Vue ChartsSeries

Chart series represent data sets to be plotted on a chart. Each series type (Line, Bar, Pie etc.) have series-specific options, but there are some common options between them.


Every series configuration can specify a type to declare how the data set should be rendered:

series: [{
    type: 'pie',

If unspecified, we default to the optional type specified for the chart. Failing that we default to 'line'.

Cartesian series types can be combined on the same chart. See the Options Reference for the complete list of available series types.


By default each series is based on data from the root-level data option. It is also possible for each series to declare its own data:

series: [{
    data: [
        { name: 'Apples', count: 10 },
        { name: 'Oranges', count: 10 },

The data should be an array of objects. Common options like xKey, yKey, angleKey specify the properties to use to read the data-set for the series.

See other available options in the API reference.

API Reference

Properties available on the AgBaseSeriesOptions<DatumType> interface.

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