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This page covers the full Changelog for all items for 8.x and above. For the Summary Changelog, or the legacy changelog covering versions 7.x and above, please go here. For a list of up and coming Bug Fixes and Features please refer to our Pipeline. Documentation for previous versions can be found here.
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Key Issue
AG-4558 24.0.0 Tooltips are not created if the cell is initially empty
AG-4551 24.0.0 Changing column visibility when using rowHeight=auto doesn't recalculate row height More Info
Workaround: Calling resetRowHeights every time there's a column visibility change rows calculates their height correctly as illustrated in this sample:
AG-4546 24.0.0 Provide example of internationalized file
AG-4542 24.0.0 [Regression] RTL scrolling breaks with Chrome 85
AG-4535 24.0.0 [Chart] Setting chart options resets chart area correctly but not legend items
AG-4528 24.0.0 [SSRM] Row auto-height fails when using SSRM with an infinite dataset
AG-4523 24.0.0 Add missing containerStyle to AgGridReact definition
AG-4514 24.0.0 New Column Property: wrapText
AG-4510 24.0.0 Params from columnDefs, defaultColDef and columnTypes should be merged, not replaced, when merging column definitions More Info
Suppose params are provided on both defaultColDef and normal colDef, then when these are merged, the were overwriting each other instead of getting merged. For example suppose: defaultColDef = { columnsMenuParams: { suppressColumnFilter: true } } colDef = { columnsMenuParams: { suppressColumnSelectAll: true } } Expected result (what the column actually gets): { columnsMenuParams: { suppressColumnSelectAll: true, suppressColumnFilter: true } } However the actual result before this fix is that the second set of params was overwriting the first set, resulting in this: colDef = { columnsMenuParams: { suppressColumnSelectAll: true } } The param objects for which this deep copy happens are as follows: tooltipComponentParams, headerGroupComponentParams, cellRendererParams, cellEditorParams, pinnedRowCellRendererParams, columnsMenuParams, headerComponentParams
AG-4508 24.0.0 [Regression] Custom Tooltip Component params.column no longer exists
AG-4502 24.0.0 Docs Improvement - Clarify how to import standalone charts when using vanilla js
AG-4499 24.0.0 Docs bug : Install with NPM docs section imports needs to be corrected
AG-4494 24.0.0 [Regression] Editing a cell in the last row with enterMovesDownAfterEdit=true throws an exception
AG-4491 24.0.0 [Fill Handle] Current cell value should be added to the fill handle operation FillOperationParams
AG-4490 24.0.0 onCellKeyPress is not raised on enter key press when entering edit mode
AG-4465 24.0.0 Regression: Slower scrolling speed in IE11 when using ag-Grid v23 vs v22
AG-4455 24.0.0 Scrolling issue with Master Detail and auto height
AG-4454 24.0.0 ColumnsToolPanel SELECT ALL un-hides columns with hide=true and suppressToolPanel=true
AG-4453 24.0.0 DOCS: Export page - change export #export-on-an-ipad to "export-on-ios"
AG-4446 24.0.0 Filter popup in Excel-mode=windows closes on each data update
AG-4442 24.0.0 Unmanaged RowDragging with SSRM throws exceptions in console
AG-4432 24.0.0 [Accessibility-regression] Broken keyboard navigation in the context menu when using a screen reader
AG-4429 24.0.0 Allow API to flush async transaction queue
AG-4425 24.0.0 When using immutable data, setting new tree data causes the expand/collapse chevron to disappear
AG-4424 24.0.0 Calling setColumnDefs with updated columnDefs throws a console error
AG-4422 24.0.0 Custom tooltip doesn't disappear when pressing ENTER to finish editing the cell
AG-4420 24.0.0 Status bar incorrectly shows 0 of 0 of -1 when using the Viewport Row Model
AG-4412 24.0.0 Adding a leaf node doesn't immediately apply the group-expanded/collapsed styles to the group node
AG-4410 24.0.0 Row autoHeight does not work with auto group column in SSRM
AG-4405 24.0.0 Flickering when expanding detail grid when using SSRM and embedFullWidthRows=true
AG-4400 24.0.0 Row dragging across many records not inserted in new location and throws an exception
AG-4394 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Add ARIA tags in the paging panel
AG-4393 24.0.0 [Keyboard Navigation] Allow using keyboard navigation to navigate to and access the pagination panel
AG-4391 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Add aria-label to provided filter menu inputs
AG-4390 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Allow updates to sort order to be announced
AG-4389 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Allow column menu tabs to be announced correctly in JAWS
AG-4388 24.0.0 Cleanup Legacy Properties (> 1 year old) B More Info
The following properties that have been deprecated for over a year have been removed: gridOptions ------------ - pivotTotals (use pivotColumnGroupTotals = 'before' | 'after') - gridAutoHeight (use domLayout = 'autoHeight') - groupSuppressRow (remove row groups and perform custom sorting) - suppressTabbing (use the grid callback suppressKeyboardEvent(params)) - showToolPanel (use gridOptions.sideBar) - toolPanelSuppressRowGroups (use toolPanelParams.suppressRowGroups) - toolPanelSuppressValues (use toolPanelParams.suppressValues) - toolPanelSuppressPivots (use toolPanelParams.suppressPivots) - toolPanelSuppressPivotMode (use toolPanelParams.suppressPivotMode) - toolPanelSuppressColumnFilter (use toolPanelParams.suppressColumnFilter) - toolPanelSuppressColumnSelectAll (use toolPanelParams.suppressColumnSelectAll) - toolPanelSuppressSideButtons (use toolPanelParams.suppressSideButtons) - toolPanelSuppressColumnExpandAll (use toolPanelParams.suppressColumnExpandAll) - contractColumnSelection (use toolPanelParams.contractColumnSelection) - enableSorting / enableServerSideSorting (use sortable=true on the column definition) - enableFilter / enableServerSideFilter (use filter=true on the column definition) - enableColResize (use resizable = true on the column definition) - getNodeChildDetails() (use new tree data) - doesDataFlower() ColDef ------- - suppressSorting (use colDef.sortable=false) - suppressFilter (use colDef.filter=false) - suppressResize (use colDef.resizable=false) - suppressToolPanel (use coldDef.suppressColumnsToolPanel) - tooltip (use colDef.tooltipValueGetter) RowNode ---------- - canFlower - flower - childFlower Events ------- - floatingRowDataChanged (use pinnedRowDataChanged)
AG-4387 24.0.0 Set Filter + calling params.success: console warning is thrown for loading overlay
AG-4386 24.0.0 Bean reference error thrown when set filter is open and grid is destroyed
AG-4382 24.0.0 [Regression] Filtering pivot column labels causes pivoted values to disappear from grid area
AG-4381 24.0.0 Using checkbox selection prevents leaving ag-grid by pressing the TAB key
AG-4380 24.0.0 Allow the ag-Grid angular component to be wrapped
AG-4379 24.0.0 Quickly filtering Columns Menu using the mini filter clears out all columns and rows
AG-4375 24.0.0 RowClassRules are not refreshed when a cell is updated via the fill handle
AG-4368 24.0.0 Scrollbar position changes when calling resetRowHeights without changing rowHeight
AG-4367 24.0.0 Custom header template without column menu icon throws style error in console
AG-4366 24.0.0 Make default value rowDeselection: true and add new option to allow to suppress it so they can have old behavior B More Info
rowDeselection has been deprecated and now the grid allows row deselection by default. To block row deselection set suppressRowDeselection to true.
