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This page covers the full Changelog for all items for 8.x and above. For the Summary Changelog, or the legacy changelog covering versions 7.x and above, please go here. For a list of up and coming Bug Fixes and Features please refer to our Pipeline. Documentation for previous versions can be found here.
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AG-3337 21.2.2 Aggregate values don't update when editing the grid values by pasting a range of values.
AG-3322 21.2.2 Regression 21.2.0- Server side row model + pagination + infinite scrolling does not work anymore for simple cases
AG-3298 21.2.2 onCellValueChanged does not fire when copying/pasting a range in the grid
AG-3272 21.2.1 Charts - Improve default tooltip handling for bubble and grouped charts
AG-3271 21.2.1 Set Filter and Apply Filter not working correctly together More Info
The set filter, when filtering, was always looking at the latest UI selected values rather than the applied filter. For example if you set a filter and hit apply, then make changes to the filter and do not hit apply, the grid would (incorrectly) use the latest UI changes. What should happen is the grid only ever uses values form the UI after apply is pressed.
AG-3249 21.2.0 Charts - Fix position of 0 y-Axis tick
AG-3247 21.2.0 AutoHeight + cellRendererFramework does not work
AG-3244 21.2.0 Pinned data + no normal data + user selects cell in pinned row + left/right arrow: The grid throws an exception instead of navigating to the cell to the left/right
AG-3243 21.2.0 Pasting many rows operation is slow in the grid.
AG-3237 21.2.0 agRichSelectCellEditor does not render when using ag-theme: fresh, dark, blue and bootstrap
AG-3232 21.2.0 When focusing a pinned cell and clicking outside of the grid the side border of the cell disappears.
AG-3231 21.2.0 Applying delta column mode to change the sort of a column, does not sort the column accordignly
AG-3230 21.2.0 (Regression) IE: grid flickers in v21.1 when programmatically expanding/collapsing group nodes
AG-3226 21.2.0 Editor with ag-custom-component-popup and stopEditingWhenGridLosesFocus: When editing is stopped by losing focus, the field retains the focus as if the edit mode was still active
AG-3224 21.2.0 IE + Column group headers. Fix pixels from the bottom of the column header label are not shown (ie ‘p' or 'y’)
AG-3222 21.2.0 tooltipField doesn't work for group nodes
AG-3221 21.2.0 Major performance improvement when clicking 'show / hide all columns' checkbox in column tool panel
AG-3220 21.2.0 RTL + Colspan: Cell content in cells with colSpan is displayed incorrectly
AG-3217 21.2.0 Typo in documentation :
AG-3216 21.2.0 Charts - Unable to drag chart range up when on the last row
AG-3215 21.2.0 Charts - Add Pivot Chart
AG-3214 21.2.0 Charts - Add configuration for mouse-over hover color
AG-3213 21.2.0 Charts - menu and save icons not displaying when using chartContainer More Info
As a workaround you can set the theme to the outer div:
See updated plunker:
AG-3212 21.2.0 Set Filter: New property "suppressSelectAll" to remove the "select all" checkbox
AG-3210 21.2.0 v21.1.0 is not compatible with older versions of TypeScript
AG-3209 21.2.0 Styling - Row Group and Values labels are misaligned
AG-3208 21.2.0 Excel - Demo page example doesn't export formatting for all cells
AG-3204 21.2.0 Horizontal scroll bar not always appearing in IE11
AG-3201 21.2.0 alwaysShowVerticalScroll using in gridOptions shows Warning is Console log
AG-3199 21.2.0 SSRM + set filter + selectAllOnMiniFilter:true + filterComp.selectEverything while editing the filter: selectEverything removes previous selection.
AG-3198 21.2.0 grid with virtualized columns + editing in last editable cell + tab: Throws exception if to the right of the cell there are no more editable cells and at least 2 virtualized non-editable columns
AG-3196 21.2.0 Security - Add Section to Docs for OWASP and CSP
AG-3195 21.2.0 regression: materials-select component not working when upgrading to v21
AG-3190 21.2.0 Docs - Fix wrong statement around editing and the key down, it does not stop editing anymore
AG-3186 21.2.0 Copying cell range + Paste into larger cell range + Key Left/Right/Up/Dow: The grid loses focus. (instead of moving the selected cell the key is passed to the parent DOM element)
AG-3184 21.2.0 Charts - Add ability to unlink / detach charts from grid data
AG-3182 21.2.0 As of 21.0.1, onRangeSelectionChanged no longer passes params.finished = true when range selection is completed More Info
This issue is duplicated by AG-3023.
AG-3181 21.2.0 Column menu column group check-box not shown as checkbox-indeterminate-readonly when child columns are lockVisible
AG-3179 21.2.0 Vue cellRenderer component takes too long to render
AG-3177 21.2.0 (Regression v21) ag-grid does not work with material tab components
AG-3176 21.2.0 set filter + selectAllOnMiniFilter = true + SSRM passes wrong params to the server
AG-3175 21.2.0 Regression (v21) set filter + apply button + user changes filter (not pressing apply): getFilterModel does not return the UI filter values anymore
AG-3174 21.2.0 pasting empty strings with keyboard doesn't work for more than 2 rows when gridOptions.rowSelection is undefined
AG-3173 21.2.0 valueParser is not invoked when used with agRichSelectCellEditor
AG-3171 21.2.0 Pagination controls are not correctly placed in RTL mode
AG-3170 21.2.0 rowHeight not taken into account when combined with autoHeight
AG-3168 21.2.0 Charts - Error when trying to chart row groups with aggregated categories
AG-3166 21.2.0 Charts - getDocument is not used to locate the document element to locate the chart
AG-3165 21.2.0 Charts API - Add support for extra and custom aggregations More Info
aggFunc: The aggregation function that should be applied to all series data. Built-in aggregation functions can be used by supplying one of the strings keys: sum, min, max, count, avg, first, last. Custom aggregation functions can also be directly supplied if they conform to the IAggFunc interface shown above. Note that 'aggregate: boolean' has been replaced with aggFunc instead.
AG-3164 21.2.0 Can’t prevent refresh of detail rows when using a framework detail row component
AG-3163 21.2.0 Unable to override $virtual-item-height to set the height in the set filter.
AG-3162 21.2.0 ag-theme-blue sass var $input-disabled-background-color is missing !default flag
AG-3160 21.2.0 Charts - Add Bubble Charts More Info
Bubble charts are now available in the Chart Settings Menu. Also see link to example of a bubble chart using the chart api.
