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This page covers the full Changelog for all items for 8.x and above. For the Summary Changelog, or the legacy changelog covering versions 7.x and above, please go here. For a list of up and coming Bug Fixes and Features please refer to our Pipeline. Documentation for previous versions can be found here.
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Key Issue
AG-4040 23.0.3 [Frameworks] Decorator Metadata not present for Angular7 Applications
AG-4013 23.0.2 Can’t import legacy-v22 material theme style sheet in v23
AG-4010 23.0.2 Update integrated chart examples to set the document.body as the popupParent
AG-4009 23.0.2 Regression: filter icon does not show in Filters Tool Panel when filtering
AG-4006 23.0.2 Setting cellHeight in set filter list no longer works
AG-3990 23.0.2 Correct standalone charts examples on
AG-3989 23.0.2 Correct FW typings for ag-Charts
AG-3984 23.0.2 Input field's box-shadow is cut-off when it is the first item in a cell-wrapper
AG-3983 23.0.2 Docs Typo Balahm should be Balham in Migrating to v23
AG-3979 23.0.2 Regression: Starting CellEdit by typing positions the caret in front of the value
AG-3969 23.0.2 DOCS: Angular Material example not working in Plunker
AG-3200 23.0.2 gridApi.getFilterInstance returns null the first time it is called when reactNext=true and using a filter framework component
AG-3973 23.0.0 "Investigate memory related performance issue when update data with React and Redux"
AG-3934 23.0.0 Types for loadingOverlayComponentParams + noRowsOverlayComponentParams missing from gridOptions
AG-3930 23.0.0 Internationalisation - Add Column Tool Bar '(None)' label to localeText
AG-3912 23.0.0 Docs : typo on Cell styles page
AG-3910 23.0.0 Floating filter getting out of sync with the main filter
AG-3909 23.0.0 Using DeltaRowDataMode, the filter doesn't get applied when the store is set to empty
AG-3900 23.0.0 filter + applyButton requires enter key before the button works R More Info
Hitting Enter on the search text field and hitting Apply do different functions. It wouldn't be correct to combine their functions. Hitting Apply means Apply the filter and have the grid refresh (using the new filter). Hitting Enter means select all displayed values inside the filter. If the Apply button is present, then the user must also hit Apply in order for the newly selected filter values to take effect and get applied into the grid. If you do not want this two stage process, then the recommendation is to get rid of the Apply button. Then the user will simply enter text and hit Enter. By removing the need to hit Enter would stop the filter from working as intended, where it should be possible to include different lists of values. For example right now you can do the following: 1. Clear the filter (uncheck 'Select All'). 2. Put 'Vicky' into the search field. 3. Select 'Select All' to select all Vickys. 4. Put 'Phelps' into the search field. 5. Select 'Select All' to select all Phelps. 6 Hit Apply. The result here would be to show all Phelps AND Vikcys. However if you hit Enter at step 5 instead of selecting 'Select All', then Vicky's would become unselected. The feature on Enter unselecting other values makes it unsuitable to combine with Apply. The best usage of using Enter is to remove the Apply button.
AG-3896 23.0.0 Remove import breaking TS 3.7+ in dateFilter
AG-3893 23.0.0 DOCS - some of the filter options links are broken on the provided simple filters page
AG-3892 23.0.0 Include Downloader in ag-grid-community exports
AG-3891 23.0.0 Include PropertyKeys in ag-grid-community exports
AG-3888 23.0.0 Typings: Add typescript typings to valueFormatterParams R
AG-3887 23.0.0 Using the arrowkeys in the agRichSelectCellEditorcauses the page to move up/down
AG-3882 23.0.0 Regression: As of version 22, grids inside a flexbox container are given a height of 0. R More Info
The height should either be explicitly set the height or display: flex. Alternatively domLayout: 'autoHeight' can be used.
AG-3881 23.0.0 When some columns are hidden, the behaviour in the select-all checkbox in the columnsMenuTab is unpredictable
AG-3880 23.0.0 Set Filter + Floating Filter: Incorrect count of rows after external filtering
AG-3876 23.0.0 Tabbing whilst in editing mode causes the focus to shift to the cell before R More Info
Example was missing focus handling in the custom cell renderer : MyCellEditor.prototype.afterGuiAttached = function() { this.eGui.focus(); }
AG-3873 23.0.0 Add Grid and Column API to IServerSideGetRowsParams
AG-3866 23.0.0 Docs: flex numbers don't add up
AG-3865 23.0.0 FillHandler doesn't handle strings which start with a number.