AG-4364 24.0.0 Allow zero value for grid property autoSizePadding
AG-4363 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Add ARIA labels to cell editors
AG-4351 24.0.0 Incorrect event source set in onColumnVisible when using column menu and column tool panel
AG-4349 24.0.0 [Provided filters] Empty filter operator option is called Empty as per docs, while in product it's "Choose One" (no localization possible either)
AG-4346 24.0.0 Floating numeric filter parses MINUS sign as NaN
AG-4338 24.0.0 Regression: [Pivot] Calling resetRowHeight with secondary columns doesn't resize the rows properly
AG-4327 24.0.0 Context is not defined in params for the following callbacks: getDetailRowData and filterParams.cellRenderer
AG-4325 24.0.0 enterMovesDownAfterEdit throws error when enter key is pressed on the last row
AG-4322 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Update ARIA role, label, title, sort tags for column headers
AG-4319 24.0.0 Header should not do hard refresh of entire row when only small changes to columns
AG-4314 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Allow passing the WAVE, AXE accessibility audit
AG-4310 24.0.0 Ensure function name is extracted correctly for all browsers
AG-4306 24.0.0 Balham Theme doesn't allow foreground-color to be a CSS variable
AG-4303 24.0.0 Resetting many set filters makes SELECT ALL in a set filter slower each time
AG-4296 24.0.0 Chart shows all range of data when created even if chart.navigator.min/max defaults were changed
AG-4293 24.0.0 Grid selection / focus status CSS doesn't match the grid state
AG-4291 24.0.0 Reactive Columns B More Info
##################################### # Column 'initial' Values ##################################### Column definitions now have 'initial' values for all stateful items. The full list of 'initial' values is as follows: initialWidth initialFlex initialHide initialSort initialSortIndex initialAggFunc initialPivot initialPivotIndex initialRowGroup initialRowGroupIndex initialPinned When a Column Definition includes an initial value, it is applied when the column is created only. It is not applied when column definitions are updated. The corresponding non-initial values are always applied, even during columns updates. For example the column definition attribute "width" is used when the column is created or any time the column definitions are updated after creation. The column definition attribute "initialWidth" is used when the column is created only. ##################################### # Gone - Immutable Columns - No longer needed ##################################### The grid property "immutableColumns" is gone. The behavior this property set is now the default (with the exception of column order, mentioned below). In the old design, when updating column definitions, if "immutableColumns=false" then column state information (width, pinned, rowGroup etc) would not be applied, as that is only applied when columns are created. By setting. If "immutableColumns=true", then column state information WAS applied. In the new design, as explained above, each state property has two variants, a "normal" and a "initial". This allows selectively applying state on creates vs updates of columns, thus "immutableColumns" is redundant. The only additional benefit to "immutableColumns" was that it applied the order of the column definitions when they were updated. To have the order applied when column definitions are updated, set the new grid property "applyColumnDefOrder=true". ##################################### # Column State Changes ##################################### Column State management has been refactored to be more flexible. A new documentation page dedicated to Column State is available here: Data returned back from gridApi.getColumnState() now additionally has the following attributes: pivot, rowGroup, sort and sortedAt. gridApi.setColumnState(state) is now deprecated and replaced with gridApi.applyColumnState(params). This allows additional parameters to be passed to the API on top of just the state. To move your code over to the new API without changing your applications functionality, instead of calling setColumnState(state), call applyColumnState({state: columnState, applyOrder: true}. When applying column state, applying the order of the columns is now optional and specified via params.applyOrder. Whey applying Column State, Columns in the grid for which no state is provided will be left untouched - previously they would be cleared of all state. Optionally a Default Column State can be applied to Columns where no state is provided. Why applying Column State, it is now possible to have attributes not applied. Eg if Column State only includes Sort information, other Column State (Row Group, Width etc) will not be impacted. The above items result in fine grained control of Column State via getColumnState() and applyColumnState() methods. ##################################### # Property suppressSetColumnStateEvents Renamed To suppressColumnStateEvents ##################################### If using property suppressSetColumnStateEvents, simply replace with property suppressColumnStateEvents. ##################################### # ColDef.sortedAt replaced with ColDef.sortIndex ##################################### If you want to sort many columns then use sortIndex rather than sortedAt to specify the order of the sorting. ##################################### # Sort State ##################################### gridApi.getSortModel() and gridApi.setSortModel() are deprecated. Sort state is now included in Column State, thus use columnApi.getColumnState() and columnApi.applyColumnState() instead.