AG-3159 21.2.0 Charts - Add support for Multiple Categories
AG-3158 21.2.0 Charts - Improve Pivot Charts
AG-3157 21.2.0 Charts - Improve Row Grouping Charts
AG-3156 21.2.0 Charts - Add Axis Label Formatter
AG-3154 21.2.0 Charts - Allow user formatting changes to be saved / restored
AG-3153 21.2.0 ag-icon-contracted icon does not match ag-icon-expanded icon in ag-theme-dark More Info
AG-3151 21.2.0 when dragging a column to the leftmost unpinned position, the columnMoved event passes a value of zero to params.toIndex
AG-3150 21.2.0 deltaRowDataMode + cellStyle + updating data + causing new styles to be applied: Old styles are still applied (Contradicts docs) More Info
workaround: use cellClassRules instead of cellStyles
AG-3149 21.2.0 Getting started page in JS - Doesn’t work with IE11
AG-3147 21.2.0 DOCs - remove properties cellStyle, cellClass, and cellClassRules from grid properties documentation section
AG-3143 21.2.0 Changing column visibility in a Cell Ranges does not update status panel
AG-3138 21.2.0 master/detail + detailCellRendererFramework. suppressRefresh: true Does not prevent the detail grid from refreshing
AG-3136 21.2.0 Column sorting not working when column headerName is empty
AG-3135 21.2.0 Allow configuring suppressSelectAll for set filter - so that when set to true the set filter doesn't show the 'select all' checkbox
AG-3134 21.2.0 When copying the contents of a single cell to the clipboard, as of v21.0.1, the cell no longer flashes
AG-3128 21.2.0 Regression - After 20.1.0 ag-grid does not adjust its width to its parent anymore in a TD element inside a table More Info
Before the grid would expand the size of its parent and this was a bug fixed in 20.2. To fix the issue described here, we need to set the width of the table element to 100%
AG-3125 21.2.0 DOCS - Group cell renderer mentions non existent param padding
AG-3109 21.2.0 Dynamic resizing examples in Docs are broken when launched in plunker
AG-3105 21.2.0 Custom filter option + hideFilterInput: true + Floating filters + User selects this option as the active filter in the UI, the floating filter input box should be read only
AG-3097 21.2.0 Set filter + select value API call + onFilterChanged, does not cause the filter to change/update
AG-3096 21.2.0 When using agRichSelectCellEditor + popupParent and the script that loads the grid is at the head causes the popup to cut, it works fine if the script is at the bottom of the page
AG-3092 21.2.0 Prevent the autoGroup column from being draggable into the row group panel
AG-3073 21.2.0 api.getCellRendererInstances returns an object which ‘value’ does not match the rendered data for pinned rows
AG-3058 21.2.0 Improve docs around Custom Full Row Aggregation - so user understands root node calls
AG-3057 21.2.0 Set Filter: New property syncValuesLikeExcel, so data updates reflect in the filter similar to Excel
AG-3047 21.2.0 Allow a callback to refine properties passed to react components D More Info
Use of props.reactContainer to style the containing div element has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
AG-3038 21.2.0 Reset Columns doesn't take "lockPosition: true" into account
AG-3026 21.2.0 Charts - Add Tooltips to Chart Settings Tool Panel
AG-3023 21.2.0 onRangeSelectionChanged event.finished returns true incorrectly
AG-3014 21.2.0 Unable to move column group that contains a hidden column
AG-3000 21.2.0 When combining columnGroupShow, in some cases, when expanding the column group, the columns meant to be shown are not shown
AG-2991 21.2.0 When loading a grid in pivot mode, even with enableRangeSelection: true, CTRL+A does not select all rows
AG-2943 21.2.0 Add the option to prevent contextmenu to be used with custom onCellContextMenu
AG-2933 21.2.0 Add ARIA tags to pagination controls
AG-2900 21.2.0 processHeaderForClipboard not firing when a single cell is selected when copying with headers
AG-2876 21.2.0 Inconsistent count of records shown in the status bar after filtering
AG-2820 21.2.0 Charts - Add additional agg functions to Chart API
AG-2817 21.2.0 Viewport row model doesnt show horizontal scroll bar if no row data and columns wider than viewport
AG-2808 21.2.0 Docs, clarify suppressMiddleClickScrolls
AG-2762 21.2.0 Pagination - prevent separating children from their parent rows with Master Detail and Row Grouping More Info
Now when mixing pagination and a) row grouping or b) master detail, pages will be split according to top level rows only. For row grouping this means child rows will always appear on the same page as their parents, even if it means pushing the number of total rows past the page size. For master / detail it means detail panels will always appear with the expanded master row (previously if the detail row was the last row in a page, the detail would appear on the next page). If this is not the behaviour that you want, and you want to keep the behaviour where child rows are split across pages, then set property paginateChildRows=true.
AG-2752 21.2.0 suppressMiddleClickScrolls, If true, the cell and row click event does NOT trigger when middle mouse button clicked
AG-2736 21.2.0 Accessibility - Enhance support for Screen Readers with additional ARIA Roles
AG-2478 21.2.0 allow aria-rowindex to always have the correct row index
AG-2400 21.2.0 Set Filter - Pressing 'Enter' on Mini Filter will select all matching mini filter and deselect everything else (like Excel)
AG-2237 21.2.0 Allow detail grid to scroll along the master row, when the master row is scrolled horizontally
AG-1643 21.2.0 RichSelect - Allow typing to automatically scroll to item
AG-3187 21.1.1 IE11, key validation fails when the key contains special characters
AG-3178 21.1.0 (Regression) .ag-theme-material .ag-popup-editor background: #fff removed
AG-3145 21.1.0 Row Grouping fails when there are custom tooltips with null cell values
AG-3133 21.1.0 Fix icons path
AG-3130 21.1.0 Custom Tooltips are getting a box-shadow by default
AG-3129 21.1.0 Tooltips are not refreshed on value change from null
AG-3124 21.1.0 Blur event of the Angular component in Edit mode is not getting triggered when clicked inside the grid More Info
This is due to timing around components being destroyed before the blur event can fire. If you want to listen to blur events in cell editor components I'd suggest performing the same blur logic in ngOnDestroy instead
AG-3122 21.1.0 enableCellTextSelection not working with pinned columns
AG-3120 21.1.0 Master/Detail + Selecting a master node + Press down: Causes error on console 'Cannot read property 'getCellPosition' of undefined'
AG-3119 21.1.0 React div container not available when using reactNext
AG-3112 21.1.0 fast mount/unmount with reactNext throws error
AG-3111 21.1.0 ReactNext doesn't work when used with custom headers
AG-3108 21.1.0 Full-width renderer + custom inner renderer + input box. When the user presses enter in the input box, the grid throws an exception
AG-3107 21.1.0 headerGroupTooltip is not working anymore
AG-3106 21.1.0 GridOptions reference page is missing the documentation for columnTypes
AG-3104 21.1.0 Floating filter shows unformatted values as opposed to the column menu filter
AG-3101 21.1.0 Docs - Following angular getting started steps produces code that does not compile
AG-3099 21.1.0 Allow un-managed row dragging with all row models (not just CSRM)
AG-3088 21.1.0 Material inline celleditor has transparent background
AG-3087 21.1.0 RowNodeTransaction interface misnamed in documentation
AG-3086 21.1.0 Regression 20.2.0 to 21.0.0 colDef.suppressKeyboardEvent does not get called when pressing arrows in 21.x it did for 20.2
AG-3083 21.1.0 Depreacte Flower Nodes D More Info
flower noes are deprecated. the new Master / Detail functionality (introduced over a year ago) does what flower nodes was intended for. please move your code over to master/detail instead of using flower nodes.
