
AG-3006 Allow ignoring click events, if registering for click and double click in a cell and user does double click Backlog
AG-3005 Server Side Row Model - Allow failCallback to provide with a mechanism to retry fetching data (ie allow configuring a timeout) Backlog
AG-3004 Server Side Row Model - Allow adding partial column data to the grid as the user hides/shows columns Backlog
AG-3001 Allow injecting custom code to be executed dynamically in the grid that would substitute some of the code provided Backlog
AG-2992 Don't use inlined styles in the grid, use classes so that overriding them doesn't require !important Backlog
AG-2989 Allow providing an initial filter model to be used with the grid Backlog
AG-2987 Allow isRowMaster to be reevaluated when a row is refreshed Backlog
AG-2986 Allow using the same column many times to display different aggregations on it (Gold - sum % Gold - avg from our demo for instance) Backlog
AG-2985 Allow popup editors to stay open until they are specifically called to be destroyed (even when the user clicks outside them) Backlog
AG-2980 Allow column drag & drop to only be performed after the user releases the column, not as the column is being dragged Backlog
AG-2979 Allow pivot mode to work on the sorted set of data as opposed to work always on the non-sorted set of data (handy for agg functions like first, last...) Backlog
AG-2975 Allow agLargeTextCellEditor to automatically grow in height if using auto row height Backlog
AG-2971 Allow a new type of row that will always be the last row similar to floating rows bottom Backlog
AG-2969 Columns toolpanel - Allow resizing/configuring the height of the groups / values / columns labels Backlog
AG-2968 Allow configuring how long it takes a tooltip to popip Backlog
AG-2967 Not able to swap column groups, the actual children columns are not the expected ones Backlog
AG-2966 Allow for a default agg function to be specified for a column so when it is used as value is picked by default as the pivoting function to be applied Backlog
AG-2964 Allow a flag to stop editing if the field in edit mode leaves the viewport due to scroll Backlog
AG-2962 Server Side Row Model - Allow loading a block not by index, but by row ID and position (top, middle, bottom). Backlog
AG-2961 Server side row model - Allow passing state to restore into when purging cache (rowIndex, grouping, selection... ) Backlog
AG-2960 When minWidth > width show warning in console and increase width to minWidth Backlog
AG-2958 When using null groups + groupDefaultExpanded, a new level is expanded for every grouping field that has a null value Backlog
AG-2953 Allow easily adding a grand total row at the top/bottom pinned/unpinned Backlog
AG-2952 Allow paste from the context menu Backlog
AG-2951 Allow row spanning to working with column sorting / filtering Backlog
AG-2950 Excel Export: Allow exporting column header rows with different styles for each column header row. (ie when using column grouping) Backlog
AG-2949 Allow configuring column line borders to extend to the remainder of the viewport when there is an empty space (ie loading few rows) Backlog
AG-2939 Allow configuring the text to display when grouping on the display group column/leaf node and the source column/group node Backlog
AG-2937 Master/Detail Allow detail rows to scroll with the main scroll (only ever have one scroll for the entire grid) Backlog
AG-2935 Allow in pivoting to move the values from the columns into the rows (as per Excel) Backlog
AG-2934 Remove group by column from the context menu when the column has already been grouped Backlog
AG-2925 Server side row model - Add new event to fire after data has been loaded into the screen after a succesful callback from getRows Backlog
AG-2924 Add processCellForClipboard to the column properties Backlog
AG-2920 Allow preventing the scroll in the grid when dragging a row outside the viewport Backlog
AG-2913 Allow combining multiple themes Backlog
AG-2909 Allow range selection to be kept when expanding/collapsing column group Backlog
AG-2888 Allow configuring scroll bars with css / sass./ integration of 3rd party scroll bars. (Like perfect scrollbar) Backlog
AG-2883 While pivoting add the option to remove the leaf header column row if only adding one value to pivoting Backlog
AG-2874 Allow using custom tooltips everywhere else where there can be tooltips in ag-grid Backlog
AG-2866 Allow having a default sort order specified in the grid. The data should always be sorted first according to this criteria Backlog
AG-2860 Remove z-index from column separators Backlog
AG-2858 Allow to override $row-height in SASS without syncing gridOptions.rowHeight Backlog
AG-2856 Give the option to remove horizontal scrollbar from pinned column Backlog
AG-2854 When using in range filter + apply. Make apply unavailable until the from and to fields are populated Backlog
AG-2853 Inconsistent behavior when selecting rows with row spanning. Backlog
AG-2837 Server Side Row Model - Allow for server delta updates Backlog
AG-2824 Copy with Headers to work with multiple headers (column groups / secondary columns) Backlog
Current workaround is to use a custom action on the context menu:
AG-2812 Allow horizontal/vertical scrolling on the pinned area if wider/taller than the viewport Backlog
AG-2787 Allow horizontal scroll to stick to the top of the viewport in Macs when using a trackpad and using the preference scroll 'Automatically based on mouse or trackpad' Backlog
AG-2786 Prevent moving columns when the drag ghost of a column is dropped elsewhere (ie when using the rowGroupPanel) Backlog