AG-3864 23.0.0 Regression - Custom Group Display Columns no longer show in the Filter Tool Panel R
AG-3862 23.0.0 localeText for searchOoo is not updating dynamically
AG-3861 23.0.0 valueFormatter, valueParser and pinnedRowValueFormatter are wrongly typed
AG-3852 23.0.0 react: cellRenderer being remounted when updating
AG-3849 23.0.0 DOCS - Angular Component using RxJs Examples are dead
AG-3847 23.0.0 When clicking select All in the columnsMenuTab the columns which have suppressToolPanel flag also gets hidden
AG-3846 23.0.0 SSRM - sorting on auto group column breaks when fields and ids are different
AG-3837 23.0.0 Perform filtering in the Columns Tool Panel when columns are changed
AG-3827 23.0.0 Column tool panel search field uses incorrect locale key
AG-3824 23.0.0 Docs - i18n docs missing clearFilter in localeText
AG-3817 23.0.0 License key is not valid when key contains accented characters e.g. u with two dots
AG-3814 23.0.0 Rich select editor icons flash when mouse hovers over one in latest Chrome R
AG-3813 23.0.0 Fill handle doesn't work with properly with single click editing More Info
This is due to a quirk in MacOS in the way it emulates keypresses in trackpads.
AG-3812 23.0.0 dndSource: true doesn't breaks when used with preventDefaultOnContextMenu
AG-3808 23.0.0 onNewRowsLoaded doesn't work with delta row data mode R More Info
This is default behaviour in the grid as of version 22. Use suppressSyncValuesAfterDataChange =true to apply previous behaviour.
AG-3807 23.0.0 csvCreator is not being imported when importing ClipboardModule
AG-3805 23.0.0 autoSize does not work as expected when header font size is changed
AG-3802 23.0.0 Migrate ag-grid-angular / @ag-grid-community/angular to use CLI for build B More Info
Angular 6+ is now the minimum supported version Angular.
AG-3795 23.0.0 Regression: enableCellTextSelection causes numeric columns to be left aligned
AG-3790 23.0.0 Vue component not found if not within immediate parent
AG-3788 23.0.0 FiltersToolPanel search is case sensitive
AG-3786 23.0.0 SSRM + Pagination, navigating to a row which has not been loaded yet throws an error
AG-3783 23.0.0 DOCS: ILoadingOverlayComponentAngularComp is included for no reason in angular example
AG-3780 23.0.0 When nesting columns 2 levels the show/hide chevron is shown in the wrong direction R More Info
Working as per design
AG-3778 23.0.0 autoHeight not working with angularJS + cell renderer
AG-3772 23.0.0 DOCS: When resizing column with a custom date component, the floating filter icon becomes hidden
AG-3768 23.0.0 Delete key does not work while editing a cell in IE11
AG-3766 23.0.0 Using onChartOptionsChanged to copy the title across as user changes the chart type is not working R
AG-3762 23.0.0 Framework Wrappers for Charts
AG-3759 23.0.0 REGRESSION: cellHeight does not apply to setColumnFilter
AG-3755 23.0.0 It is possible to paste into non-editable cells when 'suppressClipboardPaste=true'
AG-3753 23.0.0 rowDeselect: false doesn't work when changing selection by pressing the space bar
AG-3752 23.0.0 When enableRangeSelection=true it's possible to paste a value into a non editable field
AG-3751 23.0.0 Regression: Select All checkbox in sidebar/columnsMenuTab does not select hidden columns
AG-3750 23.0.0 Building SCSS locally does not produce the same CSS as our official css (ag-row-group-indent-x is different for each of the different flavors) R
AG-3749 23.0.0 NPM ag-grid documentation references old ag-grid package
AG-3747 23.0.0 screen reader: pressing the modifier-key & arrows to navigate, focus should also change R
AG-3745 23.0.0 getChartModels throws error when chart has no series and category
AG-3743 23.0.0 getFirstDisplayedRow seems to be fixed, regardless of scroll position R More Info
As per docs: " getFirstDisplayedRow() Get the index of the first displayed row due to scrolling (includes not visible rendered rows in the buffer)" If this behaviour is not desired set: 'gridOptions.rowBuffer=0'
AG-3740 23.0.0 Regression - Overlay no longer stops grid interactivity
AG-3738 23.0.0 IE 11: Inline editor text selection does't go away when the focus moves to the drop down
AG-3737 23.0.0 "X" icon doesn't reset filter in Edge
AG-3736 23.0.0 Fill handles can’t handle strings including numbers and letters
AG-3734 23.0.0 Charts - removing all series from the data problem logs an error
AG-3733 23.0.0 Regression: When pasting an empty cell, the cell to the right of the focused cell becomes empty as well
AG-3731 23.0.0 Charts do not fully support negative numbers
AG-3727 23.0.0 Regression - Reset row height not working as expected (this.gridApi.resetRowHeights)
AG-3720 23.0.0 Regression: Auto height not working with cell renderer
AG-3717 23.0.0 Regression - Pasting with row selection clears first cell of next row from v22.1.0
AG-3716 23.0.0 Toggle paste off does not disable the pasting of a row
AG-3714 23.0.0 Add types ag-grid-enterprise
AG-3713 23.0.0 Docs - Exported module for SetFilter should be SetFilterModule not ServerSideRowModule
AG-3708 23.0.0 Regression - Mini filter text value is not kept anymore after receiving delta updates
AG-3707 23.0.0 rangeSelectionChanged event.finished / started flags are not as expected
AG-3705 23.0.0 Filter popup disappears when vertical scrollbar visibility toggles R More Info
This is not a grid issue. The example adds a scrollbar to the div containing the grid which causing the grid to resize (in windows + chrome)when no rows exist, hence causing the floating filter popup to disappear. Note this doesn't happen on the demo page.