AG-3080 21.1.0 Error in tree data Plunker from our docs
AG-3079 21.1.0 Docs - Add 'chartRange' context menu item
AG-3074 21.1.0 tooltipComponentParams should be type any not iTooltipParams
AG-3071 21.1.0 Charts: When enableValue: true and enableRowGroup: true are both specified for all columns in a chart range, charting fails with a misleading warning 'charts require at least one visible column set with 'enableValue=true'' More Info
The root cause of this issue is that the grid requires at least one column to be a candidate dimension, but since these two properties are true, the grid is not sure and hence the misleading warning, While this gets fixed, it can be easily workaround by setting chartDataType to 'series' for any of these columns ( This can be seen in this plunker:
AG-3068 21.1.0 cellRenderer + autoHeight not working in the latest version
AG-3059 21.1.0 Select all in filter does not tick newly added/edited values when (Select All) is pressed
AG-3056 21.1.0 When using valueGetters to calculate aggregations and delta mode data, the aggregations are not recomputed
AG-3039 21.1.0 Docs - debounceMs is not a param that can be passed to the DateFilter
AG-3030 21.1.0 Floating filter is not populated when the Apply Filter button is clicked
AG-3029 21.1.0 Charts - labelFormatter's value is a string in case of integers, meant to be a number
AG-3027 21.1.0 Fix Polymer Examples
AG-3025 21.1.0 Charts - Add Normalised (100%) Bar Chart
AG-3024 21.1.0 Remove angular dependencies
AG-3020 21.1.0 Regression suppressAnimationFrame now working with cell renderers
AG-3019 21.1.0 Charts - Improve tooltip renderer params
AG-3018 21.1.0 Charts - Enhance tooltip fading and scaling animation
AG-3016 21.1.0 Tree Data node contains a '&' this node shows up encoded as '&'
AG-3015 21.1.0 Material floating filters styling is off, see demo
AG-3012 21.1.0 Master/Detail - Detail row state now kept when detail row is closed. More Info
Previously when you close a detail row, the row was destroyed. That means when the detail row is re-opened, any state (eg sorting or filtering on the detail row) is lost. Two new properties were introduced to tackle this: keepDetailRows and keepDetailRowsCount. See the docs here for explanations of these properties: See the docs on Master / Detail for more information.
AG-3007 21.1.0 DOCS - Spelling mistake in first paragraph of Keyboard Interaction page.
AG-3003 21.1.0 Docs recursivity describing what colIDs are (colIds point to the page that contains the link to colIds that points to ... etc)
AG-3002 21.1.0 Charts - Add Formatting Tool Panel
AG-2997 21.1.0 Docs - Pagination example is printing the wrong IDs (is adding +1 to a string)
AG-2996 21.1.0 Pagination and row drag unmanaged are not supported, it should only fail for managed
AG-2995 21.1.0 Docs - Remove/Adapt docs around enableGroupEdit to reflect that is going to be deprecated
AG-2994 21.1.0 Lock pinning not working anymore More Info
This is working correctly. We have updated the example to help clear up any confusion. See link.
AG-2993 21.1.0 Not possible to translate the Total label through an internationalistaion key in a group row node More Info
The group row footers use a different approach for internationalization as described here:
AG-2990 21.1.0 When exporting a format to xlsx with an special character like € the xlsxs file becomes corrupted
AG-2978 21.1.0 Native checkbox icons + set filter don't work together
AG-2929 21.1.0 Column header groups don’t use custom tooltips, they show plain tooltips
AG-2912 21.1.0 Master/Detail - Keep detail state when scrolled out of view More Info
Before this release, when using master detail and a detail row is expanded, the detail row would be 'reset' when it was scrolled out of view. This was due to row virtualisation, where rows are removed from the DOM when scrolled out of view. Now the grid will not remove detail rows from the DOM as part of it's row virtualisation. If you were not aware of this problem, then you won't notice the change. However if you were aware of the problem, then you will know exactly what I am talking about and will see now that it is not longer a problem with the latest release.
AG-2898 21.1.0 DOCS- Misleading documentation around isAnimationFrameQueueEmpty
AG-2889 21.1.0 DOCS - Add documentation around to show how to make custom tooltips work on group rows
AG-2873 21.1.0 Docs - Fix typo cliked => clicked in filter text docs
AG-2845 21.1.0 Custom tooltips in Angular are not displayed when there are custom cellrenders and custom tooltips in ag-grid.
AG-2836 21.1.0 Charts - Add chart icons to context menu
AG-2834 21.1.0 Charts - Make Chart Data Panel look more consistent with grid
AG-2833 21.1.0 Charts - Add Area Chart More Info
AG-2822 21.1.0 Auto Rotate axis labels for large chart series
AG-2801 21.1.0 Charts - Allow Chart Popups to be closed with single click
AG-2794 21.1.0 Charts - Allow users to edit chart captions
AG-2789 21.1.0 Column name text is clipped in filter tool panel.
