Working at ag-Grid

ag-Grid is used by thousands of banks, insurance companies, government agencies and blue chip software companies all over the world. Our customers rely on us to be experts in our field of data grids and integration with various frameworks. Following a very succesful introduction to the market in March 2016, we are rapidly expanding into 2018 to challenge the market with our superior product. As a provider of a leading software library, we stay ahead of the curve and are experts in JavaScript and associated libraries such as Angular, React, Vue, Aurelia and Web Components.

Life at ag-Grid

We are a young successful start-up where you will experience our growth from small to very big. The current development team have a background building enterprise applications with extensive experience using Java, C# and C++. There are plenty of opportunities to learn from experienced team members. We now would like to grow our team with people at all levels of experience. Our culture is friendly and relaxed with an emphasis on continuing to deliver our world leading product, customer support and service level.

Perks of working for ag-Grid:

  • Thriving young company that is self-funded.
  • Work with the latest front end technologies.
  • Excellent software practices, no corporate baggage.
  • Travel to and represent ag-Grid at international conferences.
  • Experience a company grow from a few people to world domination.

How to Apply

If you think this sounds like the place for you, please send your CV to

Current Opportunities

Customer Success Engineer (Various Levels) London, UK.

ag-Grid has almost 900 customers that periodically require assistance using ag-Grid. As a customer success engineer, you will become expert in ag-Grid and associated JavaScript libraries (React, Angular etc.) to ensure customers with queries are assisted. In addition, you will create and improve our documenation and video content to improve customer knowledge. Through this role, you will learn how to use ag-Grid as well as being exposed to the development teams of some of the world's largest companies. This is ideal for people at all levels to improve their all round skills.

Responsibilities of Role

  • Become expert in ag-Grid and JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React.
  • Address customer issues with ag-Grid, both standalone, and with frameworks such as Angular and React.
  • Stay up to date on latest JavaScript framework changes.
  • Improve our learning resources for our customers.
  • Become actively involved in strategies to deliver better customer support.


  • Experience with JavaScript.
  • Experience with frameworks such as Angular and React desirable.
  • Experience with JavaScript grid libraries desirable.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent problem solving skills.

Customer Experience Representative London, UK.

You will be on the frontlines dealing directly with these companies through inbound sales enquiries. You are a switched on, detail focussed person with a willingness to learn. Your primary role is to be the efficient and welcoming face of inbound email and website sales. In addition, you will be heavily involved in our sales cycle, following up leads, generating new leads and providing visibility on key sales metrics for the company. You will ensure that our CRM is always up to date and accurate while also getting involved in ensuring the books are up to date. We are looking to expand our social media presence through Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms while also ramping up our content marketing presence.

Responsibilities of Role

  • Inbound sales enquiries via email and CRM.
  • Daily and weekly metrics.
  • Admin tasks from book-keeping to booking travel.
  • Sales cycle tasks such as follow ups and lead generation.
  • Ownership of the CRM to ensure data accuracy.
  • Working with social media platforms especially LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Assisting with SEO tasks and content marketing.

Successful Candidates:

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Interest in start-up culture.

JavaScript Web Developer (Various Levels) London, UK.

Our website has over 140,000 visitors per month and growing. As part of our growth strategy, we strive to provide the best customer experience to our visitors to ensure they can get the information that they need. As a web developer, you will be core to the development of the interactive ag-Grid website.

Responsibilities of Role

  • Take ownership for the delivery of certain modules within the portal.
  • Provide intuitive interfaces for customers of ag-Grid to access ag-Grid content.
  • Create examples with ag-Grid applications using latest technologies such as Angular and React.
  • UX and UI design for website / customer portal.

Tech Skills:

  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript / TypeScript.
  • Experience using ag-Grid or other JavaScript grid library desirable.
  • UI frameworks such as Angular, React desirable.
  • Experience building single page web apps.

JavaScript Enterprise Developer London, UK.

ag-Grid is one of the worlds leading JavaScript grid libraries used in thousands of companies building software for use within the enterprise. As a core ag-Grid enterprise developer, you will join the team responsible for future versions of ag-Grid.

Responsibilities of Role

  • Contribute towards the development of future ag-Grid releases.
  • Take ownership of ag-Grid features from design, code, test and release.
  • Provide intuitive interfaces for customers of ag-Grid to access ag-Grid content.
  • Create examples with ag-Grid applications using latest technologies eg Angular and React.
  • UX and UI design for website / customer portal.

Tech Skills:

  • 5 years experience building either enterprise application development or application library development.
  • 2 years experience with JavaScript and / or TypeScript.
  • Experience with popular JavaScript application frameworks eg Angular, React, Vue etc
  • Experience with non-JavaScript languages a bonus (eg enterprise experience with Java or C#)
  • Experience building enterprise applications that would use JavaScript data grid
  • Experience with ag-Grid and / or any JavaScript datagrid.
  • Deep understanding of building applications in JavaScript beyond the capabilities of the popular frameworks.
  • Understanding of how the DOM works, how DOM is manipulated with JavaScript, performance patterns for efficient DOM manipulation.
  • Understanding of Object Oriented and Functional programming.
  • Ability to code complex systems, beyond simple CRUD screens.

Developer Advocate London, UK.

Part of the success of ag-Grid is due to the online content and conference attendance spreading the word about ag-Grid. The world needs to know how great ag-Grid is! As a developer advocate, you will be responsible for generating online content and attending conferences to advocate the use of ag-Grid. This is a role for someone who wants to learn everything about ag-Grid, create applications demonstrating the many features of ag-Grid, then make a name for yourself online as an ag-Grid expert and advocate.

Responsibilities of Role

  • Become expert with the ag-Grid JavaScript library
  • Create online content (blogs, tutorials, videos etc) showing how to use it.
  • Engage with customers and help them build applications with ag-Grid
  • Work out customer pain points and report back to dev team.
  • Speak at conferences.

Tech Skills:

  • Excellent written / oral skills in English.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Blog / tutorial skills.
  • Video editing advantage.
  • Web design advantage.
  • Experience with JavaScript & Frameworks (Angular, React etc).