AG-3704 23.0.0 React getting started guide stackblitz example is using module import instead of package import
AG-3703 23.0.0 Regression Pasting empty strings ('') from clipboard will edit two grid cells
AG-3702 23.0.0 Columns Tool Panel - lockVisible breaks when filtering + select all checkbox is used
AG-3696 23.0.0 IsColumnFuncParams missing from core exports
AG-3695 23.0.0 innerRenderer does not get called on null values R
AG-3694 23.0.0 Clipboard module missing from ag-grid-enterprise
AG-3693 23.0.0 Charts - Charts Panel does not work with custom theme
AG-3691 23.0.0 Pagination + SSRM + Expanding last row in last page loaded (next row causes a getRows call): Causes pagination to break
AG-3687 23.0.0 Spike - create dynamic charts API explorer
AG-3686 23.0.0 numericColumns are not aligned correctly with a cellWrapper
AG-3685 23.0.0 SPIKE: Create charts react wrapper and example
AG-3683 23.0.0 SPIKE: Run a React app within docs
AG-3681 23.0.0 SetFilter not exported
AG-3679 23.0.0 DOCS: Row Pinning: add domLayout='print' to 'Non Supported Items'
AG-3678 23.0.0 Add additional chart lifecycle events to aid persisting charts
AG-3677 23.0.0 horizontal scrollbar flicker in the pagination with groups example in the docs
AG-3676 23.0.0 Drop down menu in filter too wide when first clicked in IE11
AG-3673 23.0.0 Undo/Redo not working with Redux More Info
Externalizing the row state, in this case using a Redux Store, means the grid can't reliably undo / redo cell edits. A redux based undo / redo solution should be implemented instead.
AG-3672 23.0.0 Move charts core to new package
AG-3671 23.0.0 Regression: react/jest repository does not work in latest version R More Info
JSDOM 14+ is required for this - two steps are required: 1: npm install --save-dev jest-environment-jsdom-fourteen 2: update package.json to have: "test": "react-scripts test --verbose=false --env=jsdom-fourteen",
AG-3667 23.0.0 Docs (Status Bar) does not mention that the user needs to provide his own components for SSRM
AG-3665 23.0.0 Fill handle in RTL mode is in wrong position
AG-3662 23.0.0 Column Flex is not working when expanding and contracting Column Groups
AG-3657 23.0.0 Vue: Getting Started: dependency not found: ag-grid-vue
AG-3649 23.0.0 Select dropdown events don't work in IE/Edge
AG-3647 23.0.0 Format panel updates ignored when switching Categories from 'Group' to '(None)'
AG-3636 23.0.0 Clicking on column header in chrome mobile emulator mode produces error
AG-3633 23.0.0 onDragStarted is fired when a range is selected
AG-3631 23.0.0 DOCS: functionsReadOnly hyperlink leads to wrong page
AG-3630 23.0.0 Docs: the export for the server side row model model is incorrectly shown as ServerSideRowModule when actually is ServerSideRowModelModule
AG-3619 23.0.0 keyCreator not called when used with SSRM R More Info
When using the SSRM + Set Filter - the keyCreator isn't invoked as values are provided rather than obtained from the data.
AG-3617 23.0.0 columnVisible event source is incorrect when select/unselect all checkbox is clicked
AG-3592 23.0.0 REGRESSION: preventDefaultOnContextMenu + suppressContextMenu prevent cell selection
AG-3577 23.0.0 autoheight on autoGroupColumn does not work in SSRM
AG-3564 23.0.0 Internationalisation - Add Columns Tool Panel Column Filter to localeText
AG-3561 23.0.0 When columnDefs undefined side panel renders all extra filter checkboxes
AG-3558 23.0.0 CellChangedEvent does not include oldValue
AG-3551 23.0.0 Regression: Custom date filters no longer take hour/seconds into account
AG-3538 23.0.0 calling autoSizeAllColumns in onFirstDataRendered does not work when grouping
AG-3536 23.0.0 groupIncludeFooter: true + groupHideOpenParents: true + Causes the chevron for the group to appear at the group node AND the total node
AG-3530 23.0.0 lockPosition: true + enableRowGroup: true + suppressMovable: true: Prevents a column that should be possible to group by to be drag and drop into the row group panel
AG-3520 23.0.0 valueParser is not invoked when pasting values R
AG-3506 23.0.0 SSRM + Pagination + Wrapping : last page breaks when going to it from first load
AG-3420 23.0.0 add in callback params for drag events (ie onDragStarted)
AG-3417 23.0.0 getFocusedCell returns the previous focused cell even when the user has remove the focus from the grid
AG-3410 23.0.0 React - Data Change Can Result In Flicker
AG-3275 23.0.0 cellRenderer+React+autoHeight not calculating height correctly - setTimeout(api.resetRowHeights()) is a workaround
AG-3203 23.0.0 Charts - Add API to download charts
AG-3197 23.0.0 Some properties specified via ColumnType are not inherited (ie marryChildren, headerName…) R More Info
Column Types are designed to work on Columns only, i.e. they won't be applied to Column Groups. Docs have been updated to explicitly state this.