AG-2193 21.1.0 Memory leak when destroying/recreating grids
AG-1708 21.1.0 Row dragging: Allow dragging between grids or between the grid and a external element More Info
The gird now supports native Drag and Drop (D&D). A new documentation page explains it:
AG-3013 21.0.1 Scrolling quickly with reactNext causes runtime exception to be thrown
AG-2839 21.0.1 AngularJS - rowNode not available when angularCompileRows set
AG-2827 21.0.1 Regression: Navigating to a cell that isn't rendered (scrolled after focus) throws an error
AG-2799 21.0.1 Extra indentation included when selection-checkbox is hidden
AG-2798 21.0.1 Renamed ColDef.chartType to ColDef.chartDataType
AG-2797 21.0.1 Group Headers - dragging group columns only works from titles
AG-2796 21.0.1 Misaligned checkboxes due to header line height
AG-3081 21.0.0 Typescript typing issue, DateFilterParams doesn’t have inRangeInclusive in the interface as a valid property
AG-2982 21.0.0 Custom filter opened through the sidebar. When called into afterGuiAttached, params is null
AG-2981 21.0.0 When exporting to xlsx two different grids on the same page, the style state of the first export interferes with the style of the second export (stylesheets.stylesMap is not cleared)
AG-2977 21.0.0 Tooltips, after sorting, tooltips don’t match the data on the screen
AG-2974 21.0.0 When using full width row grouping and filtering, after filtering the groupRowInnerRenderer is not refreshed More Info
AG-2972 21.0.0 Storing filter model + setRowData (null) + updateRowDataTransaction + restore filter doesn’t restore the filter
AG-2959 21.0.0 Exporter downloader should use fake event to prevent bubbling
AG-2957 21.0.0 Tab doesn't work when combined with colSpan
AG-2954 21.0.0 Allow configuring if animations for cell renderers should be triggered only when data updates (as opposed to also when filtering…) More Info
Cell flashing of changes should not happen after filtering. For example you are Row Grouping and Aggregating, then the aggregated values will change as filtering and and removes rows contained within the groups. So now the grid will not flash cells after a filter change. If you do not like this change to behaviour and would like to flash changes even when it's the result of a filter change, then set gridOptions.allowShowChangeAfterFilter = true.
AG-2948 21.0.0 When suppressing multi-autogroup columns and pivoting the grid, the grid in pivot mode does not show the groups
AG-2947 21.0.0 When adding a comparator in a display group column data is passed with NULLS
AG-2946 21.0.0 Filters Refactor D More Info
Filters were introduced in the first version of ag-Grid. Because of this, functionality was extended onto them again and again. To reduce technical dept we decided to rewrite the filters again, now that we have gathered all the requirements over the years. The new filters should be more bullet proof (many bugs were fixed on the way) and lay the foundation for future enhancements by us (the old design was stretched with regards extension). We tried out best to keep the API interface, filter models, etc to limit breaking changes. The one change we had to do was with regards custom floating filters (as described in the breaking changes section). Changes (fixes) to the filter interface include the following: 1. FoatingFilter interface simplified (see breaking change). 2. Filter interface IFilter had items in it relating to the provided filters, eg properties applyButton, clearButton, debounceMs should never of been in IFilter. The IFilter interface is for data the grid passes to the filter. If you want more details in this interface, you should extend it. So if you were using IFilter and expecting applyButton parameter, this is no longer there. To get these parameters, you should use the specific filter type interface eg ITextFilterParams, IDateFilterParams, INumberFilterParams or ISetFilterParams. 3. The Filter Model interfaces were cleaned up to be correct. Your code should not have to change, this was internal hierarchical structuring changes and adding optional to some items. The new Filter code inside ag-Grid is more readable and easier to reason with. This will make people who look at the ag-Grid code happy, understanding how it all works will be easier, and troubleshooting issues will be easier.
### Column Filters There is one change with regards configuring standard filters. NullComparator is replaced with more aptly named properties: includeBlanksInEquals, includeBlanksInLessThan and includeBlanksInGreaterThan. If you were not configuring a NullComparator, then there is nothing to do. See the docs on 'Date and Number Filters and Blank Cells' in Column Filters page. ### Floating Filters FloatingFilters now work differently. If you created your own custom floating filter components, then there are breaking changes that are detailed here. If you did NOT provide customer floating filter components, then you only need to be ware of point 1 below with regards the debounceMs property. If building your own floating filters, see the revised documentation on how to implement custom floating filters. ============= Custom Floating Filter Breaking Change #1: Props for Provided Floating Filters For the provided floating filters, FloatingFilterParams.debounceMs is gone. Instead it reuses the debounceMs from the parent filter. You don't need to specify debounceMs twice. ============= Custom Floating Filter Breaking Change #2: params.onParentModelChanged => When the user changes the floating filter, the floating filter used to call params.onParentModelChanged(parentModel) and pass the filter model. Now instead it is possible for the floating filter to get and instance of the parent filter via params.parentFilterInstance() by which it can then call any method on the parent filter. The intention is that your custom parent filter will expose a method that you decided and the custom floating filter will call this method directly. There is no need for the grid to act as a go-between the floating and parent filters. ============= Custom Floating Filter Breaking Change #3: IFloatingFilter.onParentModelChanged The method: onParentModelChanged(model) Is now: onParentModelChanged(model, event) That is, the FilterChangedEvent is passed to the floating filter, if it was a change in filter that caused the method to be called. This tied with #4 below allows the filter to pass details to the floating filter about the change. ============= Custom Floating Filter Breaking Change #4:. Filter callback params.filterChangedCallback() The Filter callback params.filterChangedCallback() now takes one parameters object (of type any). If provided, the contents of the object are added to the FilterChangedEvent class. This means the filter can augment the FilterChangedEvent by added custom elements. The provided filters use a combination of #3 and #4 above to allow the filters to pass information to the floating filters when the filter is changed. ============= Custom Floating Filter Breaking Change #5: IFloatingFilter Interface Generics Now the IFloatingFilter interface takes no generics. Having generics here was a mistake. The old interface was: export interface IFloatingFilter> { onParentModelChanged(parentModel: any): void; } The new interface is: export interface IFloatingFilter { onParentModelChanged(parentModel: any, filterChangedEvent?: FilterChangedEvent): void; }
AG-2941 21.0.0 When applying a formatter and a getter on a display group column, the value 'undefined' is shown
AG-2940 21.0.0 When applying a formatter and a getter to a source column used for grouping, only the formatter gets applied
AG-2938 21.0.0 When filtering using server side row model + pagination + column filtering, while the column filter data is loaded the pagination information shows invalid information
AG-2936 21.0.0 Setting floating filter height to 0 doesn’t hide the floating filter (-1 does hide it)
AG-2931 21.0.0 When caseSensitive: false, text floating filter transforms uppercase to lowercase
AG-2930 21.0.0 When using Full width group rows + group footer the total row does not show the count of totals
AG-2926 21.0.0 Viewport row model - Last request for setViewportRange index is off by 1
AG-2922 21.0.0 groupIncludeTotalFooter: true causes an error to be thrown when combined with pivot mode.
