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License and Pricing for ag-Grid Enterprise

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Which License should you choose?

ag-Grid Enterprise is our commercial product that is designed for Enterprise development teams. This page covers the licenses available. For ag-Grid Free, click here.

To pick the correct license, answer these simple questions:

Are you using ag-Grid Enterprise in one application?

If it's one application, a Single Application License is correct otherwise a Multiple Application License is best.

Is your application for an internal or external end-user?

If external, then you also need SaaS or OEM licensing.

What's Included?

ag-Grid Enterprise licenses are perpetual and include one year of support, maintenance and upgrades.

Got a question?

Select the best license for your Application:

Single Application Developer

£495 per Developer

Released under Commercial License

  • Usage of ag-Grid Enterprise in a single Application

Multiple Application Developer

£795 per Developer

Released under Commercial License

  • Usage of ag-Grid Enterprise in multiple Applications

SaaS and OEM

POA price on asking

Released under Commercial License

  • Usage of ag-Grid Enterprise in SaaS/OEM Applications

Testimonials from our Customers

Since launching in March 2016, we now have over 500 customers in 45 countries. This includes over 10% of the companies listed on the Fortune 500. Below are some of the companies that enjoy all the features of ag-Grid Enterprise.

"We just made the move from Kendo to ag-Grid and we love it. It’s fast and very flexible."
Jason Boorn
Senior Architect, Roobricks
"Remarkable speed and extensibility, ag-Grid is the best web feature-rich BI tool on the market."
Robin Cote
Senior Systems Developer, Investment Solutions Group, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Single Application developer license ties the license to one particular application within your organisation. A typical example is 5 licenses to cover an application with 5 developers working concurrently on it. This is best if you a) have only one (or a fixed number) of applications you need to license or b) you want to charge the license to a particular project(s).

Multiple Application developer license allows unlimited applications to be developed by a fixed number of developers. A typical example is 5 license to cover an unlimited number of applications with 5 developers working across all applications concurrently. Use site license if you want to cover a group of developers developing any number of applications.

SaaS is Software as a Service. If you will be selling ag-Grid as part of a SaaS then you require an additional SaaS license.

OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. If you will be selling ag-Grid as part of your product then you require additional OEM license.

No. If you license an application you provide the number of developers working on that application. We trust that you do not go over the number of concurrent developers on that application at any given time. Developers moving on and off projects is expected to be normal.

The perpetual nature of the Enterprise license means you can continue to use the version of ag-Grid Enterprise, plus any release for one year, indefinitely. There is no requirement to pay again to continue using the software. However if you wish to keep up to date with the latest versions of ag-Grid after one year and continue with support, you must extend the license.

Yes. Get in touch and tell us what you are looking for. We are always open to dicussion and will propose what we think is fair.