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ag-Grid Feature Roadmap

Below are listed the 'next big things' on the roadmap for ag-Grid. During the development, other smaller items will be included. The next major release of ag-Grid will be released once one or more of the below are complete.

Enterprise Row Model (ag-Grid enterprise)

Work has started on an Enterprise Row Model which will allow for:

  • Server Side Filtering
  • Server Side Grouping
  • Server Side Pivoting
  • Lazy Loading of Groups

Pinnable Filters in Tool Panel (ag-Grid enterprise)

Modern reporting tools show filters in a panel, so you can interact with a set of filters concurrently. ag-Grid will allow this option by having a 'pinnable' option on the filters, which when clicked, will move the filter to the tool panel (the right hand panel that currently has column management). This will allow the tool panel to host and display multiple filters concurrently.

General Cleanup

We are constantly refactoring and making things better. Expect the whole grid to be face lifted on a continued basis.

For a full list of up and coming items please see our Pipeline page.