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This page covers the full Changelog for all items for 8.x and above. For the Summary Changelog, or the legacy changelog covering versions 7.x and above, please go here. For a list of up and coming Bug Fixes and Features please refer to our Pipeline. Documentation for previous versions can be found here.
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AG-5733 26.0.1 Vue 3: params not available inside setup function
AG-5699 26.0.1 [Framework] Add support for grid components that use vue-class-component and/or vue-property-decorator
AG-5632 26.0.1 When using frameworks like Next.js, a race condition causes an error - ReferenceError: document is not defined
AG-5743 26.0.0 [Accessibility] Allow screen reader to announce correct row index when using column pinning R More Info
Pinned columns are rendered in a separate viewport in a different container from the ones in the unpinned area, as these need to be scrolled separately. This places the DOM elements for the pinned area out of order from the ones for the unpinned area. AG Grid manages this correctly internally and sets the aria-rowindex value correctly on each row as per the WCAG standard. However, the screen reader doesn't read read the aria-rowindex value of the row, but instead uses its internal heuristics to infer the row index itself. As the aria-rowindex value is set correctly by AG Grid but not read by the screen readers, please submit an issue with the screen reader manufacturer.
AG-5712 26.0.0 [React] When updating columns via useState hook, the refresh method on Custom Header Component doesn't fire R More Info
Workaround - implement forwardRefs and useImperativeHandle to allow the react functional component to have access to the refresh method. Then use frameworkComponents on gridOptions instead of headerComponentFramework on the column definitions:
AG-5625 26.0.0 Update and Improve Types on Angular Interfaces
AG-5623 26.0.0 [Tool Panel] Remove unused old API showToolPanel
AG-5610 26.0.0 Add -grid to framework prefixes
AG-5609 26.0.0 Add source to setColumnWidth api's
AG-5607 26.0.0 Enhance Row Auto Height Support D More Info
The way Auto Height is calculated has changed to a different pattern. The new design inspects the grid's auto height cells and changes the row height as the cells height change. This covers all of the required scenarios. Previously the Auto Height worked by copying all auto-height cells into an off-grid container and measuring its height, however the off-grid container often wasn't in sync with the grid by having different style, missing async components etc. With this new behavior, when column use auto height (colDef.autoHeight=true), there is no need to call gridApi.resetRowHeights() anymore, as the grid will automatically resize the rows when it detects a height change.

AG-5605 26.0.0 [Integrated Charts] Remove deprecated processChartOptions() grid option callback B More Info
The previously deprecated processChartOptions() callback has now been removed. Please use Theme Based Configuration going forward.
AG-5602 26.0.0 Make Column Hover and Opt In Feature More Info
Added a property columnHoverHighlight to opt into column highlighting. When this property is set, the ag-column-hover CSS class is applied to the DOM and the provided themes provide the style.
AG-5598 26.0.0 [Charts] When dynamically changing chart axes, they are not updated correctly
AG-5596 26.0.0 Vue 3 Integrated Charts Examples Broken on CI
AG-5594 26.0.0 Allow component selectors return direct references
AG-5593 26.0.0 Remove pinnedrowCellRenderer D More Info
Deprecated colDef.pinnedRowCellRenderer, colDef.pinnedRowCellRendererFramework, colDef.pinnedRowCellRendererParams. Please use cellRendererSelector instead if you want a different Cell Renderer (or params) for Pinnned Rows.
AG-5592 26.0.0 Vue 3 Integrated Charts Examples Not Working
AG-5591 26.0.0 CI Docs Deployment - FW examples not working
AG-5585 26.0.0 When using master-detail, long tooltips are clipped by the detail grid viewport instead of being wrapped on multiple lines
AG-5583 26.0.0 [Typing] getRowNode gridApi method has incorrect return type null, and actual return type undefined which isn't documented
AG-5582 26.0.0 [Row Grouping] Allow custom Cell Renderers to be used with Group Footer Rows
AG-5580 26.0.0 [Status Bar] IStatusPanelComp does not have the getFrameworkComponentInstance or setVisible or isVisible properties
AG-5579 26.0.0 When pressing CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW key to navigate into a pinned column cell, a console warning message is output
AG-5572 26.0.0 React Examples Large Data Community Features Comment Toggle Incorrect for Community
AG-5571 26.0.0 When using a long value for a column menu item, column menu gets clipped for the right-most column
AG-5570 26.0.0 [Regression] When pivoting, auto-sizing the group column doesn't make it wide enough and cell values get truncated
AG-5569 26.0.0 Vue 3 Reactivity and Composition API Support
AG-5567 26.0.0 When using server-side row model with full store, opening the last master row doesn't display a detail-level grid
AG-5563 26.0.0 The 'defaultGroupSortComparator' grid option is incorrectly named, should be renamed to 'defaultGroupOrderComparator' D More Info
The grid option 'defaultGroupSortComparator' has been deprecated, use 'defaultGroupOrderComparator' instead.
AG-5560 26.0.0 Chart tooltips can jitter in Chrome when mouse cursor is moved around
AG-5558 26.0.0 Charts - Add getChartImageDataURL() to the GridAPI B More Info
getChartImageDataURL() has been removed from the ChartModel, and is now now available through the gridAPI, `api.getChartImageDataURL()`.