AG-2784 Allow set filters to have a list of unique values coming from the data + a list of hardcoded values. Backlog
AG-2760 Sidebar - columns toolpabel - Allow columns toolpanel configuration to be reactive Backlog
AG-2756 Allow selecting/ dragging many columns at once in the grid Backlog
AG-2755 Floating filter, keep cursor position after debounce Backlog
AG-2742 Create API methods to return aggregate values for the root node, or any other group row node Backlog
AG-2739 date floating filter + applyButton enabled triggers without pressing enter or apply Button Backlog
AG-2733 Allow the grid to scroll halfway through a cell (ie when page down in a very tall cell) Backlog
AG-2721 cellClass overwrites type : numericColumn Backlog
AG-2720 Allow horizontal sticky header content Backlog
AG-2719 Filters - Allow combining different filter types together, similar to excel Backlog
AG-2713 Add support for material components in the number/text filter Backlog
AG-2699 Allow specifying lastRow independently of the rows in the SSRM in a different asynchronous call Backlog
AG-2681 Clipboard - Ctrl + click on the same cell many times, then copy causes duplicated values on the copy Backlog
This is expected behaviour, when rangeSelections are enabled, clicking on the same cell multiple times will create a new range for each click. If this behaviour is undesired set the gridOptions property: suppressMultiRangeSelection=true.
AG-2666 Allow all the layout of the grid (columnDefs, sorting, filtering), to be centralized so it can be managed together following ACID principles Backlog
AG-2659 If cache block size is larger than the number of rows added to the DOM, or grid size is less than cacheBlockSize, calling setRowHeight has unexpected effects Backlog
AG-2657 Last row is 1px smaller than the rest of the rows Backlog
Too complex compared to its associated benefit
AG-2655 Revamp agRichSelectCellEditors add: type-ahead, search, API control, async population of values multi-selection, resizing ... Backlog
AG-2651 Master/Detail refresh isRowMaster when updating data for a row Backlog
AG-2640 Filters - Allow filters types to be combined or to change type dynamically (from set to number for instance) Backlog
AG-2635 Pivot - Allow secondary columns to reuse colDef properties like hiding when used for values. Backlog
AG-2629 Accessibility - Allow screen readers to access the column headers to apply sort and filtering capabilities Backlog
AG-2620 Allow support for importing typescript directly without using npm Backlog
AG-2619 Filter + Grouping: When a leaf node at any depth is included in the filter condition, filter in every other leaf node and subTrees for the parent root node Backlog
AG-2618 Filter + Grouping: When a leaf node at any depth is included in the filter condition, filter in every other leaf node and subTrees for the parent root node Backlog
AG-2617 Export - Add support for exporting subtotals and grand totals Backlog
AG-2613 Context Menu - Allow context menu to be provided asynchronously Backlog
AG-2607 Server side row model. When trying to scroll to a particular row far away given a large number of records ( Backlog
AG-2606 Server Side Row Model - Allow for cacheBlockSize to be specified differently when grouping for each level of the grouping. Backlog
AG-2605 Server Side Row Model - Allow for cacheBlockSize to take -1, meaning try to get everything from the backend in one go. Backlog
AG-2597 Allow editable cells to be refreshed via API. ie a cell in edit mode to be refreshed so that it exits edit mode on the back of the editable callback being reevaluated Backlog
AG-2586 SSRM - Allow groupRemoveLowestSingleChildren to work Backlog
AG-2576 Rendering - Allow full-width rows width to span outside of the viewport area so they can be scrolled along the columns Backlog
AG-2558 Filters - Allow more than one AND/Or conditions for the filters Backlog
AG-2557 API - Provide a column in the params to getContextMenuItems even when right-clicking in the edge between cells Backlog
AG-2551 Frameworks - Add support and an example of how to build with AMD Backlog
AG-2549 Aggregation - Allow async aggregations Backlog
AG-2547 Rendering - When scrolling on the horizontal bar to the right and keeping the mouse clicked, when the mouse leaves the grid area, the scroll resets - IE11 Issue Backlog
This is the default windows behavior for scrollers
AG-2546 Master/Detail - Allow master/detail to auto-height recursively detail rows when using many levels of master/detail Backlog
AG-2538 Allow rowData to be based on position instead of column key Backlog
AG-2536 React innerRenderer places a div inside a span Backlog
To work around this issue, you should apply the CSS property display: inline-block; to the parent div (has a class of 'ag-react-container'). This will negate the default "block" display type of the div, so it should show inline with the other elements. This can be seen here:
AG-2525 Allow creation of framework components from template Backlog
AG-2474 Allow multi/line full fledge components to be specified when using group footers Backlog
AG-2467 Infinite row model: When loading rows in small chunks, if rows are returned for a range that is previous to some other range already loaded, the grid shows loading Backlog
AG-2461 Allow animateRows to be a reactive property Backlog
AG-2451 Remove code injection potential issues caused by templateUrl Backlog
As 'templateUrl' is a legacy property used by angular 1.x users we don't want to santize it at this late stage due to the potential impact to existing users. Note that if this property is not used by application developers it won't pose a security risk in your application.