See 'More Info' for full details, these changes make more sense in context of the wider changes. 1) Column stateful items (width, flex, hide, sort, aggFunc, pivot, pivotIndex, rowGroup, rowGorupIndex, intitialPinned) always get re-applied when Column Definitions are updated. 2) Grid Property 'immutableColumns' is now gone. Columns are immutable by default. 3) Grid API 'getColumnState()' now returns back more information about columns. This is only a breaking change if your application isn't able to work with the extra details. 4) Grid API 'setColumnsState()' is replaced with 'applyColumnState()'. The new method is similar but more powerful / flesible. 5) Grid Property 'suppressSetColumnStateEvents' renamed to 'suppressColumnStateEvents' 6) Column Definition property sortedAt replaced with sortIndex 7) Grid API's 'getSortModel()' and 'setSortModel()' are deprecated as sort information is now part of Column State. Use get/applyColumnState() for sort information instead.
AG-4286 24.0.0 Output Error when colDefs are not provided and treeData is true
AG-4279 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Add ARIA label to row selection checkbox cell
AG-4271 24.0.0 Tree data indentation not correctly updated when rows are moved
AG-4266 24.0.0 [API] Add API methods indicating whether the undo/redo stack is empty More Info
The following grid api methods have been added to support this use case: getCurrentUndoSize() / getCurrentRedoSize()
AG-4254 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Allow screen readers to read column names in the column tool panel
AG-4250 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Add role definitions to grouped rows to allow them to be read correctly by screen readers
AG-4248 24.0.0 IE11 - Column / Value Drop Zones look too small
AG-4247 24.0.0 IE11 - Header tooltips never disappear
AG-4243 24.0.0 [Column Flex] When using column flex and maxWidth, last column header text isn't shown
AG-4236 24.0.0 [Cell Editing] Regression: Pressing ENTER on a cell with agSelectCellEditor doesn't open editor popup
AG-4235 24.0.0 [Cell Editing] Regression: When stopEditingWhenGridLosesFocus=true, clicking or pressing ENTER on agSelectCellEditor doesn't open popup to edit values
AG-4231 24.0.0 [Styling] AgComponent combobox has oversize border - restore old look with thin border
AG-4225 24.0.0 Change default text for filter buttons
AG-4224 24.0.0 [Master/Detail] Broken layout of detail grid when paging master grid
AG-4214 24.0.0 [Column Sizing] Auto-sized column still truncates text (Alpine theme only)
AG-4210 24.0.0 regression: When using immutableData and CellClassRules, applying two classes in the same condition throws a DOMException
AG-4204 24.0.0 [Column Menu] Group by/Ungroup by column menu items are always shown (shouldn't be according to docs)
AG-4203 24.0.0 [DOCS] Revise "Performance">>"Create Fast Cell Renderers" section to NOT advise against use of frameworks (react, angular, etc) in cell-renderers
AG-4202 24.0.0 React - Getting Started Guide - Make Idiomatic
AG-4184 24.0.0 [Column Groups] Column group can be dragged but not dropped between two columns
AG-4157 24.0.0 [Column Sizing] When all columns are flex, "Reset Columns" doesn't reset column widths
AG-4153 24.0.0 Charting (including Pivot charts) a group column + without a series fails if using groupIncludeTotalFooter
AG-4140 24.0.0 [Pivoting] Allow aggregation without totalling (show multiple sum(values) separately for a column value instead of summing them into a single TOTAL)
AG-4051 24.0.0 onCellFocused event fired twice when expanding or collapsing a group row
AG-4050 24.0.0 [Tree-data] Using “constructor“ as group name throws an error
AG-4041 24.0.0 [React] React Cell Renderers are being destroyed and recreated when window is resized vertically
AG-4004 24.0.0 [API] Allow accessing oldValue in onCellEditingStopped event
AG-3997 24.0.0 Allow configuring the set filter to be able to toggle the brackets of the "(Select All)" checkbox text
AG-3975 24.0.0 Custom grouping example has wrong indentation
AG-3954 24.0.0 [Column Menu] Allow column menu columns order to be unsynchronized with grid column (v21 behavior)
AG-3943 24.0.0 When using a column group header, row autoHeight erroneously takes into account the height of hidden columns
AG-3913 24.0.0 Autosize columns + flex columns distorts columns
AG-3842 24.0.0 [Pivot] pivot: true + grouping by a column + column label by same column + move column label moved to grouping: The grid displays twice the grouping
AG-3840 24.0.0 Excel export puts the formatted second-column group value in the first column of the export instead
AG-3823 24.0.0 setColumnState gives warning when reloading state with rowgroups
AG-3769 24.0.0 FullWidthRows not animated when rows are added to the grid More Info
After setting new data, each Full Width Row is given the chance to refresh. This is because the grid has no way of knowing the the data has changed for this row - eg the grid doesn't know what values you are interested in. Because no refresh() method is provided on the Full Width Cell Renderer, the grid is destroying and re-creating each row, thus the row is not transitioning to the new location, as it's getting destroyed at the old location and a new row getting inserted at the new location. To get around this, include a refresh() method on the Full Width Cell Renderer. Returning 'true' tells the grid you have taken care of the refresh yourself, that you do not need the row to be re-created. Here is an updated plunker demonstrating: HOWEVER - I have enhanced the functionality in ag-Grid. Now the fullWidthRows will only be asked to refresh after Transaction Update for rows where they were updated, or for rows where their parents were updated (so covers master / detail, where detail will refresh when master is updated).