AG-5549 26.0.0 When editing a cell, undoing a previous edit twice reverts the previously edited cell to the new value instead of the original one
AG-5540 26.0.0 [Regression] When scrolling the grid down, dragging a column header out of the grid doesn't remove it anymore
AG-5538 26.0.0 Type onGridSizeChanged event callback
AG-5535 26.0.0 [Regression] When the context menu is displayed, calling ensureColumnVisible doesn't scroll the viewport
AG-5524 26.0.0 [Row Grouping] Simplify configuration of Row Grouping Display Types D More Info
The following grid options have been deprecated: - groupMultiAutoColumn (use groupDisplayType = 'multipleColumns' instead) - groupUseEntireRow (use groupDisplayType = 'groupRows' instead) - groupSuppressAutoColumn (use groupDisplayType = 'custom' instead)
AG-5521 26.0.0 When calling resetColumnState, initialHide column property value not applied
AG-5512 26.0.0 When tapping a grid cell on a mobile device, cellMouseDown doesn't fire until the touch ends
AG-5510 26.0.0 When using aligned grids and scrolling horizontally using the mouse wheel, the viewport doesn't get scrolled
AG-5505 26.0.0 [Regression] When suppressing AG Grid context menu (suppressContextMenu=true) and suppressing browser context menu (preventDefaultOnContextMenu=true), right-clicking still shows browser context menu
AG-5504 26.0.0 [Regression] When using a column or group column chart, hiding a chart series, and updating chart data, hidden series becomes visible again
AG-5502 26.0.0 Update peer dependencies for the chart with React 17
AG-5499 26.0.0 [Regression] When using pivoting with a column label and checking the columns tool panel visibility checkbox for a hidden column with enableValue=true, column doesn't get added to values list or displayed in grid
AG-5496 26.0.0 Charts - createCrossFilterChart() is missing from the grid interface docs
AG-5492 26.0.0 [Regression] When expanding and collapsing a master-row quickly, master-row indexes are not valid
AG-5488 26.0.0 [Angular] When using full-row editing with custom renderer for a column that's out of view, cell renderer above the column previously out of view displays multiple cell renderer instances
AG-5487 26.0.0 [Regression] When using pivoting and hiding a value column, it's still displayed More Info
Fixed by AG-5499
AG-5486 26.0.0 When cell content including special characters, exporting to Excel produces a corrupted Excel file
AG-5475 26.0.0 [Regression] When using Internet Explorer 11 and opening a agRichSelectCellEditor, pressing the ARROW keys doesn't move focus to the items in the list
AG-5470 26.0.0 [Regression][Angular] When opening the column menu or context menu, ngDoCheck called repeatedly
AG-5469 26.0.0 [Regression] When returning an object in the tooltipValueGetter, the object gets returned as a string instead - [object Object]
AG-5468 26.0.0 When using CellRendererSelector that returns agGroupCellRenderer, innerRenderer params are not passed
AG-5467 26.0.0 When editing a cell with a popup editor and pressing ESC key, the fill handle is no longer visible for the edited cell
AG-5466 26.0.0 When using removed property stopEditingWhenGridLosesFocus (replaced by stopEditingWhenCellsLoseFocus), the console warning message isn't correct
AG-5457 26.0.0 [Regression] When using special characters for headerTooltip with enableBrowserTooltips=true, the tooltip displays an encoded version of the character
AG-5453 26.0.0 When using AG Grid Community, holding SHIFT key and double-clicking cells, you can open multiple cells for editing
AG-5451 26.0.0 [Regression] When exporting to Excel, styles are not applied to cells with null values
AG-5449 26.0.0 [Regression] When using infinite row model with 0 rows displayed, calling api.getDisplayedRowAtIndex calls getRows unnecessarily More Info
Please use server-side row model instead where this issue doesn't appear. 1. open 2. Open dev console 3. Click button above grid Actual & Expected: Console message indicating the row at 0 is null, and no getRows call is made
AG-5447 26.0.0 [Regression] When calling JSON.stringify on an integrated chart model, an exception is thrown B More Info
The chart property has been removed from the ChartModel to support serialisation. To access the chart use the new gridApi.getChartRef(chartId) which returns the chart instance.
AG-5446 26.0.0 [Regression] When using an AngularJS component within a custom cell renderer, the cell is blank
AG-5445 26.0.0 Correct react wrapper bug/typo with async changes
AG-5443 26.0.0 [Regression] When allowDragFromColumnsToolPanel: true and dragging a column in the columns tool panel, it scrolls the grid viewport to move the column instead
AG-5442 26.0.0 When you have a cell range selected and call setColumnDefs, the selected range remains visible, but is empty when accessing it via API
AG-5441 26.0.0 Missing locale string for "Total" text in pivot column group total header
AG-5440 26.0.0 [Regression] [React] When using a React-based Cell Renderer Selector, cell renderer params is empty after data update
AG-5439 26.0.0 Missing locale string for average in status bar aggregation component
AG-5424 26.0.0 [Regression] When using tooltips on the rightmost column, the right border of both custom and standard tooltip is cut off
AG-5422 26.0.0 When a column header cell is focused and then refreshed via setColumnDefs(), focus is lost
AG-5419 26.0.0 [Regression] When using React components and setting autoHeight=true, row height doesn't increase and only fits a single line of text More Info
This issue is fixed as part of row height logic changes made as part of AG-5607. If you urgently need to address this issue, we suggest using one of the two workarounds below: a) Implement your own logic for setting the row height (as cell's don't have height, it's the row that has height). What you could do is style a custom cell renderer so that its contents wrap, and put a ResizeObserver on it and when the height changes, get the height of the row to also change. b) Implement your Cell Renderer in plain JavaScript. This works fine with auto height.
AG-5416 26.0.0 [Regression] When using the fill handle to drag a number value using scientific (exponential) notation to populate more than one cell, the grid throws an exception
AG-5415 26.0.0 When exporting to an Excel file with multiple sheets with styles on one grid but not another, the exported file is corrupted
AG-5413 26.0.0 [Regression] When using specific ESLINT configs, the build fails with an error related to ag-grid-base-icons
AG-5412 26.0.0 [Row Sorting] Allow setting sort directions for each group column separately More Info
The underlying requirement to sort each level of the row group hierarchy separately is covered in AG-1153.
AG-5410 26.0.0 [Layout & Styles] Update styles to no longer use deprecated API for division (use math.div() instead) to avoid console warnings when building
AG-5409 26.0.0 [Chart] Update the Angular dependency of the ag-charts-package to the latest version of Angular
AG-5407 26.0.0 [Regression] When a column has rowGroupIndex set to null or an integer, the column gets grouped even if rowGroup is not true
AG-5405 26.0.0 When exporting a hyperlink to Excel using non-ASCII characters in the link name, the Excel file is corrupted
AG-5389 26.0.0 [Regression][Angular] When using addGlobalListener, events don't get handled
AG-5387 26.0.0 When grouping on multiple column and applying column state with a modified rowGroupIndex property the grid doesn't update
AG-5351 26.0.0 When using React v17 with a framework component and an onClick event on the grid container which contains event.stopPropagation(), the onCellClicked grid event isn't fired More Info
This is not an AG Grid issue but instead a result of an intentional change part of React 17. Please see full discussion and ways to address here:
AG-5209 26.0.0 When importing AgGridVue from the ag-grid-vue3 package - the loading overlay doesn't work
AG-5146 26.0.0 [Typing] Export interface ComponentSelectorResult through @ag-grid-community/core More Info
Due to API changes, the ComponentSelectorResult type is now removed and replaced by two separate types depending on the component: CellRendererSelectorResult CellEditorSelectorResult Please use the type corresponding to the component you're working with.