AG-3110 23.0.0 Allow charts to be created outside of grid
AG-3102 23.0.0 Create warning in console when using properties (groupDefaultExpanded, groupIncludeFooter, groupIncludeTotalFooter) with SSRM
AG-2956 23.0.0 When using suppressDragLeaveHidesColumns and dragging a column outside the viewport, don't show the hide icon on the ghost as it is missleading
AG-2910 23.0.0 Error when clicking onto a row with pressed shift key for server-side row model
AG-2832 23.0.0 New Theme Alpine
AG-2785 23.0.0 Allow customizing the timeout times to show/hide the tooltip
AG-2472 23.0.0 Column Menu - Focus menu when it is invoked, and allow keyboard navigation
AG-2261 23.0.0 Allow configuring the text associated to the label on rowDrag
AG-2172 23.0.0 Set Filter - sync filter values for the column after data updates
AG-2025 23.0.0 Add keyboard navigation to context menu
AG-1782 23.0.0 Filter - add internationalisation for In Range filter
AG-3712 22.1.1 Regression: Column tool panel doesn't allow dragging into column header anymore More Info
Enable the following gridOption: 'allowDragFromColumnsToolPanel'.
AG-3666 22.1.1 Material theme $ag-header-background-color Sass var doesn't work
AG-3660 22.1.1 Regression - SASS variables ignored using custom themes if using un-prefixed (ag-) variable names, they are meant to be deprecated, not discontinued More Info
On the meantime, this can be workaround by adding ag- to all the variables the user was using prior to the update
AG-3654 22.1.1 When suppressColumnToolPanel: true you can still toggle hidden columns from sidebar checkbox
AG-3639 22.1.0 suppressPaste config doesn't work when pasting into Range
AG-3627 22.1.0 Purging Infinite Cache doesn't preserve scroll position
AG-3624 22.1.0 Undeprecate legacy packages
AG-3622 22.1.0 Omitting browserDatePicker from colDef causes error in Edge but not Chrome
AG-3620 22.1.0 onCellDoubleClicked event is fired twice
AG-3612 22.1.0 Pasting cells beyond grid size raises error
AG-3611 22.1.0 If there is no data to plot for a line series, it just plots a marker in the top left corner of the chart
AG-3610 22.1.0 Charts are blinking when type is changed in the options panel
AG-3609 22.1.0 Regression: cells should render left-to-right, not right-to-left
AG-3605 22.1.0 Regression: pivotColumnGroupTotals is not expandable on secondary columns when set to 'before'
AG-3603 22.1.0 Add ability to register modules globally
AG-3602 22.1.0 React - add documentation on returning null in renderers
AG-3601 22.1.0 When using a plain JSON object to describe a datasource for infinite row model, the grid warns that getRows should only have one param (it works if using class / new)
AG-3600 22.1.0 React - memoized functions don't render
AG-3599 22.1.0 Add 'Reset Filter' button to provided filters which clear filter UI and removes active filter
AG-3598 22.1.0 Browser tooltips display HTML numeric codes for special characters
AG-3594 22.1.0 Improve performance of setRowCount in the Viewport Row Model More Info
It is possible to prevent unwanted row redraws when setRowCount: (count:number, keepRenderedRows?: boolean) => void is invoked by supplying 'keepRenderedRows = true'.
AG-3587 22.1.0 Docs - Materials examples not working in v22
AG-3586 22.1.0 CSV Export - If fileName contains ‘.' the grid doesn’t add .csv extension R
AG-3585 22.1.0 React - multiple invocations of showNoRowsOverlay result in multiple overlays
AG-3582 22.1.0 Charts - add "paired mode" for scatter charts
AG-3580 22.1.0 getRowStyle, getRowClass and rowClassRules are called 3 times for each node R
AG-3578 22.1.0 Remove warning message when using Select / Collapse All in the columns tool panel
AG-3575 22.1.0 When pinning a row and Ctrl + A copying to clipboard, only first pinned row is pasted
AG-3568 22.1.0 Charts - When charting aggregated columns with XY Bubble chart the X and Y axis shows an incorrect scale
AG-3566 22.1.0 Charts - Regression Error when charting XY bubble chart with aggregated columns
AG-3560 22.1.0 Transaction Batches are being processed one by one instead of all at once
AG-3557 22.1.0 Adding 'allowDragFromColumnsToolPanel' property to FW's
AG-3556 22.1.0 firstDataRendered event is called before gridReady event when rowData is bound before initialisation
AG-3531 22.1.0 REGRESSION: updating data + delta row mode + getValue does not return the updated value in group nodes R More Info
No aggFunc is defined on this column so the value getter won't get invoked for group nodes as delta row mode is enabled.