AG-3684 24.0.0 [Fill Handle] Allow setting the direction of use of fill handle (horizontal, vertical, both)
AG-3632 24.0.0 Allow a new property to change the default AND / OR option for simple filters
AG-3474 24.0.0 [SSRM] Pinned rows break when rowcount > 1143000
AG-3376 24.0.0 Regression - Printing does not work with pinned columns
AG-3146 24.0.0 context menu shows twice if right-click while is opened very close to the edge of the already opened context menu
AG-2896 24.0.0 columnTypes set in defaultColDef are not applied
AG-2847 24.0.0 [SSRM] Row selection does not work on group rows with SSRM
AG-2821 24.0.0 [Charts] Add support for Chart Themes
AG-2805 24.0.0 Support custom formatting/parsing for values entered in number filters
AG-2629 24.0.0 [Accessibility] Allow screen readers/keyboard navigation to access the column headers sort and filtering elements More Info
Users cannot focus the sort indicator and column menu items individually, but can trigger their actions as follows: * Press ENTER to toggle the sorting state of that column. * Press Shift + ENTER to toggle multi-sort for that column. * Press Ctrl/Cmd + ENTER to open the column menu for the focused header. * When a column menu is open, simply press ESCAPE to close it and the focus will return to the header.
AG-2554 24.0.0 .ag-row-group class is not applied consistently to all row groups on Tree Data
AG-1959 24.0.0 [Aggregation] Add additional parameters to the Custom Aggregation methods B More Info
Custom aggregation functions now take a params object, previous they took a list of values. If you have any custom aggregation functions, you will need to update as follows: OLD function myCustomAggFunc(values) { values.forEach(... } OLD function myCustomAggFunc(params) { params.values.forEach(... }
AG-1765 24.0.0 Grouping - Pinned grouped column not saving state
AG-4298 23.2.1 ColumnState missing from "@ag-grid-enterprise/all-modules"
AG-4282 23.2.1 [SSRM][Master/Detail] Child rows rendered over master rows when using auto-height for detail grid in SSRM
AG-4276 23.2.1 [API] Regression: detailCellRendererParams was changed to ICellRendererParams in 23.2. Need to revert back to 'any'
AG-3674 23.2.1 [Fill Handle] Allow fill handle to work both horizontally and vertically at the same time R More Info
Rejected as there is no correct way to run both directions at the same time. New cells either take value from a horizontal progression or vertical progression.
AG-3300 23.2.1 Cell focus lost when setting column definitions + deltaColumnMode
AG-1732 23.2.1 [Clipboard] Pasting text into a cell with double quote removes quoted text
AG-4486 23.2.0 When applying a filter dynamically to the grid, getRows is called twice
AG-4449 23.2.0 Overlapping cell values when using pivoting with async updates and filtering column values More Info
Duplicate - tracked with AG-4382
AG-4448 23.2.0 Overlapping cell values when using pivoting and adding data More Info
Duplicate - this issue is being tracked with AG-4382
AG-4427 23.2.0 Calling ResetRowHeight when using column flex, paging and row auto-height blanks out the top row on every page More Info
Tracked by AG-4282
AG-4414 23.2.0 TextCustomComparator incorrectly converts Turkish I character to i R More Info
This is caused by JavaScript's lowercasing of text. By default we use toLowerCase, but even toLocaleLowerCase might not behave how the developer wants. However, the grid provides textFormatter which will allow them the flexibility to format characters how they wish.
AG-4360 23.2.0 [Keyboard Navigation] Add keyboard navigation to expand/collapse chevron in a group row More Info
Keyboard navigation is not added to the expand/collapse chevron because expand/collapse action is performed and expand/collapse status is announced when focus is in the first column.
AG-4281 23.2.0 [API] Allow suppressing cell mouse down and mouse click events to prevent cells from being announced as clickable by screen readers
AG-4256 23.2.0 Fix typings for IViewportDatasourceParams
AG-4252 23.2.0 ColDef.cellEditorSelector definition is wrong
AG-4249 23.2.0 IE - Keyboard navigation doesn't work on cells with wrappers
AG-4245 23.2.0 Make AutoGroupColumnDef a reactive property
AG-4244 23.2.0 AutoGroupColumnDef does not force the group columns to get the new column definition More Info
This will update auto groups. The cells will not be refreshed. If the new column definition impacts cells, eg new cell renderer selected, then will need to call api.refreshCells({force:true}) in addition after the property has been changed.
AG-4228 23.2.0 Add pan/zoom support to chart axes ("visibleRange" property)
AG-4227 23.2.0 Add chart navigator to allowing panning and zooming
AG-4221 23.2.0 (Blanks) should match the mini filter
AG-4220 23.2.0 Create Excel mode for set filter D More Info
Provided filter filterParams.applyButton has been deprecated. Use filterParams.buttons instead. Provided filter filterParams.clearButton has been deprecated. Use filterParams.buttons instead. Provided filter filterParams.resetButton has been deprecated. Use filterParams.buttons instead.
AG-4212 23.2.0 [Column Filters] Add selectAllOnMiniFilter property to set filter More Info
This behaviour is now available with Excel Mode.
AG-4209 23.2.0 Theme material has missing borders and wrong sizes
AG-4207 23.2.0 Bug in Value Handler Example - when editing, Value Handler doesn't accept valid value
AG-4196 23.2.0 Visual defect when tool panel filter is loading
AG-4195 23.2.0 getRowNodeId fails when the string provided is a negative number, producing invalid row layout More Info
Previously row groups used negative numbers as ID's eg -1, -2, -3 etc. This was so they didn't clash with normal rows. However this caused a problem if the application was providing row ID's and wanted to use negative numbers. Now when the grid creates row groups, the ID's are prefixed with "row-group-" and then positive numbers are used. Eg row-group-0, row-group-1, row-group-3.