AG-5122 26.0.0 [React] Improve the speed of React component rendering More Info
Fixed when using the new React rendering mode with reactUi=true. Please use this rendering mode when using React to resolve this issue.
AG-4952 26.0.0 Cjs files are self-contained units preventing LicenseManager from recognizing the license key B More Info
The .cjs files previously included all AG Grid related dependencies. These files now only contain the relevant code for that module, which is the correct behaviour.
AG-4880 26.0.0 [Charts] Add series marker labels for Bubble / Scatter charts
AG-4775 26.0.0 Allow valueGetter to work in cells where groupHideOpenParent is used More Info
Updates made as part of this item: 1) The valueGetter and valueFormatter work when using groupHideOpenParent. 2) The property showOpenedGroup works with groupHideOpenParent (previously it did not). Using this property, there is no need for using valueGetter and valueFormater, as the example provided was using valueGetter and valueFormatter to show the opened group, which is what this property does.
AG-4724 26.0.0 [Regression] Row autoHeight doesn't work with cellRendererFramework and styled components More Info
This issue was resolved by changes in row auto-height logic made as part of AG-5607. This is why it was marked as duplicate.
AG-4541 26.0.0 [Chart] Add support for custom axis tick period
AG-4485 26.0.0 Row AutoHeight doesn't work with async components (disableStaticMarkup=true)
AG-4377 26.0.0 [Typing] Export the GroupCellRendererParams interface
AG-4028 26.0.0 [Column Filter] Allow set filter popup to be resized
AG-3944 26.0.0 [Typing] Add missing types to grid interfaces
AG-3634 26.0.0 [Charts] Add support for series marker labels in category series (line, column, stacked column, area, stacked area, etc)
AG-3411 26.0.0 [Typings] Add specific missing events and params types (overlay params types, some events)
AG-3406 26.0.0 [Columns Tool Panel] Allow user to resize/collapse the different areas (row groups, values, column labels) of the columns tool panel
AG-3279 26.0.0 [Typing] Allow for stronger typing of main classes in ag-grid
AG-2536 26.0.0 [React] React innerRenderer places a div inside a span More Info
To work around this issue, you should apply the CSS property display: inline-block; to the parent div (has a class of 'ag-react-container'). This will negate the default "block" display type of the div, so it should show inline with the other elements. This can be seen here: This is no longer an issue with the new React work (when prop reactUi=true). The new React work does not use portals, rather native React elements, so no extra span elements are getting created.
AG-2139 26.0.0 [Row Grouping] Add option to maintain group order when sorting on non-group columns
AG-2060 26.0.0 [Typescript] Add typings for onFirstDataRendered event
AG-1945 26.0.0 [Tool Panel] Allow setting Tool Panel width (current/min/max/initial)
AG-1816 26.0.0 [Row Grouping] Allow sorting on non-grouped columns when the group column is sorted with a custom comparator
AG-1153 26.0.0 [Row Grouping] Allow sort comparators defined on columns to also sort group columns
AG-5477 25.3.1 ag-grid-vue3/@ag-grid-community/vue3 reactivity broken
AG-5608 25.3.0 When providing header tooltip content, it is unnecessarily sanitised even though it's not provided by the user R More Info
This is expected behavior. If you want to render HTML content in the tooltip, please write a custom tooltip component containing this HTML content to encapsulate this better. The default column header tooltip component should mimic the browser tooltip and always escape the tooltip content. The behavior to escape tooltip content is consistent across the grid - filter , cell renderers, etc, as shown below:
AG-5590 25.3.0 When editing a group row cell in tree data, the cellRenderer init method is called instead of refresh R More Info
This cannot be fixed. As of version 26 (the next version), the Cell Renderer is completely destroyed when editing starts. This is in line with how Components work in frameworks (Angular, React etc), that when you take the Component out of the DOM, that is in effect destroying the component. So when editing starts (Cell Editor inserted into the Cell), the Cell Renderer is destroyed.
AG-5586 25.3.0 [Regression] When using tree data with groupSuppressAutoColumn: true and agGroupCellRenderer, group cell values at different levels are displayed with the same indentation R More Info
Bug in users code. They had "showRowGroup: orgHierarchy" but it should be "showRowGroup: true"
AG-5578 25.3.0 [Regression][React] When adding a prop to the grid component and then updating that prop through setState, the model updated and new columns loaded event are fired R More Info
This is error in provided plunker. The row data and column definitions are getting recreated each time the functional component is called. To get around this, the variables need to be either a) useState or b) useMemo. See updated plunker here: In the updated plunker I used useState() for row data (as this usually changes) and useMemo for column definitions. useMemo and useState and why these help is all React terms, please google :)
AG-5551 25.3.0 When defining multiple group column definitions with the same groupId, they're not logically a part of the same group More Info
This isn't a bug with AG Grid. If you supply duplicate group or col id’s they will be modified by AG Grid so they're unique. For example, if you have two groups with groupId='myGroupId", the second one will have its groupId value changed to “myGroupId_1“. However, if you want to have separate column groups with the same groupId, you can define all your child columns under the same column group and then separate the child columns when the grid is loaded. This allows the separated child columns to be merged back with the original column group they belong to, as shown here:
AG-5500 25.3.0 When the grid mixin is imported in a nested CSS declaration, nested row groups do not have the appropriate padding-left More Info
Duplicate of rejected bug AG-5404. Please see AG-5404 for more information.
AG-5489 25.3.0 [Regression] When refreshing column header (calling refreshHeader()), the column menu/filtering popups are closed R More Info
Calling refreshHeader replaces the headerElement with a new one, causing the floating filter to be left without a parent, which then, destroys it. Please use CSS applied to the column header in case you'd like to modify its style.
AG-5483 25.3.0 [Chart] When having more than 8 series in a chart, the existing series colors are repeated R More Info
The default theme includes colors for 8 series. If you have more than 8 series, you can create your own theme with as many colours as you want. Here's how to add more colors to the palette:
AG-5476 25.3.0 [Regression] When calling setRowData with setState when the debugger is run inside componentDidUpdate the grid is not displayed More Info
This is a design change rather than a regression in 25.x. Some updates will take place in the next tick, which is what is being seen here.
