18th Jul 2019: Version 21.1.0 Chart Format Panel, Area Charts, Native Drag & Drop, Master Detail Improvements ...

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Andrew Taft

Remarkable speed and extensibility, ag-Grid is the best web feature-rich BI tool on the market.

Robin Cote Solutions Architect, Investment Solutions Group, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan
Andrew Taft

We’re using ag-Grid as a major component in our enterprise analytics and reporting product and it’s incredible. Prior to ag-Grid, we tried jqGrid, jqxGrid, DataTables, and SlickGrid, which all have their strong points, but we eventually ran into a wall with certain features.

ag-Grid’s grouping, aggregation, filtering, and all-around flexibility allowed us to quickly integrate it into our product. And, the performance is truly awesome!

Andrew Taft Head of Product Development at Insight Technology Group

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Jason Boorn

We just made the move from Kendo to ag-Grid and we love it. It’s fast and very flexible.

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