AG-3526 22.1.0 Column minWidth / maxWidth is ignored by initial width
AG-3517 22.1.0 Cell text selection bleeds into other cells when double-clicking text while column is set to not
AG-3514 22.1.0 Last row of pasting data is deleted if it is empty and only first cell selected
AG-3510 22.1.0 valueFormatter is firing but not refreshing the cell if the logic is based on another cell changing More Info
This is not meant to work by design, if you want your formatter to work on the back of change detection, you will need to give to that column a valueGetter that will trigger the change detection.
AG-3505 22.1.0 REGRESSION: columnGroupShow causes column headers to stack on top of eachother
AG-3497 22.1.0 Microsoft Edge - Paste does not work when selecting a range
AG-3496 22.1.0 calling setSuppressRowDrag(false) does not work when column definition defines row drag with a function
AG-3495 22.1.0 columnApi not available in cellClassRules callback when exporting
AG-3484 22.1.0 Docs - Vue custom floating filter example declares buildModel, but it does not seem to be ever invoked
AG-3480 22.1.0 Sanitize width colDef.width property as this is vulnerable to an injection attack
AG-3475 22.1.0 DOCS typo columnApi.setVisible() should be renamed to columnApi.setColumnVisible()
AG-3462 22.1.0 Series tooltip xValue can be empty if top level label(s) of GroupedCategoryAxis are empty
AG-3456 22.1.0 Make keepDetailRows / suppressRefresh into callback functions instead of absolute values More Info
These callbacks are not necessary as the required behaviour can be achieved by returning true in the refresh() of the custom component (i.e. MyCustomDetailCellRender.refresh).
AG-3451 22.1.0 Regression - Rendering race condition, the grid is partially destroyed by the time it stills receives calls.
AG-3450 22.1.0 Materials theme + Master/Detail - agRichSelectCellEditor causes detail grid to shift out of view
AG-3442 22.1.0 isAnimationQueueEmpty() is returning incorrect values
AG-3441 22.1.0 Dragging with Tree Data example bug, when dragging a group node inside another group the chevron loses its state
AG-3438 22.1.0 custom filter options + hideInput causes floating filters to be disabled, even after clearing the filter
AG-3404 22.1.0 sizecolumnstofit + minWidth: Unexpected behavior when resizing
AG-3395 22.1.0 [DOCS - Changelog] Items flag as Done / Rejected appear as Done / Solved
AG-3393 22.1.0 Floating filter + Populate filter with option other than 'equals' + Clear Filter button. The floating filter does not get reset More Info
This issue has been addressed by introducing a new 'Reset Filter' button which clears the filter UI and removes any active filters. Tracked by AG-3393.
AG-3387 22.1.0 DOCS: TypeScript error in Angular getting started docs @ViewChild('agGrid') missing an argument
AG-3374 22.1.0 Add support for more than two axes
AG-3350 22.1.0 Charts - grid fails to interpret ChartDataType when rowData is generated only with valueGetter
AG-3330 22.1.0 DOCS- Status bar - angular example is using the wrong imports and a non-existent property for IRowModel
AG-3325 22.1.0 Plunker examples do not load the chart correctly on first load
AG-3324 22.1.0 Charts - Allow changing the transparency of the background of canvas
AG-3318 22.1.0 Allow charts to be saved and restored
AG-3297 22.1.0 Charts - Add support for marker formatting
AG-3293 22.1.0 Charts - Add ability to save Data Panel changes
AG-3278 22.1.0 ag-grid vue example produces error when running test using Jest
AG-3277 22.1.0 Allow autosizeColumns to take toolPanel into consideration when sizing R
AG-3257 22.1.0 Add colcount & colindex to cells & headers
AG-3245 22.1.0 Charts - Allow users to select axis for data in XY Charts
AG-3240 22.1.0 Docs - revamp Tooltip docs on column api - grid no longer supports colDef.tooltip + tooltipField not clear
AG-3117 22.1.0 Allow providing a legend formatter for charts More Info
The original request was made to make the legend say which column is plotted over which. Let's say 'sales vs month' and 'profits vs month', in case `month`, `sales` and `profits` columns were selected. This is now done automatically by the grid itself and no other use cases have been reported.
AG-3041 22.1.0 DOCS - External filters don't have a React version.
AG-2963 22.1.0 Allow all grid state to be externalised so that it integrates with state frameworks like Redux More Info
AG-2819 22.1.0 Add support for Time Series charts
AG-2566 22.1.0 Allow specifying column width as reminder viewport view
AG-2552 22.1.0 React - Add support for higher order components in react for styling
AG-2516 22.1.0 Columns - Allow autosize methods to not take column header width into consideration
AG-2302 22.1.0 Allow providing a max / min width when performing autoSizeColumns
AG-1486 22.1.0 Allow configuring row groups/cells when exporting to excel/csv
AG-3386 21.2.2 Regression: Clipboard, paste operation is not firing cellValueChanged event
AG-3337 21.2.2 Aggregate values don't update when editing the grid values by pasting a range of values.