AG-5474 25.3.0 [Regression] When editing with an Angular/React-based custom cell editor component with a popup and stopEditingWhenCellsLoseFocus: true, the popup element closes when clicked and the cell value is not updated R More Info
Component was using the ag-custom-component-popup flag without the component being marked as a popup. Adding a method isPopup that returns true to the component fixes this.
AG-5458 25.3.0 [Regression] When using a mobile device (Android/iOS), a horizontal scrollbar is not displayed in AG Grid R More Info
Not a bug. This behavior was caused by user CSS code which prevented scrolling on mobile devices.
AG-5448 25.3.0 [Regression] When using immutable data and modifying the data path of a row as part of an update, the row order is invalid R More Info
This is expected behavior because the affected rows were filler nodes, instead of real data rows. As these filler nodes contain no data property, there won’t be any filtering/sorting available on them. In order to have filtering/sorting available, please provide all nodes as real nodes from your dataset, instead of using filler nodes. Please see our documentation for a definition of filler nodes.
AG-5436 25.3.0 [Regression] When infiniteInitialRowCount=0, the grid is displaying an initial row More Info
This is expected behavior, result of changes to ensure consistency between the infinite row model and the server-side row model. You can use a CSS Class Rule to hide the first loading row as shown here: infinite row model: server-side row model:
AG-5433 25.3.0 [Firefox] When the horizontal scrollbar is visible and you're vertically scrolling the grid using the mouse wheel in Firefox on Windows, you can't scroll using the vertical scrollbar thumb anymore R More Info
This is caused by an issue with Firefox. We have logged it here: Please upgrade to a version of Firefox that fixes this issue to address this behavior. As this isn't an issue with AG Grid, we have rejected this bug.
AG-5431 25.3.0 [Regression] When calling redrawRows() API with custom cell renderers, the cell contents flash More Info
In 25.x a new default renderer was introduced that no longer used SSR to "pre-render" cells. This resulted in far better behaviour in general but hid the fact the force refresh destroyed and recreated cells (resulting in a flicker). The solution to this is to either consider using a "soft" refresh and immutable data, or enable the legacy renderer by setting `legacyComponentRendering` on `AgGridReact`
AG-5427 25.3.0 When adding new rows via setRowData, onNewRowsAdded doesn't have access to the new nodes to update the custom filter values R More Info
You can resolve this by looping through the nodes in after a small timeout. See illustrated here: 1. Open 2. Open dev console 3. Open YEAR column filter 4. Click button above grid to add new row Actual & Expected: Console shows messages displaying all the rows (including the new ones) ======== UPDATE Should use gridApi.forEachLeafNode() instead. There is a chicken and egg with forEachNode() and the CSRM - as the CSRM doesn't process the data until AFTER the filters have had their onNewRowsLoaded() called. This is because a filter could change (eg change it's filter state) which would then impact what the CSRM does (eg grouping depends on filters, as a filter could filter out a group). However forEachLeafNode() doesn't depend on groups or filters, so can use this instead. This is what our Set Filter uses under the hood, so guaranteed to work. If we were to swap the order (eg process CSRM first, filters second) this woudl create another problem. I'll update the docs with this info for anyone else creating custom filters.
AG-5423 25.3.0 [Regression] When refreshing the row, React framework components don't have their useEffect hook fired R More Info
The effect has no dependencies, thus isn't getting called again. When a Cell Renderer is refreshed, it's render method will get called again with different parameters. To have the effect get called, it should have the parameters as dependencies, as follows: useEffect(() => { console.log("useEffect render-done") }, [e]) This is true for both current version of AG Grid wrapper, and also the new React rewrite (ReactUI=true)
AG-5418 25.3.0 [Regression][React] When using tree data and modifying any state variable, column order in the grid is reset More Info
This is a problem with how the grid uses Declarative Column Definitions. In the future, we will be changing the recommended way of configuring columns to be JavaScript Definitions. If the call moved to JavaScript Definitions, and memoised the column definitions, this would not be happening. In order to fix for now, please set the following grid property: maintainColumnOrder={true} This will stop the grid reordering the columns each time new columns are set.
AG-5408 25.3.0 [Regression] When using domLayout='autoHeight' with a single row, grid displays unnecessary whitespace that can fit a few more rows R More Info
Тhis was done on purpose, as a grid with no height looks wrong. In order to avoid the extra whitespace rendered when the grid has no rows, please apply the following CSS: .ag-center-cols-clipper { min-height: 1px !important; }
AG-5404 25.3.0 When adding a class to ag-theme-custom-component.scss, selection checkbox padding is removed R More Info
This use case is not supported because the theme selector has to be at the root level. Please should use CSS variables instead to change any style as necessary.
AG-5391 25.3.0 [Row Grouping] Allow correctly setting the group column key when using groupHideOpenParent=true and sorting to keep to group key in the top row R More Info
This is already possible. When sorting the group column values using a non-group column, you need to add an extra sort (click the two buttons above the grid and note the year column values are sorted correctly):
AG-5381 25.3.0 callout.colors theme config has no effect in pie/donut charts
AG-5369 25.3.0 When exporting to Excel with a cell background color, background colors are correctly shown by Excel but missing in Excel for Office 365
AG-5368 25.3.0 When providing an invalid filterOption for the specific filter type, the grid throws an exception - it should be a warning
AG-5366 25.3.0 [Regression] When using SSRM and expanding a group row with an empty name, the group row chevron disappears
AG-5365 25.3.0 Saving and Restoring Charts Example doesn't work with Angular
AG-5363 25.3.0 When setting deprecated Excel export property skipGroups, hundreds of console warnings are output
AG-5359 25.3.0 When using a custom column header renderer and removing a column, a handled error appears
AG-5358 25.3.0 [Regression] When infiniteInitialRowCount>1 and providing new data to the infinite row model, the custom cell renderer doesn't re-render
AG-5357 25.3.0 [Regression] When updating the filter model on a column that uses custom filter options causes the default option key to appear in the floating filter
AG-5350 25.3.0 [Regression] When using SSRM before data is loaded, sorting by a column header throws an exception
AG-5349 25.3.0 When using SSRM with storeType=full and exporting to Excel, all records are exported, not just the filtered ones
AG-5348 25.3.0 [Regression] When using immutable data and removing a column, its valueGetter still gets called
AG-5347 25.3.0 [Row Grouping] Add "Open by Default" feature to the Client Side Row Model
AG-5345 25.3.0 When typing inside a agRichSelectCellEditor to search the items the incorrect item is highlighted
AG-5344 25.3.0 [Regression] When clicking a checkbox in the columns tool panel, the shadow is clipped along the left edge
AG-5342 25.3.0 When switching to legacy mode after ClipboardAPI is blocked by the user, the pasted value is blank More Info
Only the first paste would paste a blank value, while subsequent paste operations will work fine. This initial blank pasted value is unavoidable as the browser is first trying to use the Clipboard API, and when that fails, it falls back to the old legacy workaround that AG Grid has. However the legacy workaround no longer works when we execute it directly after trying the Clipboard API. This is because of Chrome changing its behaviour around the API - this used to work before. Note that the Clipboard API is an experimental feature of Chrome, so it can change. To get around this, the grid will try the Clipboard API once. If it fails, the grid will remember and never try it again. This means the paste will fail once only, and then succeed on all subsequent attempts (after Clipboard API fails, we will only use the AG Grid legacy way going forward). In order to avoid the paste failing the first time because of the Clipboard API error, please either resolve the Clipboard API limitation (such as the user clicking DENY/BLOCK access to Clipboard API when opening the page), or set suppressClipboardApi=true to use the legacy clipboard implementation which doesn't rely on Clipboard API.