AG-4183 23.2.0 [Fill Handle] Fill Handle disappears after cell editing with ENTER key
AG-4181 23.2.0 [Editor] agLargeTextCellEditor adds extra new line each time user hits ENTER to edit cell
AG-4179 23.2.0 Regression - Pivoting: Primary Column is not available More Info
This needs more investigation
AG-4169 23.2.0 Add missing license field back to angular projects
AG-4158 23.2.0 Polymer filter component - header icon wrong
AG-4155 23.2.0 Angular Richer Example - Ratio Component not vertically aligned (since alpine)
AG-4151 23.2.0 [Docs] Mention that Angular 6 is now the minimum version supported
AG-4150 23.2.0 List minimum supported version of Angular on ag-Grid NPMJS page
AG-4149 23.2.0 [Charts] Axis rotation state cannot be restored
AG-4142 23.2.0 DeltaRowDataMode + updating data does not unselect already selected nodes that have become unselectable
AG-4130 23.2.0 (Blanks) option not rendered correctly in floating filter
AG-4123 23.2.0 setFilterModel does not work with async filter values (unable to setFilterModel before the params.success gets called)
AG-4110 23.2.0 SELECT ALL in set filter shouldn't select filtered out set filter items More Info
This behaviour available with Excel Mode.
AG-4057 23.2.0 [Column Sizing] Calling sizeColumnsToFit repeatedly in pivot mode shrinks column widths
AG-4055 23.2.0 [Keyboard Navigation] Add keyboard navigation to the set filter
AG-4046 23.2.0 Interface mentioned in docs ICombinedSimpleModel is not exported
AG-4038 23.2.0 CTRL+D does not suppress pasting when suppressPaste=true
AG-3999 23.2.0 Incorrect cell focus behaviour with chart ranges
AG-3916 23.2.0 Master/Detail + master and detail: deltaRowDataMode + update detail through master: Allow for the detail grid to be delta updated (is redrawn at the moment)
AG-3908 23.2.0 Add suppressFlash property to gridApi.refreshCells()
AG-3905 23.2.0 Horizontal scrolling issue using Edge, Firefox, Chrome on Windows
AG-3899 23.2.0 Allow configuring enableCellChangeFlash duration
AG-3818 23.2.0 Batch updates + grouping gives unexpected behaviour
AG-3789 23.2.0 [Accessibility] Add ARIA labels to floating filter input field and floating filter button
AG-3785 23.2.0 Show different text for "select all" checkbox when mini filter is in use
AG-3779 23.2.0 When trying to override a default column Type the grid shows no warnings
AG-3709 23.2.0 Allow the mini filter in the set filter to be applied as the user types (without requiring the Enter key to be pressed)
AG-3656 23.2.0 Horizontal scrolling large datasets in Firefox causes bouncing of headers More Info
This is not possible to fix. What is happening is browser is scrolling the main content using the GPU. In other words, the user is scrolling the rows left/right, by using middle mouse button scrolling, or touchpad scrolling. The GPU scrolls the rows left/right natively before firing off any events. Then the grid listens to the events and updates the position of the header. However the same GPU hardware scrolling cannot be used here, as the header is not getting natively scrolled. It is impossible for the grid to scroll the header in sync with the rows as the browsers is scrolling first the rows with GPU, then firing events second. Because of this two stage process, there is nothing the grid can do, as by the time it receives the event, it is to late. We tried to disable the GPU scrolling, however we cannot find any CSS setting to stop the GPU from getting used. It is beyond CSS & JavaScript to change this. You can also observe this between browsers that work 'well' and 'not well'. Where it does not work well, the header and rows get out of sync, however the rows are scrolling far more smoothly. Where it works well, both the header and the rows scroll at the same speed so always in sync, however the rows don't scroll as smoothly. So it's a tradeoff. In testing we found Chrome on Windows the rows and header kept in sync but rows did not scroll smoothly, however in Chrome on Mac we found the rows and header did not keep in sync, but rows did scroll smoothly. It would be nice if we introduced a property, to allow the application to choose if it wanted smooth scrolling, or synced headers / rows, however as mentioned, we could not find any CSS or JavaScript to allow this to happen. It's all in the browser implementation.
AG-3589 23.2.0 Allow for dynamically changing master rows into leaf nodes
AG-3534 23.2.0 CellEditingStopped isn’t working in IE 11
AG-3359 23.2.0 Allow the autoGroupColumn to be used in the API calls for columns, at the moment there is no way to dynamically change it after creation. (ie, setColumnDefs …)
AG-3314 23.2.0 DeltaColumn mode updates while popup editing, cause the editing to stop in the background
AG-3281 23.2.0 Add option to have all values in set filter deselected by default
AG-3253 23.2.0 [Keyboard Navigation] Allow keyboard navigation through all parts of the grid / columns / menu's / filters / tool panels
AG-3089 23.2.0 Update all asynchronously-loaded set filter values when any filters change
AG-2987 23.2.0 Allow isRowMaster to be reevaluated when a row is refreshed
AG-2937 23.2.0 Master/Detail Allow detail rows to scroll with the main scroll (only ever have one scroll for the entire grid) More Info
There were two parts to this JIRA - 1) horizontal scrolling and 2) vertical scrolling. For Vertical scrolling, the JIRA AG-2546 cover this. It allows auto-height for detail grid sections, so there is no scrollbar on the detail grid. Only scrolls on the master grid. For Horizontal scrolling, to have the detail grid controlled by the master grid's horizontal scrolling, use the property embedFullWithRows=true.
AG-2814 23.2.0 api.resetRowHeights() should work with detail rows (from master / detail)
AG-2651 23.2.0 Master/Detail refresh isRowMaster when updating data for a row
AG-2546 23.2.0 Allow Master / Detail to auto-height as detail data changes
AG-2301 23.2.0 Show customisable message if there are no matches from the mini filter search
AG-2298 23.2.0 Allow async set values to be fetched on-demand via an API, not only when filter opened initially
AG-2255 23.2.0 Unbalanced Groups + Multi Column Group + groupRemoveLowestSingleChildren is not working R More Info
user should be using groupRemoveSingleChildren instead of groupRemoveLowestSingleChildren to remove single children that are now a the lowest level.
