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ag-Grid is designed to integrate deeply into Vue.
Use our grid as a Vue component to quickly add a Vue data grid or a Vue table to your application.
Discover the versions, key benefits and resources available to quickly add a data grid or Vue datatable to your Vue application.

Trusted by the Community, Built for the Enterprise

Community Edition

Open-sourced free version licensed under MIT
Over 150,000 downloads per month
Over 2 million total downloads

Enterprise Edition

Dedicated support and enterprise features
Over 1,500 Companies use Enterprise
Over 25% of FT-500 Companies use Enterprise

Key Features and Benefits



Everything you'd expect from an Vue Data grid.
Available in ag-Grid Community.

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Powerful, advanced features designed for Enterprise Applications.
Available in ag-Grid Enterprise.

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Enterprise Grade Performance

ag-Grid is built to deal with large data sets.
Handles the performance required by modern day enterprise applications.
Our grid can process over 100,000 updates per second.

Read more about streaming updates in ag-Grid here.


ag-Grid in Vue

Test ag-Grid's features and performance level in the Vue Data Grid Example.

63+ Core and Enterprise Features

Designed for Core and Enterprise needs.

Blazing fast performance

Built to deal with large data sets.
ag-Grid streams 100,000 rows in the browser with ease.

Join the millions of developers and thousands of companies who use ag-Grid to provide the best possible experience to their users.