AG-5341 25.3.0 When using server-side row model with serverSideFilteringAlwaysResets: true, filter is also applied client-side
AG-5330 25.3.0 When exporting to Excel empty cell values, keyboard navigation in Excel doesn't treat them as empty
AG-5326 25.3.0 Chart axis label rotation values are not updated in the formatting panel
AG-5323 25.3.0 [Regression] When using pivot mode and groupHideOpenParent=true, exporting to Excel doesn't export the cell values, only the column header values
AG-5322 25.3.0 When setting rightAligned on a group column, its header cell value gets right-aligned, but its data cells are still aligned left
AG-5318 25.3.0 When using groupMultiAutoColumn or groupHideOpenParent with total footer row, Total string is rendered for every group in the total footer row
AG-5317 25.3.0 [Regression] When filtering using custom React-Hook filter components an exception in thrown
AG-5315 25.3.0 When setting updated columnDefs with a different minWidth value, it doesn't get applied
AG-5311 25.3.0 Treemap should not render value labels for top level tiles
AG-5308 25.3.0 When using client-side row model with row grouping, calling getRowNode on a group node returns undefined
AG-5306 25.3.0 [Docs] Update the row models comparison to indicate that update transactions are no longer available in the infinite row model
AG-5302 25.3.0 Treemap tiles titles are clipped in Safari with larger font sizes
AG-5288 25.3.0 [Regression][Angular] When using infinite row model with cellRendererFramework, ngTemplate defined in a custom control is not applied More Info
An enhancement implemented in v25.2 is that IRM no longer destroys the loading row, instead it updates its values. When the grid gets new values for a row, it checks to see if the value for a particular cell has changed, and if so it gets the Cell Renderer to refresh. If the value for that cell has not changed, the Cell Renderer is not refreshed. Because there is no field or valueGetter provided for the column containing the Cell Comp, the grid isn't aware that the value has changed. To fix, add a field or valueGetter to the column with the custom Cell Renderer. AG Grid has been updated so that it will always refresh if field, valueGetter and showRowGroup are missing (generally speaking one of these three are needed to show values, if they are all missing, then we always refresh rather than never refresh).
AG-5284 25.3.0 [Regression] When using a floating filter, floating filter inputs and button get announced by JAWS and NVDA with each cell value
AG-5283 25.3.0 [Regression] When using enableRTL=true, column header dragging causes horizontal scrollbar to immediately go all the way to the right or cycle through the columns endlessly
AG-5276 25.3.0 When using drag and drop in the grid when hosted in a modal window, the ghost icon appears can't be seen by the user because it appears below the modal window
AG-5275 25.3.0 When using print layout with a pinned group column and a multi-level column group, sorting via API moves the group column header in the auto-group column area
AG-5260 25.3.0 When setting floatingFilter property in the columnType, the value is not respected by the column
AG-5249 25.3.0 ARIA labels for row drag handles contain an invalid reference
AG-5225 25.3.0 When pressing a key when a full-width row is focused, cellKeyDown and cellKeyPress events don't get fired
AG-5224 25.3.0 When using aligned grids in Chrome with Windows Display text scaling=150%, changing zoom level to 90% causes horizontal scrollbar to slowly move to the left by itself
AG-5208 25.3.0 [Regression] When using Internet Explorer 11 with flex/resizable columns in AG Grid, the set filter popup doesn't display the distinct values in the list
AG-5207 25.3.0 When using Safari with MacOS setting "show scroll bars"="auto based on mouse or trackpad" OR "when scrolling", the AG Grid vertical scrollbar thumb cannot be dragged using the trackpad
AG-5202 25.3.0 Read Only Floating Filter Doesn't Work With Hooks or VueJS
AG-5193 25.3.0 When setting cellRendererSelector in autoGroupColumnDef, an exception is thrown
AG-5180 25.3.0 When using server-side row model with store type=FULL removing the last remaining child of a row group or tree level, an exception is thrown
AG-5162 25.3.0 When using server-side row model with full store type with grouping, defaultGroupSortComparator isn't called More Info
We have updated the code to output a warning message if defaultGroupSortComparator is used with Server-Side Row Model or Infinite Row Model. For server-side row model, storeType=full, then the client should pass the rows to the server-side row model sorted. For server-side row model, storeType=partial, then sorting is done on the server side. For Infinite Row model, sorting is done on the server side.
AG-5161 25.3.0 When using SSRM with storeType=partial and showing 0 rows in grid, calling refreshServerSideStore doesn't make a request when purge=false More Info
There's a workaround you can use until this is resolved. Just set purge: true when the grid has 0 records to ensure a data request gets made. Please see this implemented here:
AG-5139 25.3.0 When using server-side row model with full store type, returning an empty array in getRows() throws an exception
AG-5128 25.3.0 Multiple declarations of the same CSS classes with : and :: in the class name in themes fresh, dark, blue, bootstrap
AG-5121 25.3.0 [Chart] Add legend item label renderer More Info
This was closed as a duplicate of AG-3116.