AG-2440 Overlay - Allow accepting promises to setRowData and show loading overlay automatically Backlog
AG-2437 Server Side Row Model - Allow restoring scroll position after a getRows operation Backlog
AG-2415 Frameworks - Allow integrating native template strings Backlog
AG-2414 Tree data incompatible with row pinning Backlog
AG-2399 Infinite row model + custom renderer + scroll fast: the renderer sometimes is not refreshed after the data is present Backlog
AG-2393 Allow registering a callback to execute when user drags and drops a column from a detail grid to the main grouping area Backlog
AG-2389 Server side row model - Allow server side row model to work with groupHideOpenParents Backlog
AG-2388 Allow tooltips to be fully fledge components Backlog
AG-2386 SSRM - On sortChanged does not get triggered when using the SSRM Backlog
AG-2385 Columns - Hiding and showing the same column in succession causes the column to decrease in width Backlog
This is the workaround, it autosizes cols first before sizing cols to fit: function sizeColsToFit() { // STEP 1: need to autosize cols first to achieve consistent results var allColumnIds = []; gridOptions.columnApi.getAllColumns().forEach(function(column) { allColumnIds.push(column.colId); }); gridOptions.columnApi.autoSizeColumns(allColumnIds); // STEP 2: then size cols to fit gridOptions.api.sizeColumnsToFit(); } Note the reason for this inconsistent behaviour is due to the algorithm uses a ratio of widths and takes the actualWidths into account, but these are successively changing. The workaround ensure that each time we call sizeColumnsToFit() the actualWidths will be the same each time.
AG-2382 Server side row model - Allow reset columns to redo the grid without having to call getRows again Backlog
AG-2377 Allow configuring copy to clipboard to work on the focused cell (as opposed to selection if enabled) Backlog
AG-2368 Allow to force the recalculation of wether the headerCheckboxSelection should be enabled through an API call Backlog
AG-2367 SASS Allow configuring the overall border around the selection box Backlog
AG-2360 Investigate enabling pasting through context menu Backlog
AG-2358 Allow passing parameters to the default status bar components to configure formatting/fine tuning of what to display .. Backlog
AG-2354 Aligned grids - Allow column groups to have different child columns showing while keeping the overall width Backlog
We have created the following example: Note that this is pretty much like a custom rewrite of the aligned grids to suit your needs.
AG-2345 Context Menu - clicking on cell border gives inconsistent results Backlog
AG-2342 xlsx - Allow row spanning Backlog
AG-2329 getRowHeight and auto page height in pagination are not working Backlog
As stated in the docs, this is very difficult to combine, so there are no plans to do this anytime soon
AG-2328 SSRM - Allow to combine auto height with SSRM without having to purge cache Backlog
AG-2323 Allow rowspan to work when the span is so big that it goes outside the viewport area Backlog
AG-2318 Allow to easily configure different renderers for pinned rows, ie colDef.pinnedTopRowRenderer ... Backlog
AG-2313 Remove DOM elements from the side bar is the side bar is hidden Backlog
AG-2311 Allow a new property that will deselect all rows when using headerCheckboxSelectionFilteredOnly = true. Backlog
AG-2304 Allow dragging the bottom right corner of a cell to allow excel-like copy functionality Backlog
AG-2292 Allow configuring the values of the set filter as the user presses on the mini-filter/opens the filter Backlog
AG-2282 Allow configuring select box of filters by providing a custom component Backlog
AG-2278 Server side row model - Simplify the process of configuring/creating secondary columns for pivoting Backlog
AG-2265 Allow out of the box sticky headers when using grid auto height Backlog
AG-2260 Create a new component for checkboxes, so they can be configured just in one place for all ag-grid Backlog
AG-2255 Unbalanced Groups + Multi Column Group + groupRemoveLowestSingleChildren is not working Backlog
AG-2241 Allow copy Down in a non-contiguous range Backlog
AG-2229 Allow by configuration dragging of the rows/columns by grabbing them not using just the handler. Backlog
AG-2228 Allow lazy loading of rows when using autoHeight, ie on scroll to configured amount of rows, append n more rows at the bottom Backlog
There is a workaround in our knowledge base:
AG-2223 Allow headerCheckboxSelection with Server Side Row Model (SSRM) and Infinite Row Model Backlog
AG-2221 Allow value getters in group column defs to affect also the labels of the group nodes, not just the leaf nodes Backlog