AG-3322 21.2.2 Regression 21.2.0- Server side row model + pagination + infinite scrolling does not work anymore for simple cases
AG-3298 21.2.2 onCellValueChanged does not fire when copying/pasting a range in the grid
AG-3519 22.0.0 Fix incorrect import from dateFilter
AG-3465 22.0.0 IE11 - After editing cell's content, selection doesn't go one cell below on enter
AG-3464 22.0.0 Status Bar - numbers overflow at the end if there isn’t enough space More Info
The provide status bar component isn't designed to accommodate a large number of funcs / counts. For custom layouts we provide the ability to use custom status bar comps instead.
AG-3461 22.0.0 GroupedCategoryAxis doesn't work in IE11
AG-3455 22.0.0 Add support for iOS13
AG-3454 22.0.0 Charts - default tooltip throws error for 0 values
AG-3448 22.0.0 Legend items should be rendered in a consistent order
AG-3440 22.0.0 agRichselectCellEditor cuts off long text elements and displaces the scrollbar
AG-3436 22.0.0 Docs typo, headerParams should be headerComponentParams
AG-3424 22.0.0 When suppressMovable = true and you group that column so that it appears in row group panel, the column becomes movable from the panel
AG-3423 22.0.0 Docs: Typo on Internationalisation page
AG-3421 22.0.0 LockVisible column can be hidden by toggling all columns from tool bar
AG-3409 22.0.0 Investigate possible performance issues introduced with scrolling in v21 with suppressColumnVirtualisation =”true"
AG-3407 22.0.0 Regression valueGetter is not working when copy pasting values
AG-3405 22.0.0 Charts - Regression, cannot override options.height, options.width in processChartOptions
AG-3403 22.0.0 columnApi.sizeColumnsToFit does not work and causes unwanted issues.
AG-3400 22.0.0 Inconsistent behaviour with export to excel and cell protection R
AG-3398 22.0.0 Charts - Pivot Chart + Bar Chart, values are incorrect
AG-3392 22.0.0 Pinned Columns cause issues when exporting pivoted data
AG-3389 22.0.0 DOCS - Tree data + Infinite scroll there isn’t an example available
AG-3384 22.0.0 Charting + chartRangeParams.aggFunc + data containing nulls: The chart is not displayed and an error is shown
AG-3383 22.0.0 SetFilter: Remove selectAllOnMiniFilter and have it as default behaviour B More Info
Property selectAllOnMiniFilter no longer used, its the default behaviour for Set Filter.
AG-3382 22.0.0 Old version of Set Model deprecated More Info
In v17.1.x of ag-Grid, we change the Set Filter model to be consistent with all other filter models. The new model looks like this: let newModel = {{values: ['A','B','C'], filterType: "set"}}; The old model looked liked this: let oldModel = ['A','B','C'] When you set the model, if the old model was used, the grid will not print a deprecation warning.
AG-3381 22.0.0 Filter panel opened + closed + filter set column with api + filter panel open: The set filter does not contain any values
AG-3380 22.0.0 Add Tree Search to Columns Tool Panel
AG-3377 22.0.0 Removing the first scatter data series leaves it in the legend
AG-3370 22.0.0 When ensureDomOrder: true and unpinning a column, the row data for that column does not show the column in the correct position as it should be matching the DOM order
AG-3369 22.0.0 Have syncValuesLikeExcel the default for Set Filter B More Info
The set filter got a new property syncValuesLikeExcel in v21.2.0. When set this property got the Set Filter to treat new values in exactly the same way as Excel does. Now that we are releasing a major release (where breaking changes are allowed) we are making this the default behaviour. So syncValuesLikeExcel Set Filter param is now gone as it's the default behaviour. New property suppressSyncValuesAfterDataChange to turn this feature off, to have Set Filter behave as before.
AG-3361 22.0.0 RichSelectorCellEditor typeahead doesn't work when values are objects
AG-3360 22.0.0 Charts - When charting and using Axis label formatted it's impossible to retrieve the original value specified in the rowData
AG-3355 22.0.0 Material theme, resizing columns to their minimum size in our own website causes hover into them to show the columns as if they were overlapping
AG-3352 22.0.0 Passing backslash to excel formatted numbers does not work. The passed formatter string to excel does not contain them R More Info
This is not a bug, the format string passed to the grid does not contain any backslashes. The format string used in the linked plunker is: '[>=10000000]##\,##\,##\,##0;[>=100000] ##\,##\,##0;##,##0' But in JavaScript, because '\,' is just a comma, that string is the same as: '[>=10000000]##,##,##,##0;[>=100000] ##,##,##0;##,##0' If you change it to: '[>=10000000]##\\,##\\,##\\,##0;[>=100000] ##\\,##\\,##0;##,##0' Then the export works as expected.
AG-3351 22.0.0 Provide an API callback to control the exported text of column group headers More Info
Added the processGroupHeaderCallback API to allow customisation of text used for group header cells in CSV and Excel export.
AG-3347 22.0.0 sync filters tool panel with grid when columns are moved More Info
By default the filters tool panel will be kept in sync with the column order in the grid. To prevent this enable the following Filters Tool Panel option: 'suppressSyncLayoutWithGrid'
AG-3345 22.0.0 sync columns tool panel with grid when columns are moved More Info
By default the columns tool panel will be kept in sync with the column order in the grid. To prevent this enable the following Columns Tool Panel option: 'suppressSyncLayoutWithGrid'
AG-3340 22.0.0 rowNode.setData() does not refresh an active chart
AG-3338 22.0.0 Charts - Change chartDataType to series when count agg function is applied
AG-3334 22.0.0 When hiding other unrelated columns via column menu the menu disappears.