AG-5116 25.3.0 When using MacOS, with Show Scroll Bars=When Scrolling, Chrome/Firefox don't show horizontal scrollbar unless you've scrolled vertically all the way down
AG-5100 25.3.0 Screen reader announces second set filter item as unchecked when it is checked
AG-5099 25.3.0 Setting fills and strokes on pie charts doesn't work for integrated charts
AG-5091 25.3.0 Allow setting the tabIndex of the Grid
AG-5035 25.3.0 When using a custom chart theme chart y-axis label rendered with rotation even though rotation=0
AG-4957 25.3.0 [API] Remove suppressSideButtons property from product and docs example More Info
'ToolPanelParams.suppressSideButtons' has no effect and doesn't belong in the columns TP params.
AG-4950 25.3.0 Checkbox Selection issues - 1) checkboxSelection not responsive to data changes 2) when checkboxSelection returns false, text values in cell are not indented
AG-4774 25.3.0 [Chart] Allow customizing the mouse pointer when over a clickable node in the chart
AG-4733 25.3.0 [Row Dragging] Allow dragging full width rows
AG-4668 25.3.0 [Chart] Allow separate properties to set X-axis and Y-Axis thickness
AG-4438 25.3.0 [Chart] Add support for bins for Integrated Charts histograms
AG-3922 25.3.0 Make series tooltips use the same value format as axis labels
AG-3724 25.3.0 [Vue] Add support for Vue Composition API
AG-3435 25.3.0 [Sidebar] Allow sidebar to be visible but the button bar to be hidden (the user will change toolpanels via API) More Info
Closed as a duplicate. Please track this requirement in AG-4240.
AG-1474 25.3.0 [Row Grouping] Allow providing a comparator for each of the grouped columns (currently only one comparator is used for grouped column sorting) More Info
Closed as a DUPLICATE of: AG-1153 [Row Grouping] Allow using different comparators for the values of each group column in the auto column group
AG-5301 25.2.1 [Regression] Build failing with error "cannot find module '@ag-grid-enterprise/excel-export'"
AG-5364 25.2.0 Screen reader announces the page title while moving focus R More Info
This isn't a bug in AG Grid. Instead, this incorrect announcement is due to an issue in NVDA when navigating from one container to another. We've logged this issue with NVDA: Once NVDA fixes this bug, you'll no longer see this incorrect announcement in NVDA.
AG-5360 25.2.0 [Regression] Website demo page doesn't finish loading in Internet Explorer 11 More Info
Our website no longer supports IE11.
AG-5354 25.2.0 When using rowClassRules with viewport row model, console exceptions are thrown for every row R More Info
These styling errors are expected behavior because it is possible for data to be missing. The client code needs to cater for this.
AG-5353 25.2.0 When using getRowClass with viewport model, an exception is thrown R More Info
Similar to AG-5352, it is possible for data to be missing. The client code needs to cater for this.
AG-5352 25.2.0 When using infinite row model or server-side row model with RowClassRules, an exception is output to console for the first row before data is set R More Info
This is a bug in the example. The Row Class Rule is as follows: 'blue-class': ' === "United States"' However ‘data’ is missing for loading rows. Thus the correct Row Class Rule should be: 'blue-class': 'data && === "United States"' Having no data present is common. It can happen for loading rows, but also it can happen for CSRM when grouping (as groups don’t have data either). What we could do is disable Cell Class Rules for loading rows, however someone could want to apply a class in this way. Ditto for when data is missing, as data missing is a valid use case, especially if CSRM grouping.
AG-5340 25.2.0 When editing a grid cell, clicking a column header cell doesn't end the cell edit R More Info
This is solved by setting the property stopEditingWhenGridLosesFocus=true. To assist, I've renamed this property to stopEditingWhenCellsLoseFocus.
AG-5329 25.2.0 When having a focused cell and sorting by clicking the column header cell pressing CTRL+C doesn't copy the focused cell value anymore R More Info
This is rejected because the current behavior is in fact correct because clicking the column header focuses it, so pressing CTRL+C has no effect. However, I implemented this behavior to return focus to the last focused cell after the user clicks a column header to sort the grid to allow pasting in the focused cell after sorting by clicking the column header. Please open plunker in a full window (using the small button above the preview):
AG-5287 25.2.0 Changing iChartOptions can mutate chart theme
AG-5282 25.2.0 [Regression] When using master-detail with dynamic detail row height without a vertical scrollbar shown, master-level records below the expanded detail don't get rendered
AG-5270 25.2.0 Document testing React Hooks with Enzyme
AG-5269 25.2.0 When using SSRM, if you call api.getDisplayedRowAtIndex on a row that is not displayed, the page will hang
AG-5262 25.2.0 When selecting multiple rows and clicking the row drag handle of the lower one, the upper one moves down to it instead of remaining in place
AG-5261 25.2.0 When using serverSideRowType=PARTIAL, isServerSideGroupOpenByDefault callback is not called
AG-5040 25.1.0 Column autoSize respects text size of cell values modified via cellClassRules but not rowClassRules More Info
The issue was caused by the specific implementation route chosen. Instead of cell class rules, you should be putting settings that alter text size in CSS classes instead of setting styles for each cell individually. In order to implement this, we recommend to instead create a CSS selector `ag-row .ag-cell` and set any setting that changes font-size there, as shown here:
AG-5036 25.1.0 Update React Props if refresh is invoked but not implemented on custom component
AG-5033 25.1.0 [React] Allow ternary expressions when adding Ag-Grid React Column More Info
Note that applyColumnDefOrder will need to be set in order for column order to be maintained.

See the Applying Column Order documentation for more information.
AG-5032 25.1.0 [Regression] Column Group expand/collapse button shown unnecessarily
AG-5029 25.1.0 When using master/detail grid, horizontal scrollbar on detail grid (using flex) flashes on/off when grid is resized R More Info
Not possible to fix. The browser is showing the scrollbar (because the contents don't fit) before the grid is given the chance to rectify the situation. We do exaggerate the problem by debouncing by 50ms, so the scrollbar is visible for longer, however even if taking the debounce out, there will still be a flicker. What the user can do to fix is use grid property suppressHorizontalScroll on the detail grid - which would then never show the horizontal scroll, which could make sense for them - however if user widens a column via the grid's UI, then this will create a UX issue for them (as no scrollbar to view all the columns).
AG-5028 25.1.0 React Component attempts to modify frozen props
AG-5021 25.1.0 Expanding groups with Footer causes the grid to lose focus
AG-5019 25.1.0 When using autoHeight on a column with paging, top area of the grid is blank after purging server-side cache
AG-5017 25.1.0 Deprecate Declarative Support for Angular D More Info
Declarative support for column definitions (i.e.