AG-2921 21.0.0 When pinning right + reducing to minimum column width or cell content aligned to the right. Column label leaks out of the boundaries of the column
AG-2915 21.0.0 Docs - Add filterParams to the column properties docs
AG-2911 21.0.0 Export - Special characters not supported in excel export
AG-2904 21.0.0 'Home' and 'End' keys move unexpectedly while in edit mode
AG-2903 21.0.0 If using custom editors and trying to consume TAB, ENTER, HOME, END (or any other key the grid will react to), it is impossible within the editor (the grid captures the event before the editor) More Info
AG-2902 21.0.0 Column can’t be removed by dragging it outside the viewport after the grid has been scrolled to the bottom
AG-2901 21.0.0 suppressMenuHide: true and custom headerComponentParams.template without the ref eMenu causes the grid to crash
AG-2899 21.0.0 If using custom editors and trying to consume TAB or ENTER, it is impossible within the editor (the grid captures the event before the editor)
AG-2897 21.0.0 Rework icon theming design, so it will be easy to change the color of the icons with css/sass
AG-2893 21.0.0 Docs - Master detail examples throw error when pressing a key in the detail form - (Custom Detail Cell Renderer with a Form)
AG-2892 21.0.0 When using autoHeight the range selection is limited to the columns in the viewport, the horizontal scroll doesn't move.
AG-2890 21.0.0 Full row grouping causes pivoting to stop working correctly
AG-2887 21.0.0 ClientSideRowModel.executeBatchUpdateRowData binds incorrectly to the user callback
AG-2885 21.0.0 Grouping - combining of groupHideOpenParents, groupIncludeFooter and groupIncludeFooter together prevents horizontal scroll
AG-2884 21.0.0 openContextMenu not working when invoked from a custom header in pivot mode
AG-2880 21.0.0 Docs - Unable to load examples with plunker using ag-grid-vue 20.2.0
AG-2879 21.0.0 Investigate performance issues when using delta row mode and emptying/removing large amounts of data in the grid
AG-2877 21.0.0 IE11 Floating date filter in IE11 not working
AG-2872 21.0.0 Docs - Add missing filter options to the date filter
AG-2871 21.0.0 Tooltip Component doesn't show `0` or `` or `false` values (falsy values) More Info
AG-2869 21.0.0 Error is thrown when Importing ag-grid-enterprise when running jest tests with ag-grid
AG-2865 21.0.0 Add columnsApi to all event/hook callbacks (ie cellClass is missing) More Info
ColumnApi added to CellClassRules callback (only).
AG-2864 21.0.0 On Edge - Select a cell navigating with the keyboard + Select a different cell selecting it with the mouse + Press Enter. The wrong cell gets in edit mode
AG-2862 21.0.0 Full width row grouping, when trying to navigate across group nodes from leaf node, the navigation becomes locked
AG-2861 21.0.0 When using pagination and focusing on the last cell, pressing down causes an error "Cannot read property 'getGridCell' of null".
AG-2852 21.0.0 Docs Regression - Pivot + Sorting, after applying first sort, the column is blanked and can't be sorted
AG-2851 21.0.0 Column group expand does not work on touch devices.
AG-2850 21.0.0 lockPinnedColumn / lockVisible is not reflected when changed using deltaColumnMode: true
AG-2846 21.0.0 Add onToolPanelVisibleChanged to the interface
AG-2844 21.0.0 Docs - Fix statement "Changing the row height is only supported in the Client-side row model." On row height section
AG-2830 21.0.0 NavigateToNextCellParams and TabToNextCellParams changes B More Info
Due to chart integrations with ag-Grid, we had to change the interface into these parameters. NavigateToNextCellParams and TabToNextCellParams params have changed slightly and how use CellPosition object rather than gridCellDef.
AG-2829 21.0.0 Cell Range API Changes B More Info
The API for adding and remove cell ranges is now changed. If using api.getRangeSelections() or api.addRangeSelection() please check the documentation and instead use api.getCellRanges() and api.addCellRange()
AG-2828 21.0.0 DOCS - Variable names mixup in column definitions example day month and year should be year, month and day
AG-2826 21.0.0 internationalization: There are no internationalization keys to translate the default pagination toolbar
AG-2825 21.0.0 Server side row model - suppressLoadingOverlay not working with SSRM
AG-2816 21.0.0 Expanding leafs nodes in SSRM causes unexpected behaviour (works fine in CSRM)
AG-2813 21.0.0 enableGroupEdit doesn't work
AG-2809 21.0.0 Docs - clarify how colDs are generated, they are not kept unique based on the field. You need to specify if expecting to update them
AG-2807 21.0.0 Keyboard navigation not working inside Master Detail
AG-2806 21.0.0 When the grid is made visible the horizontal scroll is reset to x = 0
AG-2804 21.0.0 Scroll Performance Improvements More Info
In v20 we introduced a new DOM layout, so the headers and pinned columns do not lag behind when the central grid is scrolled horizontally or vertically. Unfortunately this work reduced the vertical scroll performance. We have put work into finding out why and removed the bottlenecks. Vertical scrolling should now be back at the >v20 speeds.
AG-2803 21.0.0 Multiple calls to getScrollbarWidth slowing the grid down
AG-2792 21.0.0 auto-height + angular Js not working after v20.0
AG-2791 21.0.0 Error binding click events to AngularJs + MasterDetail
AG-2790 21.0.0 Column expand / collapse icons are inverted in RTL mode
AG-2768 21.0.0 Setting rowBuffer to 1000 will only render 500 rows
AG-2753 21.0.0 Floating Date Filter - many FW components created, resulting in incorrect filtering
AG-2749 21.0.0 Floating Date Filter Throws Exception with reactNext
AG-2738 21.0.0 pivoting + column group collapsed + hide all currently displayed columns. Result: does not expand the column group automatically (as opposed to when not in pivot mode)
AG-2729 21.0.0 Docs - Add example/document enableCellTextSelection: true
AG-2663 21.0.0 Framework semantic column definitions: Allow them to be reactive
AG-2641 21.0.0 Angular - Allow support for noUnusedLocals
AG-2536 21.0.0 React innerRenderer places a div inside a span More Info
To work around this issue, you should apply the CSS property display: inline-block; to the parent div (has a class of 'ag-react-container'). This will negate the default "block" display type of the div, so it should show inline with the other elements. This can be seen here:
AG-2465 21.0.0 Minimize the amount of change detection events fired using Angular2
AG-2347 21.0.0 Allow user to provide a path for local icons
AG-2277 21.0.0 Master/Detail - Detail row gets refreshed every time that the parent row is updated. This gets rid of the state of the detail grid (ie Sort/Filtering) More Info
The detail row now only gets refreshed if the master row it belongs to has it's data changed. To stop even this row changing, use property suppressRefresh. For more info, check the docs page for Master / Detail, there is a new example demonstrating the new feature & property.