AG-2216 23.2.0 Allow filter values to be loaded every time the user opens the set filter
AG-1607 23.2.0 Apply button should have same effect as hitting Enter key in set filter More Info
This behaviour is now possible with Excel Mode.
AG-1594 23.2.0 All row values to be expanded to multiple values in set filter
AG-1479 23.2.0 [Keyboard Navigation] Allow keyboard navigation through column headers/side bar/tool panels
AG-1458 23.2.0 Fix Angular filter component example
AG-4206 23.1.1 Add check around addEventListenerOutsideAngular to prevent false errors
AG-4200 23.1.1 getPopupPosition returns the wrong position
AG-4198 23.1.1 [Regression] Date object returned by filter (greaterThan or lessThan) has a dateTo value of "null null"
AG-4187 23.1.1 Array cell value formatting ignored
AG-3797 23.1.1 Investigate improving DART support for Sass build
AG-4166 23.1.0 Setting browserDatePicker: false has no effect on Chrome, a plain input should be used instead the browser native editor
AG-4163 23.1.0 [Charts] Update the signature of the AxisLabelOptions.formatter
AG-4162 23.1.0 [Internationalization] inRangeStart, inRangeEnd localized versions aren't applied
AG-4161 23.1.0 [Keyboard navigation] LEFT, RIGHT arrow keys don't work in numeric filter
AG-4160 23.1.0 [Numeric Filter] Numeric filter doesn't remove leading zeros from numeric input
AG-4156 23.1.0 [Master-Detail]When using embedFullWidthRows=true with master-detail, getDetailRowData is called 3 times instead of once
AG-4152 23.1.0 Specify all css for core packages
AG-4148 23.1.0 Correct check for preConstructMethods
AG-4147 23.1.0 The Set Filter is showing incorrect values when there is a column Value Formatter
AG-4146 23.1.0 Rename property deltaColumnMode to immutableColumns D More Info
Property deltaColumnMode has been renamed to immutableColumns. Please update to new property name, old property name will be removed in a following major release.
AG-4145 23.1.0 Rename property deltaRowDataMode to immutableData D More Info
Property deltaRowDataMode has been renamed to immutableData. Please update to new property name, old property name will be removed in a following major release.
AG-4144 23.1.0 Rename api.updateRowData(), batchUpdateRowData() and batchUpdateWaitMillis to applyTransaction(), applyTransactionAsync() and asyncTransactionWaitMillis D More Info
Grid API updateRowData() deprecated, replaced with applyTransaction() Grid API batchUpdateRowData() deprecated, replaced with applyTransactionAsync() Grid Property batchUpdateWaitMillis deprecated, replaced with asyncTransactionWaitMillis
AG-4143 23.1.0 Transaction Deprecations (remove addIndex and Infinite Row Model) D More Info
Transaction.addIndex is deprecated. The preferred way to 'add at a specific location' is to use immutableData mode. The preferred way going forward to update data in Infinite Row Model is to update at the source and then refresh the grid.
AG-4141 23.1.0 Grid "jumps" when menu is invoked on auto height example
AG-4138 23.1.0 [Charts] Allow in-place editing of chart's title by double clicking on it
AG-4136 23.1.0 [API] Add ColumnsApi to params in IToolPanelParams
AG-4134 23.1.0 ensureNodeVisible(node, undefined) behaves like ensureNodeVisible(node, 'top')
AG-4133 23.1.0 [Docs] Correct documentation listing which context menu options are shown by default
AG-4128 23.1.0 [Tool Panel] Using the Balham theme the FilterToolPanel - search box under column is too close to SELECT ALL checkbox
AG-4127 23.1.0 [Tool Panel] FilterToolPanel long column name gets wrapped and leaks outside of bounds
AG-4126 23.1.0 [SSRM] Loading a new block of records causes focus to disappear
AG-4122 23.1.0 Resetting column state does not work when colDef.aggFunc takes a Direct Function
AG-4120 23.1.0 Correct tooltip docs link
AG-4119 23.1.0 Add warning when mixing packages & modules
AG-4118 23.1.0 Take account of slow rendering components
AG-4112 23.1.0 Regression: IE 11 - Floating Filter Text Filter shows 'null'
AG-4106 23.1.0 ellipses do not apply to leaf nodes in Balham themes
AG-4100 23.1.0 [Charts] fractionDigits in the label formatter always shows 0
AG-4097 23.1.0 Support vertical category axes in line series
AG-4091 23.1.0 Add ability to a set column widths across many columns at once - gridApi.setColumnWidths()
AG-4088 23.1.0 Regression: enableCellTextSelection + cell style align = right does not align the cell to the right. More Info
type: 'numericColumn' or type: 'rightAligned' should be added to the colDef.