AG-3320 22.0.0 Typeahead does not work with complex objects
AG-3317 22.0.0 BUG: DOCS - Clarify Master/Detail examples around detail row height, they don't behave as described (ie the dynamic example heights are all the same)
AG-3316 22.0.0 agGridReact needs to be updated to use the updated react lifecycle hooks B More Info
React 16.3 is now the minimum version supported by AgGridReact.

The reactNext flag has been removed (as it is no longer necessary).

AG-3313 22.0.0 ag-theme fresh/dark/blue/bootstrap set filter values are overlapping
AG-3311 22.0.0 Improve performance of ColumnKeyCreator.getUniqueKey by using a set instead of an array
AG-3310 22.0.0 getFilterModel returns formatted values when floating filter is active
AG-3305 22.0.0 Wrong "text" mouse cursor on grouping drop zone in IE
AG-3304 22.0.0 Charts - Format Accordion resets expanded segments on data update
AG-3303 22.0.0 Charts - Title not persisted when chartOptionsChanged callback fired
AG-3302 22.0.0 Have the AnimationFrameService execute tasks in row order, so cell renderers execute top to bottom (or bottom to top if scrolling up)
AG-3301 22.0.0 deltaColumnMode + columnDefs is initially an empty array + setState to columnDefs with custom header -> column header framework component is rendered multiple times
AG-3296 22.0.0 Charts - Series Default Label Colour ignored when initialising a chart
AG-3295 22.0.0 'Select All' option in Set Filter is misaligned in ag-theme-fresh, ag-theme-dark, ag-theme-blue, and ag-theme-bootstrap
AG-3291 22.0.0 Charts - Add support for labels in XY charts
AG-3290 22.0.0 groupIncludeTotalFooter causes onFirstDataRendered to be fired too early
AG-3288 22.0.0 When printing using Firefox, IE 11 and Edge, only one page of the grid is printed
AG-3287 22.0.0 Charting - Highlighted data point in chart remains highlighted after mouse leave
AG-3286 22.0.0 Charting - GroupedBar ignores Label rotation on xAxis B More Info
When configuring the distance of tick labels from an axis, `tickPadding` is now `labelPadding`
AG-3285 22.0.0 Charts - Fix Saving User Preference Example
AG-3280 22.0.0 pivotComparator not getting invoked R More Info
This is not a defect as the pivotComparator is used to change the order of the column groups not the value columns. Order of Pivot Value Column Groups Pivot value columns are the column groups created by the pivot values - eg if 'Country' is a pivot column, then the Pivot Value Column Groups are 'Ireland', 'UK', etc. These columns are ordered alphabetically by default. To override this, provide pivotComparator(a,b) function in the column definition. To change the order of the value columns you can move the via the column api or statically changed via the order in the supplied ColDefs.
AG-3276 22.0.0 Tootltip colour scheme for material is very difficult to read
AG-3274 22.0.0 (Regression v21) horizontal scroll position misplaced when using material tab components / routers
AG-3270 22.0.0 When navigating to a full width row from a normal row, the grid cannot process the navigation
AG-3269 22.0.0 Charts - Add pivotChart API
AG-3267 22.0.0 DOCS - When printing with more than one page, the last few rows are cut off
AG-3266 22.0.0 When printing more than one page, the last few rows are cut off
AG-3259 22.0.0 Keyboard Navigation is broken on IE11
AG-3252 22.0.0 Range selection + select only negative numbers + Status Bar [max]: Max shows always 0, should show lowest negative number
AG-3248 22.0.0 columnMoved event does not always trigger when pinning column (left, center or right)
AG-3238 22.0.0 Safari + Editing (Remove cell content) + Edit something else + Edit again first cell via pressing enter: The scroll jumps
AG-3219 22.0.0 React functional component cell renderers not working when returning numbers/strings and reactNext=true
AG-3202 22.0.0 issue with angular updating state via onSelectionChanged with touch devices in Chrome & Firefox R
AG-3183 22.0.0 Charts - Add config for chart dialog size
AG-3177 22.0.0 (Regression v21) ag-grid does not work with material tab components
AG-3132 22.0.0 Fix class tags for grouping icons when expanded/contracted to be in sync.
AG-3131 22.0.0 Allow custom filter layouts in the Filters Tool Panel More Info
From v22.0.0 it is possible to define custom filter layouts in the Filters Tool Panel which will also filters to be ordered according to application requirements.
AG-3118 22.0.0 Docs - Improve docs structure and UX
AG-3082 22.0.0 When using reactNext and functional renderers. The renderers stop working
AG-3078 22.0.0 ReactNext + deltaRowDataMode + cellRenderer with a refresh: When updating data, the cellRenderer is not acting as expected
AG-3010 22.0.0 Sidebar - Allow hiding filters via configuration on the filters tool panel D More Info
It is now possible to hide filters shown in the Filters Tool Panel by using 'ColDef.suppressFiltersToolPanel = true'.