AG-2210 21.0.0 Key navigation (ie Home key) does not respect lockPosition=true, the cell is focused. If you use arrows, cell is not focusable More Info
Can be workaround with suppressNavigable: true
AG-2202 21.0.0 React - Grid functionalities misbehaving when opening a grid in new window
AG-2779 20.2.0 Context Menu - Excel Export (.xml) does not use localisation
AG-2776 20.2.0 Auto Page Size is not using all available space
AG-2775 20.2.0 Reference data displays "undefined" in the event a value can't be found
AG-2772 20.2.0 Docs - change ros to rows in the grip properties page
AG-2771 20.2.0 Focused cells on pinned rows do not show bottom border
AG-2769 20.2.0 SupressKeyboardEvent example and docs don't match
AG-2766 20.2.0 Dragging columns with no headerName creates undefined Drag Item
AG-2763 20.2.0 Docs: Fix typo in filter docs page options => options
AG-2747 20.2.0 suppressKeyEvent does not work for enter and grouping (can’t prevent the expansion of the group)
AG-2746 20.2.0 Add translations for the default status bar component
AG-2741 20.2.0 Functional components don't work with reactNext
AG-2740 20.2.0 When DeltaRowDataMode is enabled and data is set asynchronously sorting fails
AG-2735 20.2.0 suppressKeyboardEvent in colDefs not working as expected when used with a popup
AG-2734 20.2.0 groupHideOpenParents + groupIncludeFooter + groupIncludeTotalFooter cuses an error
AG-2732 20.2.0 AngularJs, on rowClicked, has a property value appended to it.
AG-2731 20.2.0 AngularJS, cellRenderer callBack called too many times when deltaRowDataMode enabled
AG-2728 20.2.0 Popup editors have wrong extra padding
AG-2727 20.2.0 Filtering with Apply Button should have 0ms Debounce
AG-2726 20.2.0 Add typing for CellComp.getFrameworkComponentInstance()
AG-2724 20.2.0 Docs - getting started guide shows grouping section showssidebar button (pre 20)
AG-2723 20.2.0 RowDrag reserves space when hidden due to sort / filter
AG-2722 20.2.0 Add ability to create custom filters without input filter fields (ie isNull) More Info
The filter input field can now be hidden on custom filter options by enabling 'IFilterOptionDef.hideFilterInput'. See link to docs for more info.
AG-2718 20.2.0 Docs - Reference column properties doesn't have cellClassRules in the list
AG-2717 20.2.0 Overlay allows Grid interaction through the background cover
AG-2716 20.2.0 Filters - Add translations for AND/OR in the filters
AG-2715 20.2.0 Filters - Condition Filter not cleared properly when Main filter is cleared
AG-2714 20.2.0 Docs - Fix typos in filter date page
AG-2711 20.2.0 groupHideOpenParents is not working as expected in 20.1.0
AG-2708 20.2.0 Error transpiling the dependency for getSuppressKeyboardEventFunc (includes inlined import)
AG-2703 20.2.0 Tooltip Component throws error if created after owner cell has been destroyed
AG-2702 20.2.0 Docs fix example typo for showRowGroup
AG-2700 20.2.0 BUG: Docs example in date filter does not cater for null values when doing in range comparisons
AG-2697 20.2.0 Side Bar - changing setSideBar ('columns') + setSideBar (false) does not hide the sideBar
AG-2696 20.2.0 Docs - fix issue in context menu docs getContextMenuItems should be getMainMenuItems
AG-2695 20.2.0 cellKeyDown and cellKeyPress throw exception in Firefox
AG-2693 20.2.0 Typescript error in 20.1.0 when using typescript > 3.x
AG-2691 20.2.0 Selection - suppressMultiRangeSelection=true does not work when combined with click selection
AG-2686 20.2.0 RTL and Row Group, row count formatting issue
AG-2685 20.2.0 Docs - Fix warning message in Refresh Cells example
AG-2684 20.2.0 Docs - Incorrect filtering on Infinite Scrolling Example
AG-2682 20.2.0 Excel Export with customHeader only works if at least two columns are exported
AG-2680 20.2.0 Status bar - content overflows out when is bigger than the container
AG-2679 20.2.0 Export - Special characters in the sheet name/header name causes corrupted xlsx while exporting
AG-2677 20.2.0 IE11 when no rows overlay is shown and the filter is opened the layout is misplaced B More Info
Components within ag-overlay no longer wrap the whole grid width by default.
AG-2669 20.2.0 When specifying excel styles (borders), if not specifying the lineStyle the export fails
AG-2656 20.2.0 Allow equality checking for rowData to be configurable (ie use equality checking, deep checking and so on)
AG-2647 20.2.0 Android tab does not move the edit focus to the next cell More Info
Hacker's keyboard for Android is not supported by Ag-Grid.
AG-2646 20.2.0 Hidden columns are used to calculate height when using autoHeight
AG-2638 20.2.0 Docs - When combining vertical headers and filter sidebar the filter sidebar is displayed incorrectly
AG-2632 20.2.0 IE11 menu buttons misaligned
AG-2630 20.2.0 IE11+Windows 7: out of the box calendar filter does not show upon clicking on it
AG-2610 20.2.0 Rendering - table loses focus after key scrolling beyond viewport
AG-2588 20.2.0 Rendering - Issue with flex 1 requiring height 0
AG-2562 20.2.0 Tree data - Allow tree data filters to be displayed and filter like a tree
AG-2544 20.2.0 API - adjust optional types to represent if they are passed as opposed as if they are mandatory when overwritten
AG-2452 20.2.0 Custom FW Date Component in Float Filter creates multiple instances
AG-2442 20.2.0 Column header reserves space for icons when suppressMenu is true
AG-2431 20.2.0 After adding rows with a transaction, navigation with arrows from the row where the insert happened and row focus are off by 1
AG-2419 20.2.0 Docs - Angular version of the examples not working in IE11
AG-2310 20.2.0 Animate cell renderer arrow doesn't work with Safari
AG-2165 20.2.0 React CellRendererFramework Component is hidden when using checkboxSelection More Info
Can be workaround by by setting parent ag-react-container to display: inline-block
AG-2143 20.2.0 Add new property to load the grid with the sidebar hidden
AG-2121 20.2.0 Column Groups - Allow column-spanning across row header groups when they belong to the same column group
AG-2104 20.2.0 Filters - Add the ability to Internationalise the "AND" and "OR" words of the filter
AG-2045 20.2.0 Keyboard navigation - Cannot navigate to/from spanned columns in multiple directions
AG-1936 20.2.0 Add the ability to change the header checkbox and the drag handle icons
AG-1707 20.2.0 Change Tree Data filtering to additionally include child nodes when parent node passes filter More Info
As Tree Data has parent / child relationships, now by default all child nodes will be included when a parent passes a filter. To override this default behaviour set 'excludeChildrenWhenTreeDataFiltering = true'
AG-1520 20.2.0 React wrapper causes styling issues for components
AG-1230 20.2.0 Allow nullCheck in the filter to have the option for nonEquals and the remainder ones... More Info
This is a duplicate of AG-2166 - Allow for defining Custom Filters that appear in Filter Option List. See link to docs for more info.