AG-5016 25.1.0 [Regression] Missing indeterminate state icon for 'Select All' checkbox in the set filter
AG-5011 25.1.0 Regression in Combination of Different Series Types Chart Example
AG-5007 25.1.0 [Regression] When updating records using tree data and immutable data records to be removed are shown as blank
AG-5006 25.1.0 [Regression] Screen readers announces clicking on the header checkbox selection as "space" instead of "checked/unchecked"
AG-5002 25.1.0 Add alwaysShowHorizontalScroll to gridOptions
AG-5001 25.1.0 For Print Example logs errors in the React FW
AG-4998 25.1.0 [Regression] React - Context not updated after a change and returns the old value
AG-4995 25.1.0 [Regression] Applying filter model in onGridReady doesn't work in v25 server-side row model
AG-4994 25.1.0 All floating filter components recreated unnecessarily when applying column state to one column
AG-4993 25.1.0 Cell editor is closed when new row is added to grid R
AG-4988 25.1.0 enableBrowserTooltips doesn't work for Headers
AG-4987 25.1.0 [Regression] Out-of-place textbox in the upper-left corner of the chart
AG-4986 25.1.0 [Regression] Pasting using ClipboardAPI doesn't work and throws an exception in Firefox More Info
Until this is resolved, temporarily revert to the old (pre-v25) Clipboard API by setting: suppressClipboardApi: true This is demonstrated in this sample:
AG-4985 25.1.0 Improved performance for when 100+s of columns
AG-4979 25.1.0 dnd-ghost isn't rendered when grid is on fullscreenMode
AG-4972 25.1.0 [Angular] Master-Detail - detailRowAutoHeight does not work in Angular with customDetailCellRenderer R More Info
Not a bug. To fix, include the following CSS. app-detail-cell-renderer { display: inline-block; } Basically Angular leaves in the Angular DOM elements which don't have any style by default, including not getting sized correctly.
AG-4971 25.1.0 [Regression] When using server-side row model with paging, pagination panel showing "1 to ? of more"
AG-4970 25.1.0 When using infinite scrolling, pressing CTRL+DOWN ARROW causes grid to lose focus
AG-4969 25.1.0 [Regression] All previously loaded cell renderers refresh when a new data block is loaded
AG-4968 25.1.0 [Regression] Set filter - filterParams.cellRenderer throws error when given null/empty string/undefined data value
AG-4965 25.1.0 [Regression] Horizontal scrollbar flickers off and on for specific grid height R More Info
This flickering happens because the size of the viewport is changing from page to page when using paginationAutoPageSize:true. There are 2 ways to resolve this depending on the layout you want: 1) Set `flex: 1` or `sizeColumnsToFit` - this will change the column layout 2) Set alwaysShowHorizontalScrollbar: true to always display a horizontal scrollbar, keeping the column layout
AG-4962 25.1.0 When clicking a grouped row, the grid returns two rows with the same rowIndex
AG-4961 25.1.0 ClipboardApi doesn't work when grid is hosted in an iframe More Info
Until this bug is resolved, temporarily revert to the old (pre-v25) Clipboard API by setting: suppressClipboardApi: true This is demonstrated in this sample:
AG-4955 25.1.0 When enableRTL=true and zooming (to produce certain resolutions) horizontal scrollbar doesn't scroll viewport at all and scrolls headers in opposite direction
AG-4949 25.1.0 Add Angular 11 to list of peerDependencies
AG-4948 25.1.0 [Regression] Cannot paste a copied single value in multiple cells anymore
AG-4947 25.1.0 [Typings] API Method setModel(model: ProvidedFilterModel) doesn't accept set filter models, just ProvidedFilterModel
AG-4946 25.1.0 [Regression] When scrolling fast vertically, React cell renderer throws console exception "React Component not created within 500ms"
AG-4944 25.1.0 npm install ag-grid-angular breaks on Angular 11/npm 7.3/node 15.5.1
AG-4942 25.1.0 [Regression] After a column is made invisible, Column Header Component Framework still renders its header text
AG-4941 25.1.0 Browser freezes if getRowHeight() returns zero
AG-4938 25.1.0 CSRM and Transactions, empty groups are not removed
AG-4915 25.1.0 [Typing] setModel method doesn't allow null parameters needed to reset filter
AG-4914 25.1.0 Applying column state to one grid doesn't propagate to aligned grids
AG-4913 25.1.0 [Regression] Column visibility change events don't propagate across aligned grids
AG-4904 25.1.0 Allow theming chart axes by position
AG-4902 25.1.0 Floating filter input value doesn't get reset after changing to a custom filter operator
AG-4901 25.1.0 When using specific numeric values with decimal fraction parts, aggregated value is incorrect R
AG-4899 25.1.0 Grid container with fractional width value causes unnecessary horizontal scrollbar at zoom level = 150%
AG-4897 25.1.0 Starting a column drag near the border of a column header element and dropping in the group panel doesn't remove column from column headers
AG-4894 25.1.0 When using multi-filter, the first time the set filter is modified, onFilterModified has filterInstance model= null
AG-4891 25.1.0 [Regression] Changing suppressMovable from true to false does not work using setColumnDefs
AG-4890 25.1.0 [Regression] Grid filter not refreshed after setting a modified filterModel More Info
Until this is addressed, please use a workaround as shown in this sample: 1. Open 2. Open filter for LETTER column 3. Uncheck 'C' 4. Click SET FILTER BUTTON above grid to remove 'b' from filterModel and reapply filter Actual & Expected: Only row 'a' remains in grid
AG-4879 25.1.0 When using column groups with marryChildren=true and applying partial column state using the applyOrder=true, marryChildren is not respected for the column group that was partially updated More Info
Two things were done when applyOrder=true is passed to applyColumnsState: a) Columns missing the the state list were previously ignore and thus ended up in unintended locations. Now columns that are missing are added to the end in the same order they were before. b) After the new order of all columns is worked out, if it breaks rules of Married Children, then the new order is discarded and the state is applied as if applyOrder=false.