'suppressToolPanel' has been replaced with 'suppressColumnsToolPanel' / 'suppressFiltersToolPanel'.
AG-2970 22.0.0 Columns tool panel - Allow select all after a search on columns tool panel to affect only the filtered columns (similar to selectAllOnMinifilter in the set filter) More Info
From v22.0.0 'Select All' will just select filtered results in the Columns Tool Panel by default.
AG-2927 22.0.0 Tooltip on screen + Ctrl Left / Right Arrow: Tooltip position in wrong
AG-2917 22.0.0 SPIKE - Investigate extending ag-grid-react to support hooks with editors/filters etc
AG-2914 22.0.0 DOCS - Add docs around react hooks with editors.
AG-2905 22.0.0 Custom filter components are remounting and losing their state with reactNext
AG-2867 22.0.0 Remove flickering of the sidebar when configured to be hidden by default
AG-2849 22.0.0 When using popup editor + stopEditingWhenGridLosesFocus: false (the default). the edit stops if the focus is lost on the same page that contains the grid (not if switching apps)
AG-2764 22.0.0 Columns toolpanel - Allow preventing dragging columns from the columns tool panel into the grid B More Info
By default columns can't be dragged from the Columns Tool Panel to the grid. This change was made as users were unintentionally changing the column order in the grid when dragging columns to the drop zones, i.e. row grouping / pivot. To restore original behaviour, enable the following grid option property: 'allowDragFromColumnsToolPanel'.
AG-2743 22.0.0 When using reactNext editor loses current input while editing if scrolling it out of the viewport and back again
AG-2466 22.0.0 Column headers - Allow sizecolumnstofit to take into consideration the sidebar R More Info
Rejected as this is already possible, i.e. invoke api.sizeColumnsToFit() when ToolPanelVisibleChanged event is raised. See:
AG-2428 22.0.0 Add selectAllOnMiniFilter to the columns tool panel More Info
From v22.0.0 'Select All' will just select filtered results in the Columns Tool Panel by default.
AG-2400 22.0.0 Set Filter - Pressing 'Enter' on Mini Filter will select all matching mini filter and deselect everything else (like Excel)
AG-2374 22.0.0 Allow sorting of columns in the columns tool panel More Info
From v22.0.0 it is possible to define custom column layouts in the Columns Tool Panel which will allow columns to be ordered according to application requirements.
AG-2363 22.0.0 Add filter search to the filters tool panel More Info
From v22.0.0 a search field has been added to the Filters Tool Panel to help find filters.
AG-2307 22.0.0 Angular 2+: Add support for pipes
AG-2240 22.0.0 Allow to hide/show the sections of the columns tool panel after it has been loaded More Info
The following methods have been added to the Column Tool Panel to control the visibility of the tool panel sections: setPivotModeSectionVisible(visible: boolean): void; setRowGroupsSectionVisible(visible: boolean): void; setValuesSectionVisible(visible: boolean): void; setPivotSectionVisible(visible: boolean): void;
AG-2200 22.0.0 Allow filters to be arranged using column groups in the filters tool panel More Info
From v22.0.0 Filter Groups will also be shown in the Filters Tool Panel.
AG-2019 22.0.0 Hiding all columns via Tool Panel is significantly slower than via setColumnVisible
AG-2003 22.0.0 Allow user to control which columns will show in tool panel More Info
In addition to existing ColDef property 'suppressToolPanel' from v22.0.0 it is possible to define custom column layouts in the Columns Tool Panel.
AG-1991 22.0.0 Allow filters and columns tool panel to have API calls to expand/collapse column groups/filters
AG-1862 22.0.0 Allow custom column layouts in the Columns Tool Panel More Info
From v22.0.0 it is possible to define custom column layouts in the Columns Tool Panel.
AG-1329 22.0.0 Modularise Grid Features to reduce grid bundle size
AG-907 22.0.0 Rollup support
AG-3272 21.2.1 Charts - Improve default tooltip handling for bubble and grouped charts
AG-3271 21.2.1 Set Filter and Apply Filter not working correctly together More Info
The set filter, when filtering, was always looking at the latest UI selected values rather than the applied filter. For example if you set a filter and hit apply, then make changes to the filter and do not hit apply, the grid would (incorrectly) use the latest UI changes. What should happen is the grid only ever uses values form the UI after apply is pressed.
AG-3249 21.2.0 Charts - Fix position of 0 y-Axis tick
AG-3247 21.2.0 AutoHeight + cellRendererFramework does not work R
AG-3244 21.2.0 Pinned data + no normal data + user selects cell in pinned row + left/right arrow: The grid throws an exception instead of navigating to the cell to the left/right
AG-3243 21.2.0 Pasting many rows operation is slow in the grid.
AG-3237 21.2.0 agRichSelectCellEditor does not render when using ag-theme: fresh, dark, blue and bootstrap
AG-3232 21.2.0 When focusing a pinned cell and clicking outside of the grid the side border of the cell disappears.