AG-2219 Improve performance of row auto height when resizing the columns Backlog
AG-2216 Allow filter values to be calculated only when the user opens the filter Backlog
AG-2212 Reclaim empty space on the column header when suppressColumnMenu: true Backlog
AG-2211 Allow agRichSelect to automatically shrink if the options provided are to small to fill the default height area Backlog
AG-2208 Allow pagination and row dragging to work on the same page Backlog
AG-2190 Infinite row model + enableServerSideSorting ensure only one request is made initially Backlog
AG-2173 Filters - IE11 Date range does not work. Backlog
AG-2172 Set Filter - sync filter values for the column after data updates Backlog
AG-2168 Pivot - Allow filtering after pivot (filtering in secondary columns) Backlog
AG-2167 Filters - create configuration items so first field value MUST be less than the second field Backlog
AG-2160 Column pinning - Allow pinning to only happen when there isn't enough space in the viewport Backlog
AG-2157 Filters - Allow set model to work based on items unselected as opposed to the selected items Backlog
AG-2155 Column Menu - allow for key shortcuts Backlog
AG-2152 Shift + Key Down + Loading new block on SSRM: Places the focus on the first cell Backlog
AG-2139 Allow sorting on columns with aggregations/grouping to only sort leaf nodes/only sort group nodes or both Backlog
AG-2138 Add finished property to ColumnMovedEvent Backlog
AG-2132 Group level values are shown by default with the SSRM Backlog
AG-2130 Editing - Allow editing row node cells (Bulk editing) Backlog
AG-2117 Themes - enhance theme variables to make them more flexible Backlog
AG-2100 Performance, allow queuing delta operations to the grid so they only get rendered once Backlog
AG-2095 Allow Row span to work with dynamic row height Backlog
AG-2091 Columns - allow the grid to be configured vertical rows/headers on left Backlog
AG-2082 Columns - allow specifying in the colDef the position of a column Backlog
AG-2078 Filter Cell Renderer refreshes before grid has finished updating Backlog
AG-2077 Pagination - Improve how ag-grid displays the number of records in the pagination panel when SSRM + Pagination + Grouping Backlog
AG-2074 Allow a new method for pinning, so it only pins when grid width > viewport Backlog
AG-2068 Allow columns to grow only if there is enough space to the right in the viewport Backlog
AG-2062 Double click to auto size column, does not take into account font size from rowStyles Backlog
AG-2017 Filter + Switching between Selection Modes; Causes odd selection behaviour Backlog
AG-2013 Events - Add source to all events in ag-grid Backlog
AG-1633 Overcome 2Gb memory limitation when copying pasting into clipboard or exporting Backlog
AG-1603 Clipboard. Add Ctrl-X (cut) functionality Backlog
Workaround in our KB
AG-1372 Allow copy (ctrl+c) to copy both, selected rows AND selected range Backlog
AG-1366 Allow customising scrollbars even in FF Backlog
AG-1340 Limit resize when performing autoSizeColumns Backlog
AG-1280 Allow adding the column panel into the context menu Backlog
AG-1253 Allow pinning to only trigger when the user drops the column not as they move it around Backlog
AG-1232 Allow max height and auto height in the grid Backlog
AG-1215 Allow toolpanel to be configured so you can add elements in the header/footer Backlog
We are adding a side button to the grid, we are hoping to shortly add the ability to add more side panels/hide already shown, we think this should will cover the same functionality but it will be more flexible.
Check the documentation for tool panel. Tool panel has been revamped and changed considerably from v16
AG-1067 Allow configuring if editing should kept at all time enabled, even when selecting a different row/loosing focus Backlog
Parking this one until we receive more information from the customer
AG-942 calling sizeColumnsToFit in GridReady does not work reliably Backlog
AG-902 Allow support to export to PDF Backlog
AG-825 AgGrid issue with IE11 and Aurelia Backlog
AG-773 Grid will not display if Content Security Policy is missing Backlog
AG-616 Running ag-grid with ngupgrade causes protractor to hang Backlog
AG-489 [drag&drop columns] Ghost not disappearing in tablet when going very fast or using two finges Backlog
AG-441 Change out code so that it can work with Passive Event Listeners and then we avoid the warning Backlog
AG-310 [web components] WebComponent support in Safari - uses deprecated calls Backlog
AG-304 [date filter] date filter to accept date and time Backlog