AG-4878 25.1.0 [Regression] Row-drag handle not displayed in cells after column definitions are updated and refreshCells is called
AG-4872 25.1.0 Filter menu closes when filtering values causes a scroll (ag-grid-community only)
AG-4861 25.1.0 In a numeric column sort, NaN and null values are not sorted correctly R
AG-4834 25.1.0 Column group hides completely when hiding its last visible column when there's a sub-group
AG-4827 25.1.0 Pasting a value when the grid is partially out of view scrolls the page up to headers then back down to pasted cell
AG-4804 25.1.0 When enableRTL=true on certain resolutions (with browser zoom), horizontal scrollbar scrolls viewport but column headers scroll lags or scrolls in opposite direction
AG-4790 25.1.0 [Chart] Add a formatter for chart legend items
AG-4784 25.1.0 [Column Filters] Allow text filter to keep trailing white space while the user is typing
AG-4750 25.1.0 [Chart] Add event for legendClick
AG-4738 25.1.0 [Regression] Pressing TAB key no longer allows to move from one floating filter editor to another R
AG-4709 25.1.0 [Excel Export] Allow returning Excel export file in Object format (as BLOB)
AG-4679 25.1.0 [Frameworks] None of the frameworks allow range selection in detail grid
AG-4513 25.1.0 [Excel export] getDataAsExcel does not match exportDataAsExcel, xlsx not supported
AG-4459 25.1.0 [Frameworks] Remove warnings when using v23+ with Angular version More Info
We will not be addressing this issue in v23 where it was reported. This issue is no longer reported in subsequent ag-Grid versions. This is why we encourage you to update to a newer version of ag-Grid which doesn't issue these npm warnings.
AG-3787 25.1.0 [Keyboard Navigation] Allow keyboard navigation for full-width group rows (groupUseEntireRow: true)
AG-3756 25.1.0 groupHideOpenParents is not respected in Excel export
AG-3710 25.1.0 When keyboard navigating into a full-width row using the TAB key, grid loses focus
AG-3572 25.1.0 [Updating Data] Allow suppressing sort and/or grouping after updating data unless the user requests another sort/group More Info
To prevent sorting, filtering and grouping after an update transaction, set the grid property suppressModelUpdateAfterUpdateTransaction=true. There is a new example in the docs in the Transactions page.
AG-3482 25.1.0 [React] Adjust ag-grid react naming conventions so that they adapt to the default ts-lint provided by create-react-app
AG-3263 25.1.0 Resizing pinned columns when using domLayout='print' breaks column headers layout
AG-3028 25.1.0 [Charts] Add Treemap Chart Series
AG-1583 25.1.0 [React] Improve life cycle of call when calling setFilterModel on a React filter component
AG-113 25.1.0 [Scrolling] Allow always showing scrollbars More Info
The `alwaysShowHorizontalScrollbar` and `alwaysShowVerticalScroll` can be used to always display both scrollbars.
AG-4964 25.0.1 [Regression] When using immutable data, group records without any child records are no longer removed from grid
AG-4954 25.0.1 [Regression] Dragging a column header out of the grid doesn't remove it anymore
AG-4829 25.0.1 [Regression][React] Column visibility change events don't propagate across aligned grids
AG-5307 25.0.0 [Github packaging] Github source code for ag-grid-enterprise v23.1.0 contains code for v25.0.0
AG-4909 25.0.0 Add support for synchronous callbacks when using hooks
AG-4907 25.0.0 Accessing a missing field returns undefined, while accessing a property of a missing field returns null
AG-4905 25.0.0 Applying column filter state via applyColumnState resets page index when using server-side row model More Info
Tested and works in v25.0.1. This plunker demonstrates:
AG-4885 25.0.0 [Chart] In scatter series, having a series with a just one distinct X-value creates an invalid X-axis range
AG-4884 25.0.0 [Regression] Vertically scrolling fast causes bottom rows to appear as whitespace
AG-4867 25.0.0 [Regression] agSelectCellEditor long text items wrapped on multiple lines over each other instead of shortened with ellipsis (...)
AG-4866 25.0.0 [Regression] Calling setColumnDefs twice throws an exception
AG-4860 25.0.0 Scatter charts render invalid data points at the top left corner of the chart (shouldn't be rendered)
AG-4841 25.0.0 [Chart] nodeClick event doesn't fire for integrated charts More Info
Fixed by AG-4760 - Support nodeClick and seriesNodeClick in themes and on touch devices.
AG-4838 25.0.0 [Accessibility] Allow setting the aria-label in the row selection checkbox
AG-4832 25.0.0 NPM 7.0 throws exception upon installing ag-grid with React v17.0.0
AG-4828 25.0.0 [Column Header] Allow headerValueGetter to use different values for params.location to distinguish between header, columnToolPanel and filterToolPanel
AG-4812 25.0.0 When user presses CTRL+C, grid unnecessarily scrolls to focused cell thus triggering unneeded data request
AG-4811 25.0.0 While selecting rows with SHIFT+click, the selected rows range cannot be reduced
AG-4805 25.0.0 [Regression] When setting multiple filtering conditions in date filter, time is unnecessarily added to floating filter input value
AG-4803 25.0.0 [Regression] Multi-column sort order changes unexpectedly
AG-4798 25.0.0 Using setModel() does not apply filter if providing async values in filterParams
AG-4795 25.0.0 [Regression] Custom filter options are not localized by a call to localeTextFunc
AG-4792 25.0.0 If range selection is not enabled, it's not possible to paste single cells
AG-4787 25.0.0 Add Cross Filtering to Integrated Charts
AG-4786 25.0.0 [Regression] When using Chrome on an Android device, column groups fail to expand on touch
AG-4785 25.0.0 [Regression] Right-clicking a cell to open context menu doesn't select cell to indicate which cell was clicked
AG-4783 25.0.0 [Website] Set filter showing duplicate (Select All) and broken image on home page
AG-4778 25.0.0 [Internet Explorer 11] Typing in outside text input enters text in the last open agLargeTextCellEditor in the grid
AG-4777 25.0.0 Implement support for simultaneous grouping and stacking in bar series
AG-4776 25.0.0 [Docs] Selecting data for export example doesn't work when only exporting selected rows to CSV or Excel
AG-4772 25.0.0 [Internet Explorer 11, Firefox] Number filter value editor doesn't apply validation and allows entering text values
AG-4769 25.0.0 colDef.minWidth ignored when minWidth == 0
AG-4767 25.0.0 [Regression] Horizontal scrolling breaks at specific zoom levels (due to invalid call to isIOSUserAgent in shouldBlockScrollUpdate)
AG-4760 25.0.0 Support nodeClick and seriesNodeClick in themes and on touch devices
AG-4759 25.0.0 [Regression] When using enableRTL=true, scrolling all the way left breaks horizontal scrolling
AG-4758 25.0.0 [Column Tool Panel] Calling api.setColumnDefs() resets the expanded state of column groups in column tool panel