AG-2675 20.1.0 Expanding Master Detail on Server Side Row Model failed when Detail Row last rendered row More Info
This is for Server Side Row Model only. If the last rendered row was the detail row, the grid was only rendering to the parent row (ie the row before). This was not an issue if Row Buffer was used, ie last rendered row was past the viewable area anyway.
AG-2674 20.1.0 frameworkFilter does not enable filter dropdown/icon
AG-2670 20.1.0 Using getRowHeight callback causes infinite loop
AG-2667 20.1.0 suppressMiddleClickScrolls doesn’t affect the behaviour of the middle click More Info
Unable to reproduce on Chrome and Windows 10 - using the suppressMiddleClickScrolls stops the scroll operation on middle click.
AG-2664 20.1.0 Remove property "embedFullWidthRows" as it's no longer needed D More Info
embedFullWidthRows is no longer supported. This property was introduced to deal with a performance issue where Full Width Rows lagged behind when vertical scrolling, especially noticeable on slower browser / machines (eg Internet Explorer). In v20 vertical scrolling design was changed and now no lag is present for full width rows. Because of this, there is now no valid reason to have the property embedFullWidthRows.
AG-2658 20.1.0 SSRM - Server Side Row Model: Null data can’t be selected in the set filter model by itself
AG-2654 20.1.0 CellRenders are being destroyed when cell data is updated via cell editing
AG-2653 20.1.0 Put React Hook example together, update docs
AG-2650 20.1.0 Themes - Material editor associated with agPopupTextCellEditor is not styled accordingly to the Material theme
AG-2649 20.1.0 Performance: Improve performance degradation after many delta updates are performed
AG-2645 20.1.0 Selection - Indeterminate state for mixed selection of rows with group header selection is not working
AG-2644 20.1.0 Status Bar - When filtering and using the default row count component in the status bar, the row count is not updated
AG-2643 20.1.0 IE11 - Multi-column sort with shift key pressed caused cells to be selected
AG-2642 20.1.0 Rendering - When refreshing a custom cell renderer, the `cellRendererParams` are not passed to `refresh`.
AG-2636 20.1.0 Pinned row - Grid scrolls vertically when range selecting cells within pinnedRows
AG-2634 20.1.0 Regression - AngularJS Editor component throws Change detection exception
AG-2631 20.1.0 IE11 Menu separators not being displayed
AG-2628 20.1.0 Provide capability to suppress keyboard actions from the grid More Info
Keyboard actions from the grid can now be suppressed. For example, you can get the grid to do nothing for Ctrl & C allowing you to either turn off the feature or implement your own version. This is all done via grid or column callbacks suppressKeyboardEvent().
AG-2627 20.1.0 syntax error in angular getting started guide
AG-2623 20.1.0 Getting started guides have wrong css/scss paths
AG-2622 20.1.0 Setting styles in scss doesn't work if icon path isn't specified
AG-2621 20.1.0 React + Editing: When shift+tab into a cell editor that is a popup, the editor is opened inline not in a poup
AG-2614 20.1.0 angularCompileRows does not work with deltaRowDataMode
AG-2612 20.1.0 When Pivot Mode is enabled Row Groups and Column Labels drop zones are not side by side
AG-2611 20.1.0 ie11 - Enter Key Navigation not working
AG-2604 20.1.0 Sidebar - suppressColumnExpandAll doesn't work
AG-2602 20.1.0 Rendering - Renderers are not getting called into afterGuiAttached
AG-2601 20.1.0 ie11 - Clicking the left or right arrows, OR clicking on the empty space on the scroll bar does not scroll ag-grid.
AG-2599 20.1.0 Focused cell style is overridden by pinned cell style
AG-2598 20.1.0 Docs - cellEditingStopped event incorrectly described
AG-2595 20.1.0 AutoHeight not working on IE11
AG-2593 20.1.0 Context menu didn't show when clicking outside of a row (eg filter so no rows show, then click space where rows were)
AG-2592 20.1.0 Sidebar - Special Characters are being converted into an HTML code in filter section of the side panel
AG-2591 20.1.0 SSRM - Server side row mode fails if returning no data: params.successCallback([], 0);
AG-2590 20.1.0 Angular JS - Master/Detail Checkbox Selection selects all rows
AG-2589 20.1.0 React - Warning appears when unmounting AgGridReact with cell renderer
AG-2583 20.1.0 ie11 domLayout autoHeight is not working
AG-2582 20.1.0 Export - Special characters not supported in excel export
AG-2580 20.1.0 Tree Data - Missing 'ag-row-group-expanded' and 'ag-row-group' with tree data
AG-2579 20.1.0 Aligned Grid as Footer example not working with Frameworks
AG-2578 20.1.0 Master/detail - Click events propagate from the detail grid to the master grid using AngularJs
AG-2577 20.1.0 Themes - Update material repo so that date picker works using ag-custom-component-popup
AG-2573 20.1.0 Editing - Cannot stop enter from propagating in a popup editor
AG-2572 20.1.0 Floating Filters - Floating Filter broken if filterMenuTab not included in menuTabs
AG-2570 20.1.0 SSRM - Delete unused code that performs division by 0
AG-2569 20.1.0 Print layout not working on IE11
AG-2567 20.1.0 Set Filter model cannot be set with (Blanks), via API - the grid ignores it
AG-2565 20.1.0 suppressHorizontalScroll not setting overflow to hidden
AG-2563 20.1.0 Aligned Grids - suppressHorizontalScroll doesn't work with different data sources for each grid
AG-2561 20.1.0 Context Menu - Allow for the context menu to appear when clicking on an empty area of the grid
AG-2560 20.1.0 Sidebar - refreshToolPanel doesn't refresh tool panel
AG-2556 20.1.0 Master/Detail - Dropdown button in detail row is hidden
AG-2545 20.1.0 Marry children does not work when using delta columns
AG-2543 20.1.0 Themes - Material theme ag-menu does not display box-shadow
AG-2541 20.1.0 Rendering - Fix slight misalignment of nodes in tree data when one has children and the other doesn't
AG-2540 20.1.0 Security plugins raising issue about mixed-content on our CSS files More Info
Changing xmlns from http to https creates an invalid SVG, for more info see:
AG-2539 20.1.0 Incorrect checkbox state in column picker in Column Menu and ToolPanel
AG-2535 20.1.0 Selection - Copy range down in not working since v20 (Ctrl-D)