AG-4083 23.1.0 Vertical scrollbar not shown even though alwaysShowVerticalScroll=true
AG-4080 23.1.0 [Docs] Custom Tooltips React example does not unmount More Info
This issue has been fixed by AG-3917 - Tooltip Manager should support async Tooltips
AG-4079 23.1.0 Remove demo file from dist folder when building with vue-cli
AG-4077 23.1.0 purgeServerSideCache does not reset the infinite scroll (i.e. lastRow index)
AG-4072 23.1.0 [Regression] autoSizeAllColumns doesn't take into account size of text in lower levels of tree data
AG-4067 23.1.0 [Regression] Moving column with custom header sorts the column now
AG-4063 23.1.0 [Master-Detail] Pagination + SSRM - Last master row in the cacheBlock doesn't expand its children
AG-4062 23.1.0 Making range chart from first line of grid makes chart using whole grid data
AG-4056 23.1.0 [FillHandle] When using a decimal fraction value, FillHandle enters wrong value in other cells
AG-4047 23.1.0 [Master-Detail] When embedFullWidthRows=true detail-grid api doesn't update row data
AG-4042 23.1.0 The left edge of the dialog moves left when its top-right corner is dragged beyond the right edge of container
AG-4039 23.1.0 [License Manager] License Manager should strip the license key from special zero-width space characters which make it invalid
AG-4032 23.1.0 Chart Range disappears when Row Groups are expanded / collapsed
AG-4025 23.1.0 Ag-charts-angular does not work with angular 7
AG-4022 23.1.0 Values in set filter are no longer truncated with an ellipsis
AG-4021 23.1.0 agTextCellEditor editor in materials theme does show fully in last row
AG-4019 23.1.0 Styling issue with input range in firefox
AG-4018 23.1.0 Custom components still have their styles altered by theme CSS
AG-4016 23.1.0 Chart Resizing issue in Pivot Chart
AG-4014 23.1.0 Choice of filter for second condition is blanked out after floating filter is used
AG-4012 23.1.0 Cannot disable browser date picker for Chrome
AG-4011 23.1.0 agSelect scrolls the page when expanded
AG-4000 23.1.0 Incorrect chart created when single row is created at row index 0
AG-3995 23.1.0 NPE thrown when using row group edit
AG-3992 23.1.0 React custom components with useLayoutEffect cause console errors
AG-3982 23.1.0 groupIncludeTotalFooter + charting + invalid range should be handled gracefully.
AG-3977 23.1.0 When enabling pivotmode the autoGroupColumn header is misaligned with its column content (because the chevron is missing when pivoting)
AG-3974 23.1.0 Separator missing from pinned right columns on Alpine Theme
AG-3968 23.1.0 Clicking on an editor disables editing in Edge browser
AG-3961 23.1.0 Tree data + delta row data mode - updating data where you only change the ids causes unexpected behaviour R More Info
ID's need to be unique as per log message 'duplicate group keys for row data, keys should be unique'
AG-3960 23.1.0 Column autosizing breaks when grid is open in a hidden tab
AG-3952 23.1.0 Column flex should be updated by setColumnState
AG-3951 23.1.0 Generate ASCII-compatible CSS files
AG-3950 23.1.0 localeText bug, average does not work. (use avg as a workaround)
AG-3939 23.1.0 Multiple context menu popups gets created when rapidly right-clicking the grid More Info
Duplicate of AG-3146.
AG-3917 23.1.0 Tooltip Manager should support async Tooltips
AG-3886 23.1.0 numericColumn styling is not being applied when setting checkboxSelection in defaultColDefs
AG-3871 23.1.0 Moving row group using the row group bar in iOS 13, the group lingers More Info
Fixed by Apple. Tested on iPad (iOS 13.4.1).
AG-3867 23.1.0 Add workaround for bug in Windows Office 365 which adds extra line when pasting from excel
AG-3855 23.1.0 Drag and Drop: Vertical scrolling when dragging a ghost icon onto a grid does not work when horizontal scroll is active More Info
The grid now has built in support for dragging row between grid.
AG-3806 23.1.0 Context Menu renders incorrectly when importing ClientSideRowModelModule + ClipboardModule + MenuModule
AG-3784 23.1.0 [Master/Detail] Cannot edit detail grid through api when using embedFullWidthRows
AG-3775 23.1.0 Regression: Dynamically changing number of rows in SSRM and then purging cache doesn't display correct number of rows when number of rows is increased
AG-3771 23.1.0 Dragging Between Grids example focusses wrong element in IOS 13+
AG-3635 23.1.0 Defining rowDrag and dndSource on a column will give 2 waffle icons More Info
The RowDrag feature is now able to Drop Records outside of the Grid, including onto another grid.
AG-3625 23.1.0 Allow the grid to respond to DnD data based on the row position
AG-3581 23.1.0 Column headers freeze when dragged on iOS More Info
Fixed by Apple. Tested on iPad (iOS 13.4.1).
AG-3579 23.1.0 Group Headers allow for HTML injection via colDef.headerName (this was removed from normal headers and templates introduced)
AG-3576 23.1.0 Allow dragging multiple columns between grids
AG-3507 23.1.0 Regression: groupSuppressAutoColumn has no effect in pivot mode More Info
This was done on purpose. When using the standard Client Side Row Model, it's common that the developer is providing columns including the group column when doing standard grouping. However when the grid goes into pivot mode, the developer wants the grid to create ALL the columns (both value columns and also group column). To have this property suppress the group column in both circumstances would be wrong here. So as not to break this, another property has been introduced "pivotSuppressAutoColumn", which suppressed the auto column when in pivot mode.
AG-3487 23.1.0 Master/Detail + embedFullWidthRows = true, the detail grid ignores changes
AG-3472 23.1.0 Add the ability to listen to click events on Charts
AG-3425 23.1.0 When pinning columns + master detail + embedFullWidthRows: The detail row is split in two More Info
Duplicated by: AG-3206
AG-3312 23.1.0 Add Histogram Charts
AG-3306 23.1.0 Investigate improving the performance of calling resetFilterValues when calling it for all columns in the screen
AG-3235 23.1.0 [SSRM] When maxBlocksInCache is too small, an infinite server call is initiated
AG-3206 23.1.0 Using Master Detail with embedFullWidthRows and pinned columns should not render multiple detail grids
AG-2968 23.1.0 Allow configuring how long it takes a tooltip to popup
AG-2739 23.1.0 Ensure valid date is selected before applying date filter
AG-2551 23.1.0 Add support and an example of how to build with AMD
AG-2187 23.1.0 Allow floating filters to be enabled/disabled on a per-column basis More Info

AG-2162 23.1.0 Add option to close filter popup when Apply button is clicked More Info
closeOnApply - When the Apply or Reset button is clicked, the filter popup will be closed immediately if this is set to true.
