Our Mission

At ag-Grid, our mission is simple: Build the best datagrid in the world.

Born out of frustration with existing solutions, ag-Grid evolved from a side project to becoming the leading JavaScript datagrid on the market. We are a company built by developers for developers, and - true to our roots - we offer ag-Grid Community: a free and open-source project that delivers world class grid performance. ag-Grid Enterprise is our commercially-licensed offering which has enjoyed widespread adoption and facilitates us to keep delivering on our mission.

Our story is proof that necessity is the mother of invention. During his time working in London-based financial institutions, Niall Crosby - founder and CEO - struggled to find any datagrid component that could deliver the performance required in tandem with a complete feature list. This struggle ultimately led Niall to pulling out the keyboard one Christmas holiday period and starting ag-Grid as a side project. This was then released as open source and quickly developed a following.

Niall found himself having to devote considerable time and effort to maintaining ag-Grid, even fielding feature requests from users. It became apparent that this thing had legs - and the idea of ag-Grid Enterprise took seed in Niall’s mind. A little over one year after the project started the first commercial version was launched.

Today, ag-Grid is a self-funded, bootstrapped company with thousands of customers globally. Our product has resonated in the market - as our users face the same challenges Niall did - and this has been central to our rapid growth. And we’re not stopping here: we are working on the next great features to continue our mission.

Our Principles

We believe that a datagrid should be agnostic to the framework that developers choose. This allows flexibility and future-proofs your development. This is also where the 'ag' in ag-Grid comes from.

Our experience is in building Enterprise applications: we know that the datagrid is at the core of an Enterprise application, and needs to deliver performance and a rich feature set.

We give away what others charge for. ag-Grid Community provides all of the features of our competition. We only charge when we go above and beyond, with features that other grids don’t provide.

Core Development Team

Niall Crosby, CEO / CTO

Niall Crosby


Niall provides the technical vision for ag-Grid, juggling this with the usual CEO duties. 15 years of experience building Enterprise applications has given Niall unique insight into the challenges while equipping him with the technical skills to deliver the correct solutions. Niall focuses primarily on developing and maintaining the core of ag-Grid and is very much at the heartbeat of the company.

Rob Clarke, Head of Engineering

Rob Clarke

Head of Engineering

Rob is an experienced Software Architect and Developer who has previously specialised in complex data-centric enterprise applications within Finance. Rob works closely with Niall to develop the engineering strategy and roadmap at ag-Grid. He is expert in numerous server and client side programming languages and technologies which he uses to drive forward the core of ag-Grid.

Sean Landsman, Lead Developer

Sean Landsman

Lead Developer, Frameworks

Sean was the first person that Niall asked to join the team. Sean ensures that we can keep the agnostic in ag-Grid... he is responsible for integrating with all of our supported frameworks. Many of customers will be familiar with Sean as he is very active in our user forums supporting the needs of our customers. He has also recently given a number of talks at conferences where his calm manner belies his years of experience.

Guilherme Lopes, Lead Developer

Guilherme Lopes

Lead Developer, UI

Gil joins the team with over 10 years of experience work developing enterprise applications, JavaScript frameworks and Web Components.

Guilherme Lopes, Lead Developer

Vitaly Kravchenko

Lead Developer, Data Visualisation

Vitaly joined the team to use his years of experience in data visualization and web development to create a charting package for ag-Grid. In the past he worked on ExtJS data visualization tools and was an independent software vendor building Windows audio software called Spider Player with a user base of 2 million people, as well as apps and games for Android, webOS and BlackBerry.

Customer Services & Consultancy

Alberto Gutierrez, Head of Customer Services

Alberto Gutierrez

Head of Customer Services

Alberto joined the team in early 2017 and further broadens the Enterprise applications experience. With over 15 years across multiple industries, Alberto has been involved in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. He has joined Niall in enhancing and expanding the core features of the grid as well as contributing technical and industry knowledge.

Rod Smith, Support Engineer

Rod Smith

ag-Grid Consultant

Rod joins the team to provide a dedicated support for our growing customer base through Zendesk. He is an experienced Developer across many technologies and has become an expert on ag-Grid and how it's used in our customers' applications.

 Ahmed Gadir, Support Engineer

Ahmed Gadir

Junior ag-Grid Consultant

Ahmed joins the team to work on support for our growing customer base through Zendesk. He has a background in React and will be working to improve user issues.

 Davis Jaunbruns, Support Engineer

Davis Jaunbruns

Junior ag-Grid Consultant

Davis joins the team to work on support for our growing customer base through Zendesk. He has background in JavaScript and will be working to support users with solutions.

 Bamdad Fard, Support Engineer

Bamdad Fard

Junior ag-Grid Consultant

Bamdad joins the team to work on support for our growing customer base through Zendesk. He has a background in Python and will be working to support users with solutions.

The Operations Team

Dimo Iliev, Managing Director

Dimo Iliev

Managing Director

Dimo is nurturing ag-Grid’s business transformation from a fresh middleweight to a well rounded, heavyweight player. Every business and operational aspect of the company is reviewed and optimised to deliver better experience to more customers, at scale. An industry veteran, he helped shape Telerik’s regional policies and ease the transition to Progress - via an acquisition in 2014 - where he held multiple senior roles.

Alex Price, COO

Alex Price

Operations Manager

Alex moved to the UK in August 2015 to pursue an MBA at the University of oxford. Since completing his degree, Alex has worked in startups in London and Silicon Valley. As operations manager his focus is on improving customer satisfaction and efficiencies with the the sales team. Having previously been head of operations at a manufacturing plant, Alex has a keen appreciation of systems and working with people. Alex heads up the customer team and is always available to deal with customer queries as well as scaling ag-Grid’s infrastructure for growth.

Dimple Unalkat, Customer Experience Team

Dimple Unalkat

Customer Experience Manager

Dimple joined ag-Grid, in our first round of expansion of the customer team. She brings a wealth of sales and customer service experience from her previous roles in B2B sales. Since joining, Dimple has taken control of a number of important financial functions and is a specialist in customer retention. As Customer Experience Manager, her focus is on improving customer satisfaction as well as scaling ag-Grid’s growth.

Ashley Lam, Business Development Manager

Ashley Lam

Business Development Manager

Ashley moved to the UK from Canada for an adventure. With a background in Pharmacy and Law, she enjoys working with people. Having worked at a start-up previously, she enjoys being in the thick of things and being a part of a growing company. As the business development manager, she focuses on working with our bigger clients to understand their needs and also acts as our contracts specialist.

The Marketing Team

Fahad Ahmad, Digital Marketing Executive

Fahad Ahmad

Digital Marketing Executive

Fahad joins the company as the first employee with a primary focus on Digital Marketing. He comes with a background in SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing. He is charged with the task of improving ag-Grid’s digital footprint using his expertise in SEO and PPC.

Dimple Unalkat, Customer Experience Team

Max Koretskyi

Developer Advocate | Content Marketer

Max joins the company as a Developer Advocate and Content Marketer. He comes with a strong presence in the Angular community, developing his blog 'Angular In Depth' from scratch to 13K followers and close to 500K views a month. Max brings his expertise to help grow the company whether it be through Content Marketing or speaking at conferences to increase the reach of ag-Grid.

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Email Enquiries: info@ag-grid.com

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