AG-2527 20.1.0 Refresh of functional/stateless react components
AG-2519 20.1.0 Grid with 0 rows and domLayout autoHeight is broken
AG-2517 20.1.0 Cursor should be set to pointer on headers only when the column is sortable
AG-2514 20.1.0 Indentation is wrong when custom icons are used
AG-2508 20.1.0 Columns - When changing dynamically from row group on to row group off, the columns marked as rowGroup: true and hide:true, are shown, they should be hidden More Info
There is a grid property for this: 'suppressMakeColumnVisibleAfterUnGroup: true'
AG-2496 20.1.0 IE11 - Selecting multiple checkboxes while holding shift selects all text
AG-2489 20.1.0 Detail Row Height Examples incorrectly using setGridAutoHeight()
AG-2479 20.1.0 Docs - Remove clipboard paragraph that refers to events like if they were callbacks
AG-2477 20.1.0 api.purgeServerSideCache() is not mentioned under Reference > Grid API
AG-2476 20.1.0 React - clipboard example doesn't log clipboard events
AG-2468 20.1.0 Filters - If passing values to params.success synchronously the grid fails to render the filter
AG-2464 20.1.0 Editing - When tabbing into a cell, uses old values if the value has just been updated
AG-2463 20.1.0 Columns - Hidden columns used in column groups are shown if the parent column group is selected in the column menu
AG-2449 20.1.0 Change signature of event so that the api is shown as sometimes null
AG-2433 20.1.0 When using tree data with community edition (not enterprise), there is no warning displayed in the console
AG-2426 20.1.0 Filters - In range filter: Specifying 0 causes all rows to be filtered out More Info
We have the following property that provides the desired behaviour: inRangeInclusive: Set to true so that when doing inRange number filters it will include the numbers you specify as minimum and maximum, otherwise it selects only the numbers in between.
AG-2395 20.1.0 Docs - Date column in the column header examples is not sorting by date
AG-2390 20.1.0 Viewport row model - Data not updating if setting datasource and amount of records matches previous datasource
AG-2383 20.1.0 ag-grid Freezes when used with ng-bootstrap
AG-2379 20.1.0 Angular - Issues with Server Side Model Infinite Scrolling on production server
AG-2371 20.1.0 Allow getting the grid to enter in clipboard mode friendly, for the purpose of letting users select and copy from the grid
AG-2369 20.1.0 Stateless react components don't work with delta row data
AG-2365 20.1.0 Add error message/warning when colSpan> amount of available columns
AG-2364 20.1.0 Column SET filter does not apply (Blank) selection when using gridApi.setFilterModel
AG-2356 20.1.0 When using Renderer selector returning null to revert to default renderer doesn't work
AG-2351 20.1.0 Three states for header column row selection (ALL, SOME, NONE) not working after v18
AG-2338 20.1.0 SASS - Column menu does not get styles from a custom theme
AG-2335 20.1.0 IE11 - Crash when using printing examples in the docs
AG-2334 20.1.0 docs - Controlling keyboard while editing broken for all FW/s
AG-2331 20.1.0 When grouping a column with a custom renderer with an image, the column group does not render the img
AG-2330 20.1.0 agRichSelectCellEditor specifying icons as cellRenderer.params.values does not work if cellRenderer.params its a callback
AG-2326 20.1.0 Value Cache with filterValueGetter leads to incorrect values in cache
AG-2320 20.1.0 Refine typings for events to reflect that at runtime api and columnApi are always going to be provided
AG-2308 20.1.0 Grid for print example not working with firefox or IE11
AG-2306 20.1.0 Tree data doesn't unescape HTML when creating the group row nodes
AG-2305 20.1.0 Lazy row height calculation for dynamic row heights More Info
Note: This is only for Client Side Row Model. When using dynamic row height, the grid was calculating row heights for all rows in the grid when the data was set. For large data sets, this was a performance bottleneck as calculating row heights can be a time consuming operation. Now the grid only calculates the heights of rows as they are rendered, so eg if 1000 rows, but only 20 visible on the screen due to vertical scrolling, the grid calculated height of the 20 visible rows only, and calculates heights of other rows as the user scrolls down.
AG-2289 20.1.0 Better management of Column Definitions after grid is created More Info
Previous to v20.1, it was awkward to manage changes to columns via column definitions without resetting the state of the grid. Now all the properties of column definitions can be changed via the column definitions. See
AG-2264 20.1.0 Configuring AggregationPanel in status bar does not work if any other status panel is enabled
AG-2234 20.1.0 onToolPanelVisibleChanged not triggered
AG-2230 20.1.0 When using autoHeight + setFilter, the setFilter body shrinks as the user unselects values More Info
Not a bug, the popupParent config should be used to avoid this issue. See:
AG-2220 20.1.0 Master Detail + data height > viewport height + scroll down to last master row + expand + collapse. The grid scrolls to the top
AG-2205 20.1.0 Editing - problem editing when using deltaRowMode and reactive data source
AG-2194 20.1.0 Row Dragging - Mouse cursor display, is inconsistent during drag actions
AG-2185 20.1.0 New Server-side Row Model guide for Node.js with MySql
AG-2180 20.1.0 React. Custom header not detecting touch events [likely because of synthetic events]
AG-2166 20.1.0 Allow for defining Custom Filters that appear in Filter Option List
AG-2125 20.1.0 Rendering - Handle new line character in a consistent fashion
AG-2110 20.1.0 Status Bar - The Model is not loaded fully before initialising a Custom Status Bar Component More Info

The status bar components will be instantiated before the grid is fully initialised - specifically they will be initialised before any row data has been rendered.

If you have a component that you wish to work on data once it's ready (calculate the sum of a column for example) then you'll need to hook into either the gridReady or the firstDataRendered events.

AG-2106 20.1.0 Angularjs - templated cells don't update when setting new row data