AG-1650 23.1.0 Allow set filter to ignore `valueFormatter()` More Info
Value Formatters on the column will not be applied to the set filter list.
AG-588 23.1.0 Add tooltip to Set Filter List
AG-4040 23.0.3 [Frameworks] Decorator Metadata not present for Angular7 Applications
AG-4020 23.0.3 [React] Duplicate cell contents when using framework components in IE11
AG-4013 23.0.2 Can’t import legacy-v22 material theme style sheet in v23
AG-4010 23.0.2 Update integrated chart examples to set the document.body as the popupParent
AG-4009 23.0.2 Regression: filter icon does not show in Filters Tool Panel when filtering
AG-4006 23.0.2 Setting cellHeight in set filter list no longer works
AG-3990 23.0.2 Correct standalone charts examples on
AG-3989 23.0.2 Correct FW typings for ag-Charts
AG-3984 23.0.2 Input field's box-shadow is cut-off when it is the first item in a cell-wrapper
AG-3983 23.0.2 Docs Typo Balahm should be Balham in Migrating to v23
AG-3979 23.0.2 Regression: Starting CellEdit by typing positions the caret in front of the value
AG-3969 23.0.2 DOCS: Angular Material example not working in Plunker
AG-3200 23.0.2 gridApi.getFilterInstance returns null the first time it is called when reactNext=true and using a filter framework component
AG-4194 23.0.0 Enterprise results in different layout behaviour when using flex (compared to community) R
AG-4129 23.0.0 Regression: Custom editors - increment/decrement arrows buttons are not rendered from v23.0.0 R
AG-4099 23.0.0 [Regression] AG-3654 - when suppressColumnToolPanel = true, you can toggle hidden columns from the sidebar R More Info
The colDef property 'lockVisible' should be used to lock the visibility of the column. If the column is hidden (hide=true) from the grid and lockVisible=true the column won't appear in the grid when 'Select All' is selected. The column can also be hidden from the columns tool panel using: suppressColumnsToolPanel=true.
AG-3973 23.0.0 "Investigate memory related performance issue when update data with React and Redux"
AG-3942 23.0.0 using stylesheet to add height + width to grid container makes grid disappear when context menu is opened R More Info
Not a defect. This is the correct approach. { width: 100%; height: 100%; }
AG-3938 23.0.0 Regression - Incorrect classes being used for overlays
AG-3934 23.0.0 Types for loadingOverlayComponentParams + noRowsOverlayComponentParams missing from gridOptions
AG-3930 23.0.0 Internationalisation - Add Column Tool Bar '(None)' label to localeText
AG-3912 23.0.0 Docs : typo on Cell styles page
AG-3910 23.0.0 Floating filter getting out of sync with the main filter
AG-3909 23.0.0 Using DeltaRowDataMode, the filter doesn't get applied when the store is set to empty
AG-3900 23.0.0 filter + applyButton requires enter key before the button works R More Info
Hitting Enter on the search text field and hitting Apply do different functions. It wouldn't be correct to combine their functions. Hitting Apply means Apply the filter and have the grid refresh (using the new filter). Hitting Enter means select all displayed values inside the filter. If the Apply button is present, then the user must also hit Apply in order for the newly selected filter values to take effect and get applied into the grid. If you do not want this two stage process, then the recommendation is to get rid of the Apply button. Then the user will simply enter text and hit Enter. By removing the need to hit Enter would stop the filter from working as intended, where it should be possible to include different lists of values. For example right now you can do the following: 1. Clear the filter (uncheck 'Select All'). 2. Put 'Vicky' into the search field. 3. Select 'Select All' to select all Vickys. 4. Put 'Phelps' into the search field. 5. Select 'Select All' to select all Phelps. 6 Hit Apply. The result here would be to show all Phelps AND Vikcys. However if you hit Enter at step 5 instead of selecting 'Select All', then Vicky's would become unselected. The feature on Enter unselecting other values makes it unsuitable to combine with Apply. The best usage of using Enter is to remove the Apply button.
AG-3896 23.0.0 Remove import breaking TS 3.7+ in dateFilter
AG-3893 23.0.0 DOCS - some of the filter options links are broken on the provided simple filters page
AG-3892 23.0.0 Include Downloader in ag-grid-community exports
AG-3891 23.0.0 Include PropertyKeys in ag-grid-community exports
AG-3888 23.0.0 Typings: Add typescript typings to valueFormatterParams R
AG-3887 23.0.0 Using the arrowkeys in the agRichSelectCellEditorcauses the page to move up/down
AG-3882 23.0.0 Regression: As of version 22, grids inside a flexbox container are given a height of 0. R More Info
The height should either be explicitly set the height or display: flex. Alternatively domLayout: 'autoHeight' can be used.
AG-3881 23.0.0 When some columns are hidden, the behaviour in the select-all checkbox in the columnsMenuTab is unpredictable
AG-3880 23.0.0 Set Filter + Floating Filter: Incorrect count of rows after external filtering
AG-3876 23.0.0 Tabbing whilst in editing mode causes the focus to shift to the cell before R More Info
Example was missing focus handling in the custom cell renderer : MyCellEditor.prototype.afterGuiAttached = function() { this.eGui.focus(); }
AG-3873 23.0.0 Add Grid and Column API to IServerSideGetRowsParams
AG-3866 23.0.0 Docs: flex numbers don't add up
AG-3865 23.0.0 FillHandler doesn't handle strings which start with a number.
AG-3864 23.0.0 Regression - Custom Group Display Columns no longer show in the Filter Tool Panel R
AG-3862 23.0.0 localeText for searchOoo is not updating dynamically